Python System Hacking Essentials

Python System Hacking Essentials

by Earnest Wish, Leo

Year: 2015

Pages: 93


TARGET AUDIENCE This book is not for professional hackers. Instead, this book is made for beginners who have programming experience and are interested in hacking. Here, hacking techniques that can be easily understood have been described. If you only have a home PC, you can test all the examples provided here. I have included many figures that are intuitively understandable rather than a litany of explanations. Therefore, it is possible to gain some practical experience while hacking, since I have only used examples that can actually be implemented. This book is therefore necessary for ordinary people who have a curiosity of hackers and are interested in computers. ORGANIZATION OF THE BOOK A beginner is naturally expected to become a hacker while reading this book. Hacking Preparation Briefly introduce the basic Python syntax that is necessary for hacking. System Hacking System hacking is difficult to understand for beginners, and in this section, figures are used to introduce difficult concepts. The hacking techniques that are introduced include a Backdoor, Registry Handling, Stack Based Buffer Overflow, and SEH Based Buffer Overflow. RELATED BOOKS Python Application Hacking Essentials Basic Concept for a Windows Application Message Hooking Utilizing ctypes API hook utilizing pydbg module Image File Hacking Python Web Hacking Essentials Overview of Web Hacking Configure Test Environment SQL Injection Password Cracking Attack Web Shell Attack Python Network Hacking Essentials Network Hacking Introduction Configure a Test Environment Vulnerability Analysis via Port Scanning Stealing Credentials Using Packet Sniffing Overview of a DoS Attack DoS - Ping of Death DoS - TCP SYN Flood DoS - Slowloris Attack Python System Hacking Essentials System Hacking Overview Backdoor Registry Buffer Overflow Stack-Based Buffer Overflow SEH Based Buffer Overflow Python Hacking Essentials Contains All Contents Above


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