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*** Key Features *** * Level up your Backbone.js skills and create professional web applications with the best practices * Use the Backbone.js components in the right way and avoid maintenance nightmares * Improve your development workflow from application design to deployment * Apply the best more » practices given in this tutorial to solve day-to-day problems in your applications *** Book Description *** Backbone.js is a popular library to build single page applications used by many start-ups around the world because of its flexibility, robustness and simplicity. It allows you to bring your own tools and libraries to make amazing webapps with your own rules. However, due to its flexibility it is not always easy to create scalable applications with it. By learning the best practices and project organization you will be able to create maintainable and scalable web applications with Backbone.js. With this book you will start right from organizing your Backbone.js application to learn where to put each module and how to wire them. From organizing your code in a logical and physical way, you will go on to delimit view responsibilities and work with complex layouts. Synchronizing models in a two-way binding can be difficult and with sub resources attached it can be even worse. The next chapter will explain strategies for how to deal with these models. The following chapters will help you to manage module dependencies on your projects, explore strategies to upload files to a RESTful API and store information directly in the browser for using it with Backbone.js. After testing your application, you are ready to deploy it to your production environment. The final chapter will cover different flavors of authorization. The Backbone.js library can be difficult to master, but in this book you will get the necessary skill set to create applications with it, and you will be able to use any other library you want in your stack. *** What you will learn *** * Build web applications that scale with Backbone.js * Design a powerful architecture that eliminates maintenance nightmares * Use common patterns and best practices in Backbone.js web applications developments * Pack your applications to be deployed to production environments * Clean up your code organization to a simple and maintainable architecture * Test your components and get confidence with your code * Deal with common scenarios like file uploading and login issues *** About the Author *** Abiee Echamea is a passionate technology software engineer; he fell in love with computers at the age of 8 and wrote his first program at 12. He has written applications in many technologies, from Visual Basic to full stack web applications. Now, Abiee is a software architect involved in the full development cycle, creating many Backbone applications successfully and designing the architecture and development process. He has founded a company to work with cutting-edge technology as a CTO. He has developed the skills to master the JavaScript and Backbone libraries to build maintainable projects for his company. Abiee loves to share his knowledge with the community and is looking for ways to improve his engineering skills. *** Table of Contents *** 1. Architecture of a Backbone application 2. Managing Views 3. Model Bindings 4. Modular Code 5. Dealing with Files 6. Store data in the Browser 7. Build Like a Pro 8. Testing Backbone Applications 9. Deploying to Production 10. Authentication « less
Build amazing high-performance web applications using Backbone.js
***** About This Book ***** * Construct top-notch web applications by mastering the powerful tools provided by Backbone.js * Gain insights into how to simplify data management and create single-page web applications with powerful user interfaces * This is a fast-paced guide on how to test, document, more » and leverage third-party libraries, and helps you get the most out of Backbone.js ***** Who This Book Is For ***** If you are a developer with baseline JavaScript proficiency and are familiar with the jQuery library, then this book is ideal for you. Whether you've tried building complex web applications before and been frustrated by the challenge of doing so without the proper tools, or whether you've only built simple websites and are now looking to create full-featured web applications, this book has everything you need to get ahead of the curve. ***** What You Will Learn ***** * Architect a single-page web application using Backbone.js * Easily transmit data to and from a server-side API (RESTful or not) using Backbone's Models and Classes * Add and modify DOM elements with Backbone Views, and create browsable client-side pages with Routers * Document your Backbone.js logic, with or without popular tools such as JSDoc or Docco, to ensure long-term maintainability * Prevent bugs and ease refactoring by testing your code with frameworks such as QUnit, Mocha, or Buster and auxiliary tools such as Sinon * Use Backbone.js's sister library, Underscore, to realize the full power of a Backbone application * Explore advanced Backbone techniques and save time and effort by using the most powerful third-party tools available ***** In Detail ***** This book offers insight into creating and maintaining dynamic Backbone.js web applications. It delves into the the fundamentals of Backbone.js and helps you achieve mastery of the Backbone library. Starting with Models and Collections, you'll learn how to simplify client-side data management and easily transmit data to and from your server. Next, you'll learn to use Views and Routers to facilitate DOM manipulation and URL control so that your visitors can navigate your entire site without ever leaving the first HTML page. Finally, you'll learn how to combine those building blocks with other tools to achieve high-performance, testable, and maintainable web applications. « less
Understand Backbone.js pragmatically by building seven different applications from scratch
