An Introduction to the Microsoft Bot Framework

An Introduction to the Microsoft Bot Framework

Create Facebook and Skype Chatbots using Microsoft Visual Studio and C#

by Michael Washington

Year: 2016

Pages: 264

ISBN: 978-1539963028, 1539963020


The Microsoft Bot Framework allows you to easily create bots. This book covers using Visual Studio 2015 to create Chatbots using the Microsoft Bot Framework. The purpose of this book is to demonstrate, provide examples of, and to explain important concepts of the technology. You can create bots that interact with your users naturally wherever they are, including Facebook, text, Skype, Office 365 email, and other popular services. Chapter 1: Understanding the Microsoft Bot Framework Chapter 2: Create a Hello World! Bot Chapter 3: Using FormFlow Chapter 4: Using Dialogs Chapter 5: Using Images, Cards, Carousels, and Buttons Chapter 6: Implementing A SQL Server Database With Your Bot Chapter 7: Implementing Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) Chapter 8: Calling The Microsoft Bot Framework Using The Direct Line API Chapter 9: Using Application Insights To Monitor Your Bot Chapter 10: Creating a Skype Bot Chapter 11: Creating A Facebook Messenger Bot


API Databases Facebook Microsoft Office Office 365 SQL SQL Server

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