Programming Sound with Pure Data

Programming Sound with Pure Data

Make Your Apps Come Alive with Dynamic Audio

by Tony Hillerson

Year: 2014

Pages: 200

ISBN: 978-1-93778-566-6


Sound gives your native, web, or mobile apps that extra dimension, and it's essential for games. Rather than using canned samples from a sample library, learn how to build sounds from the ground up and produce them for web projects using the Pure Data programming language. Even better, you'll be able to integrate dynamic sound environments into your native apps or games-sound that reacts to the app, instead of sounding the same every time. Start your journey as a sound designer, and get the power to craft the sound you put into your digital experiences. Add sound effects or music to your web, Android, and iOS apps and games--sound that can react to changing environments or user input dynamically (at least in the native apps). You can do all this with Pure Data, a visual programming language for digital sound processing.



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