Backbone.js is an open source, JavaScript library that helps you to build sophisticated and structured web apps. It's important to have well-organized frontend code for easy maintenance and extendability. With the Backbone framework, you'll be able to build applications that are a breeze to manage. In more » this book, you will discover how to build seven complete web applications from scratch. You'll learn how to use all the components of the Backbone framework individually, and how to use them together to create fully featured applications. In addition, you'll also learn how Backbone thinks so you can leverage it to write the most efficient frontend JavaScript code. « less
A onestop guide to best practices and design patterns when building applications using Backtbone.js
***** About This Book ***** * Offers solutions to common Backbone.js related problems that most developers face * Shows you how to use custom widgets, plugins, and mixins to make your code reusable * Describes patterns and best practices for large scale JavaScript application architecture and unit more » testing applications with QUnit and SinonJS frameworks ***** Who This Book Is For ***** This book is for JavaScript developers who work with Backbone.js and want to learn the best design patterns to develop complex web applications. Basic knowledge of Backbone.js and JavaScript is essential. ***** What You Will Learn ***** * Develop custom plugins and mixins to reduce boilerplate in your code * Learn about Backbone view management with nested views, subviews, layout manager, and Marionette views * Understand template management by storing and pre-compiling templates * Explore model validation with validation plugins and learn model serialization and relational data management with nested models * Work with collections to implement multiple sorting and filtering behavior * Create solid application architecture with AMD and different popular design patterns ***** In Detail ***** Backbone.js is a super light framework that allows you to structure your JavaScript codes in an MV* fashion. This framework is an excellent tool when it comes to creating an organized and modular code base for web apps of any size or complexity. Although lightweight, Backbone.js results in lots of boilerplate. Learning the best practices and design patterns will help you avoid these problems and allow you to ensure that the best standards are followed. Backbone.js Patterns and Best Practices is packed with examples that will help you work with Backbone.js components. It also gives solutions to common problems faced by developers. It gives a complete overview of plugin development, large scale application architecture, and unit testing as well. Starting with a discussion of why reducing boilerplate in your JavaScript code is essential, Backbone.js Patterns and Best Practices explains how to enforce reusability in your code by creating plugins and mixins. You will learn about patterns and best practices for Backbone views, models, collections, routers, and events. You will discover solutions to common problems that developers face through simple examples, and delve into the best open source plugins available to solve these problems when they arise. This book is an excellent collection of design and implementation patterns that will help you structure and develop complex Backbone.js applications easily. « less
Bring your applications to the next level, using these handy solutions to common application development challenges.
The book is fully correct and functional as-is, but is being updated to refactor code with deprecation warnings in preparation for Marionette 3.0. Now that you've read the Gentle Introduction book and have a good grasp on Marionette fundamentals, take the next step in your journey: learn to develop more » advanced functionality with the framework! « less
Eliminate The Boilerplate In Backbone.js Apps
Scalable Application Design with 100% JavaScript
Learn how to build a full-stack application with Backbone.js by taking advantage of JavaScript modules, workflow automation, and Backbone's interface building blocks. With this practical guide, author Patrick Mulder takes experienced backend developers and JavaScript programmers through the steps necessary more » to create a fully functional single-page application. Backbone's rich ecosystem of plugins makes applications easier to design and scale, but knowing which tools to use for your project can be tricky. How do you combine views and the data layer with Backbone, or serve and deploy JavaScript assets? You'll not only learn the answers to these and many other questions; you'll also discover Backbone's vast number of use cases. « less
Using Backbone.js and ASP.NET
One of the most important and exciting trends in web development in recent years is the move towards single page applications, or SPAs. Instead of clicking through hyperlinks and waiting for each page to load, the user loads a site once and all the interactivity is handled fluidly by a rich JavaScript more » front end. If you come from a background in ASP.NET development, you'll be used to handling most interactions on the server side. Pro Single Page Application Development will guide you through your transition to this powerful new application type. SPA development also comes with its own particular challenges, including tracking history, user interface performance, and how to handle search engine optimization. In the final chapters, the authors guide you through some of these issues and advanced techniques and finish by showing you how to deploy your application. « less
Learn to use javascript AMD in your apps the easy way
The book is fully correct and functional as-is, but is being updated to refactor code with deprecation warnings in preparation for Marionette 3.0.
Plan, architect, and develop tests for Backbone.js applications using modern testing principles and practices
Frontend web applications are soaring in popularity and the Backbone.js library is leading this charge with a modular, lightweight approach for organizing JavaScript web applications. At the same time, testing client-side JavaScript and Backbone.js programs remains a difficult and tedious undertaking. Backbone.js more » Testing brings sensible practices and current techniques to the challenges of Backbone.js test development. The book introduces fundamental testing concepts, comprehensive test infrastructure design, and practical exercises to easily and systematically test modern JavaScript web applications. « less