Python Descriptors

Python Descriptors

by Jacob Zimmerman

Year: 2016

Pages: 68

ISBN: 978-1484225042, 148422504X


This short book on Python descriptors is a collection of knowledge and ideas from many sources on dealing with and creating descriptors. And, after going through the things all descriptors have in common, the author explores ideas that have multiple ways of being implemented as well as completely new ideas never seen elsewhere before. This truly is a comprehensive guide to creating Python descriptors. As a bonus: A pip install-able library, descriptor_tools, was written alongside this book and is an open source library on GitHub. There aren't many good resources out there for writing Python descriptors, and extremely few books. This is a sad state of affairs, as it makes it difficult for Python developers to get a really good understanding of how descriptors work and the techniques to avoid the big gotchas associated with working with them. What You Will Learn * Discover descriptor protocols * Master attribute access and how it applies to descriptors * Make descriptors and discover why you should * Store attributes * Create read-only descriptors and _delete() * Explore the descriptor classes * Apply the other uses of descriptors and more Who This Book Is For Experienced Python coders, programmers and developers.



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