Irresistible APIs

Irresistible APIs

Designing web APIs that developers will love

by Kirsten Hunter

Year: 2016

Pages: 234

ISBN: 978-1617292552, 1617292559


Summary A Web API is a platform with a web-style interface developers can use to implement functionality. Well-designed APIs feel like a natural extension of the application, rather than just a new interface into the backend database. Designing Web APIs based on use cases allows an organization to develop irresistible APIs, which developers can consume easily and which support the business values of that organization. About the Technology It takes a village to deliver an irresistible web API. Business stakeholders look for an API that works side-by-side with the main product to enhance the experience for customers. Project managers require easy integration with other products or ways for customers to interact with your system. And, developers need APIs to consistently interoperate with external systems. The trick is getting the whole village together. This book shows you how. About the Book Irresistible APIspresents a process to create APIs that succeed for all members of the team. In it, you'll learn how to capture an application's core business value and extend it with an API that will delight the developers who use it. Thinking about APIs from the business point of view, while also considering the end-user experience, encourages you to explore both sides of the design process and learn some successful biz-to-dev communication patterns. Along the way, you'll start to view your APIs as part of your product's core value instead of just an add-on. What's Inside * Design-driven development * Developing meaningful use cases * API guiding principles * How to recognize successful APIs About the Reader Written for all members of an API design team, regardless of technical level. About the Author Kirsten Hunter is an API evangelist who helps developers and business stakeholders understand, design, and deliver amazing APIs. Table of Contents 1. UNDERSTANDING WEB APIs 2. What makes an API irresistible? 3. Working with web APIs 4. API First 5. Web services explained 6. DESIGNING WEB APIs 7. Guiding principles for API design 8. Defining the value for your API 9. Creating your schema model 10. Design-driven development 11. Empowering your developers


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