BlitzMax for Absolute Beginners

BlitzMax for Absolute Beginners

Games Programming for the Absolute Beginner

by Sloan Kelly

Year: 2017

Pages: 282

ISBN: 978-1484225226, 1484225228


Go through the steps necessary to create high-speed 2D retro-style games. This easy-to-read-and-follow one of a kind book on BlitzMax game programming also covers some 3D programming. BlitzMax for Absolute Beginners includes game application projects such as The Great Escape, Tank Attack, and Paratrooper. These will help you build your skills as you go. Have you ever wanted to program your own computer game? Never felt you could? Well, now you can. What You'll Learn * Program computer games from scratch with BlitzMax * Produce high-quality arcade games with sound and graphics * Utilize the power of OpenGL to create fantastic 3D effects Who This Book Is For Those new to game programming and those new to BlitzMax.


2D 3D Beginners Games Graphics OpenGL

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