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Getting Ember Data to Work With Your API
Ember Data in the Wild: Getting Ember Data to Work With Your API Have a custom API that you aren't sure how to use with Ember Data? Interested in writing your own adapter or serializer? Want to just know more about how Ember Data works? This is the Ember Data book you have been waiting for. Lots of books more » and tutorials start off teaching Ember with Ember Data. This is great, especially if you are in control of your API, but what if you aren't? You do a little research and start seeing terminology like adapters, serializers, transforms, and snapshots and quickly become overwhelmed. Maybe you've thought to yourself that Ember isn't for you. This was me when I first started with Ember. I wasn't in control of my APIs and the APIs I was using were not built using the Rails conventions. Well, if this sounds familiar, then this book is for you. My goal with this book is to take you from beginner to expert when working with Ember Data and learn how to adapt Ember Data to fit any API. « less
It's time for web development to be fun again, time to write engaging and attractive apps--fast--in this brisk tutorial. Build a complete user interface in a few lines of code, create reusable web components, access RESTful services and cache the results for performance, and use JavaScript modules to more » bring abstraction to your code. Find out how you can get your crucial app infrastructure up and running quickly, so you can spend your time on the stuff great apps are made of: features. With its 2.0 release, the Ember JavaScript framework has taken a major step forward. In this book, you'll learn these new features: how to use module-driven development with Ember CLI, take advantage of the new DOM-based rendering engine, and use a service-based architecture to make your apps flexible, not brittle. Use the Ember CLI to build your app using module-focused JavaScript classes with a clear project structure. Learn how to use Ember's routing classes to organize your app, write web components that marry your user interface and logic without leaky access to state, and read and write data from RESTful services with almost no code. Make use of services to encapsulate logic and inject it throughout your app, and use Ember CLI to rapidly iterate changes, deploy locally, test your code, and build for production. You'll learn all the essentials of working with Ember. If you're tired of feeling limited by your web development tools, unleash your ambition and start creating ambitious web applications with Ember. What You Need:You need Ember, Ember CLI, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and a text editor. « less
Build ambitious single-page web applications using the power of Ember.js and Ember CLI
***** About This Book ***** * Build scalable web applications with Ember.js and Ember CLI * Leverage the working examples to gain more insight into the Ember framework * Manage dependencies and use the broccoli asset pipeline, the ES6 compatible module system, and more with a strong Ember CLI focus ***** more » Who This Book Is For ***** If you are a JavaScript developer who is starting out to build ambitious Ember.js application, or a developer who has prior Ember.js experience and want to transition your application to the latest Ember.js version with Ember CLI, then this book is for you. ***** What You Will Learn ***** * Get started with your first Ember.js application using Ember CLI and learn about its MVC pattern * Understand the object-oriented design principles used in Ember.js including classes and structures * Discover how to use the Ember.js templating system and default handlers * Manage your single-page web application states using Ember.js router and customize templates * Learn to use controllers to communicate display logic to templates * Communicate with your backend server using Ember Data models * Build reusable Ember.js components and learn how to customize them ***** In Detail ***** Ember.js is a JavaScript framework based on the Model View Controller design pattern. It brings proven design principles and practices to modern web-based application development and helps you focus on solving your core business problem. Ember.js Web Development with Ember CLI is for the next generation of web developers who want to build powerful single-page web applications using the simplicity of Ember CLI and the sophistication of the upcoming Ember 2.0. Starting with an introduction to Ember.js, you will explore its object-oriented pattern, cover classes and other properties, diving into great techniques to define your routes when managing applications, and using object and array controllers to encapsulate the application display logic. Unlike many other books that merely skim the surface, this book has a strong focus on Ember CLI, which will soon be the de facto mode for building apps with Ember. « less
Write Ambitious JavaScript
If you're a web developer interested in building scalable single-page applications—full-stack, browser-based apps that connect to a backend—this practical guide shows you how to use Ember.js, the popular JavaScript framework based on the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Through more » the course of the book, you'll learn how to build a prototype Ember application (a musician index called Rock'n'Roll Call), using routers, templates, models, controllers, and views. You'll also understand how Ember's convention over configuration approach helps you persist data, build backend technologies, and create widgets for developing production-capable applications that behave like desktop software. « less
Summary Ember.js in Action is a crisp tutorial that introduces the Ember.js framework and shows you how to build production-quality web applications. You'll begin with the basic architecture: client- and server-side MVC, integrating Ember.js with your favorite back end, handling data ... and more. more » You'll explore the amazing Handlebars templating engine that automatically updates your apps when the data behind them changes. Along the way, you'll develop a complete Ember.js application and learn how to deploy, administer, and update it efficiently. About the Technology Ember.js is a JavaScript MVC framework that handles important tasks like managing code modules, maintaining state, and expediting reliable data flow. It provides the patterns, components, and scaffolding you need to build ambitious web applications About the Book Ember.js in Action introduces the Ember.js framework and shows you how to build full-featured, desktop-quality web applications. You'll begin with the basic architecture: client- and server-side MVC and how to integrate Ember.js with your favorite back end. Then you'll explore the amazing Handlebars templating engine that automatically updates your apps when the data behind them changes. Along the way, you'll develop a complete Ember.js application and learn how to deploy, administer, and update it efficiently. Readers of this book need to know JavaScript. No prior experience with Ember.js is required. What's Inside * Working with Ember Data * Mastering Handlebars templates * Advanced JavaScript techniques * Covers Ember.js 1.0 About the Author Joachim Haagen Skeie is an experienced web application developer and the author of Montric, an open source monitoring tool built using Ember.js. Table of Contents 1. PART 1 EMBER.JS FUNDAMENTALS 2. Powering your next ambitious web application 3. The Ember.js way 4. Putting everything together using Ember.js Router 5. Automatically updating templates with Handlebars.js 6. PART 2 BUILDING AMBITIOUS WEB APPS FOR THE REAL WORLD 7. Bringing home the bacon—interfacing with the server side using Ember Data 8. Interfacing with the server side without using Ember Data 9. Writing custom components 10. Testing your Ember.js application 11. PART 3 ADVANCED EMBER.JS TOPICS 12. Authentication through a third-party system—Mozilla Persona 13. The Ember.js run loop—Backburner.js 14. Packaging and deployment « less
Your first step in creating amazing web applications
Ember.js is a frontend web development framework that organizes your JavaScript into clean, reusable code. With its powerful tools and concepts at your disposal you can create large scale web applications that rival native applications. No matter how big your application gets, Ember.JS makes your code more » manageable. Instant Ember.js Application Development: How-to - is a practical guide that provides you with clear step-by-step examples. The in-depth examples take into account the key concepts and give you a solid foundation to expand your knowledge and your skills. « less