Windows Server 2016: Domain Infrastructure

Windows Server 2016: Domain Infrastructure

by William Stanek

Year: 2016

Pages: 396

ISBN: 978-1539654667, 1539654664


The in-depth, authoritative reference for intermediate to advanced IT professionals. Windows Server 2016: Domain Infrastructure by William Stanek provides solutions, workarounds, tips, and insights for IT pros working with Windows Server 2016. This exhaustive and comprehensive work provides a deep dive into the operating system that will teach you how to squeeze every last bit of power and make the most of the features and programs available. Inside this superbly organized guide, packed with expert advice, you'll find hundreds of timesaving solutions for managing and maintaining Windows Server 2016. Topics covered in this book include: * Designing Active Directory Infrastructure Managing and maintaining Accounts * Configuring Account Policies * Troubleshooting and resetting Accounts * Planning OUs, Domains and Forests * Managing Operations Masters and Global Catalogs * Delegating Authentication * Managing Domain and Forest Trusts * Managing Replication and Revising Site Design * Diagnosing and Resolving Trusts and Authentication Issues * Implementing Active Directory Domain Services * Deploying Read-only Domain Controllers * Monitoring and Troubleshooting Replication * Creating and Managing GPOs * Managing Group Policy Inheritance and Processing * Maintaining and Troubleshooting Group Policy * And Much, Much More!! This book, Windows Server 2016: Domain Infrastructure, is designed to be used with other volumes in the Tech Artisans Library for Windows Server 2016, which together provide a definitive resource for all of the core features and enhancements in the operating system. Windows Server expert William Stanek doesn’t just show you the steps you need to follow, he tells you how features work, why you would want to configure them, and how you can optimize them to meet your needs. Windows Server 2016 is Microsoft’s most powerful, versatile and fully featured operating system yet. Get this book and the others in the Tech Artisans Library to conquer it from the inside out. Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1. Working with Domain User Accounts Chapter 2. Managing User and Service Accounts Chapter 3. Managing Groups and Computers Chapter 4. Active Directory Architecture: The Fundamentals Chapter 5. Creating and Updating Active Directory Designs Chapter 6. Understanding Authentication and Trusts Chapter 7. Planning Your Infrastructure Chapter 8. Implementing Domain Services Chapter 9. Managing OUs Chapter 10. Deploying Read-Only Domain Controllers Chapter 11. Working with Operations Master Chapter 12. Planning Active Directory Sites Chapter 13. Active Directory Site Administration Chapter 14. Implementing Group Policy Infrastructure Chapter 15. Optimizing Group Policy Index


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