iOS 10 Programming for Beginners

iOS 10 Programming for Beginners

by Craig Clayton

Year: 2017

Pages: 882

ISBN: 978-1786464507, 1786464500


KEY FEATURES * Use Swift 3 and latest iOS 10 features to build awesome apps for iPhone and iPad * Explore and use a wide range of Apple development tools to become a confident iOS developer * From prototype to App Store―find out how to build an app from start to finish! BOOK DESCRIPTION You want to build iOS applications for iPhone and iPad―but where do you start? Forget sifting through tutorials and blog posts, this is a direct route into iOS development, taking you through the basics and showing you how to put the principles into practice. With every update, iOS has become more and more developer-friendly, so take advantage of it and begin building applications that might just take the App Store by storm! Whether you're an experienced programmer or a complete novice, this book guides you through every facet of iOS development. From Xcode and Swift―the building blocks of modern Apple development―and Playgrounds for beginners, one of the most popular features of the iOS development experience, you'll quickly gain a solid foundation to begin venturing deeper into your development journey. For the experienced programmer, jump right in and learn the latest iOS 10 features. You'll also learn the core elements of iOS design, from tables to tab bars, as well as more advanced topics such as gestures and animations that can give your app the edge. Find out how to manage databases, as well as integrating standard elements such as photos, GPS into your app. With further guidance on beta testing with TestFlight, you'll quickly learn everything you need to get your project on the App Store! WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Get to grips with Swift 3 and Xcode, the building blocks of Apple development * Get to know the fundamentals of Swift, including variables, constants, and control flow * Discover the distinctive design principles that define the iOS user experience * See how to prototype your app with Swift's Playgrounds feature * Build a responsive UI that looks great on a range of devices * Find out how to use CoreLocation to add location services to your app * Add push notifications to your app * Make your app able to be used on both iPhone and iPad ABOUT THE AUTHOR Craig Clayton is a self-taught, Senior iOS Engineer at Adept Mobile, which specializes in building mobile experiences primarily for NBA and NFL teams. He also volunteers as the organizer of the Suncoast iOS meetup group in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area, and prepares presentations and hands-on talks for the group as well as for other groups in the community. He has worked with both adults and kids who wish to start learning how to program, or those who aspire to become iOS developers. On top of all that, starting in 2017 Craig has plans to launch Cocoa Academy online, which will specialize in bringing a diverse list of iOS courses. The courses will range from building apps to games for all programming levels. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Getting Familiar with Xcode 2. Building a Foundation with Swift 3. Digging Deeper 4. Digging into Collections 5. Starting the UI Setup 6. Setting Up UI 7. Getting Started with the Grid 8. Getting Started with the List 9. Working More with Lists 10. Where Are We? 11. Where's My Data? 12. Foodie Reviews 13. Saving Reviews 14. Universal 15. iMessages 16. Notifications 17. Just a Peek 18. Beta and Store Submission


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