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Writing, building, and testing Node.js applications
Summary Express in Action is a carefully designed tutorial that teaches you how to build web applications using Node and Express. About the Technology Express.js is a web application framework for Node.js. Express organizes your server-side JavaScript into testable, maintainable modules. It more » provides a powerful set of features to efficiently manage routes, requests, and views along with beautiful boilerplate for your web applications. Express helps you concentrate on what your application does instead of managing time-consuming technical details. About the Book Express in Action teaches you how to build web applications using Node and Express. It starts by introducing Node's powerful traits and shows you how they map to the features of Express. You'll explore key development techniques, meet the rich ecosystem of companion tools and libraries, and get a glimpse into its inner workings. By the end of the book, you'll be able to use Express to build a Node app and know how to test it, hook it up to a database, and automate the dev process. What's Inside * Simplify Node app setup with Express * Testing Express applications * Use Express for easy access to Node features * Data storage with MongoDB * Covers Express 4 and Express 5 alpha About the Reader To get the most out of this book, you'll need to know the basics of web application design and be proficient with JavaScript. About the Author Evan Hahn is an active member of the Node and Express community and contributes to many open source JavaScript projects. Table of Contents 1. PART 1 INTRO 2. What is Express? 3. The basics of Node.js 4. Foundations of Express 5. PART 2 CORE 6. Middleware 7. Routing 8. Building APIs 9. Views and templates: Pug and EJS 10. PART 3 EXPRESS IN CONTEXT 11. Persisting your data with MongoDB 12. Testing Express applications 13. Security 14. Deployment: assets and Heroku 15. Best practices « less
Deep API Reference
Express.js Deep API Reference is your short, concise guide to Express.js APIs. This flexible Node.js web application framework provides a robust set of features for building single, multi-page, and hybrid web applications. Through six to-the-point chapters, you will find references for configurations, more » settings, environments, middleware, templating engines (including Consolidate.js), extract parameters, routing, request handlers, response, and streams. Written by Azat Mardan, the author of Pro Express.js and Practical Node.js, you will find this short, concise guide indispensable for your Express.js work. « less
Azat Mardan
The in-depth, detailed, hands-on manual on Express.js, the most popular Node.js framework. Will get you up and running fast and save you time. Understand the concepts, learn the best practices. Become an Express.js expert today!
A comprehensive guide to developing production-ready web applications with Express
Prototyping an application is one thing, but making sure it's ready to launch is a whole different story. This book will enable you to create maintainable, high performance, and scalable web applications that will meet your production needs. From getting started to how to develop, hone, and protect your more » application with Express, this book gives you all the practical information you need to feel truly confident with the advanced features of Express. The essential bits and pieces of the framework are explained at the beginning, for a better understanding of the strong points of the framework. From there, we'll take you through the development of an application, from using middleware and template engines to RESTful APIs. By the end, you will have mastered the patterns of reusable code and error handling, and will have learned about other important aspects such as debugging, monitoring, and security. « less
Master Express.js: The Node.js Framework For Your Web Development
Pro Express.js is for the reader who wants to quickly get up-to-speed with Express.js, the flexible Node.js framework. Author Azat Mardan clearly explains how to start developing with Express.js with a basic 'Hello World', and then delves into a deep API reference, before looking at common and abstract more » development problems. Lastly, you will learn how to build a series of real-world apps in order to cement your knowledge. In order to get the best from this book, you will be familiar with Node.js scripts and able to install packages using npm. In the deep API reference, each aspect of the Express.js API is explained clearly with a simple exercise to demonstrate its usage. This includes configuration, settings and environments; different middleware and its uses; templating engines; extracting parameters and routing; request and response; error handling; and running an app. In the next part you'll delve into abstraction, streams, authentication, multithreading,, security, and more complex modules. You will also learn about smaller frameworks built using Express.js, such as Sails.js, and Derby. Finally you'll build real-world apps including a REST API, Todo App, and Instagram gallery. « less
Utilize the advanced features of Jade to create dynamic web pages and significantly decrease development time
Jade is a template engine for node.js and the default rendering engine for the Express web framework. It is a new, simplified language that compiles into HTML and is extremely useful for web developers. Jade is designed primarily for server-side templating in node.js, but it can also be used in a variety more » of other environments to produce XML-like documents such as HTML and RSS. This practical, example-oriented guide will teach you how to write Jade, utilize its features, and recognize the best ways to organize templates in your projects. With this book, you will avoid the common pitfalls and issues with sparse documentation, allowing you to learn Jade faster and use it more effectively. « less
Leveraging the JavaScript Stack
Learn how to build dynamic web applications with Express, a key component of the Node/JavaScript development stack. In this hands-on guide, author Ethan Brown teaches you the fundamentals through the development of a fictional application that exposes a public website and a RESTful API. You'll also learn more » web architecture best practices to help you build single-page, multi-page, and hybrid web apps with Express. Express strikes a balance between a robust framework and no framework at all, allowing you a free hand in your architecture choices. With this book, frontend and backend engineers familiar with JavaScript will discover new ways of looking at web development. « less
Your guide to building professional real-world web applications with Express
For experienced JavaScript developers this book is all you need to build highly scalable, robust applications using Express. It takes you step by step through the development of a single page application so you learn empirically. Overview * Learn how to build scalable, robust, and reliable web more » applications with Express using a test-first, feature-driven approach * Full of practical tips and real world examples, and delivered in an easy-to-read format * Explore and tackle the issues you encounter in commercially developing and deploying an Express application In Detail Building an Express application that is reliable, robust, maintainable, testable, and can scale beyond a single server requires a bit of extra thought and effort. Express applications that need to survive in a production environment will need to reach out to the Node ecosystem and beyond, for support. You will start by laying the foundations of your software development journey, as you drive-out features under test. You will move on quickly to expand on your existing knowledge, learning how to create a web API and a consuming client. You will then introduce a real-time element in your application. Following on from this, you will begin a process of incrementally improving your application and tackle security, SSL support, and security vulnerabilities. Next, the book will take you through the process of scaling and then decoupling your application. Finally, you will take a look at various methods to improve your application's performance and reliability. What you will learn from this book * Develop a feature driven Express web application * Build and consume a RESTful web API using client and server side templating * Secure and protect Express with passport authentication and SSL via stud * Scale Express beyond a single server with Redis and Hipache * Decouple Express for improved scalability and maintainability * Support real-time application development with Socket.IO * Handle failures with a minimum impact to service availability using clusters and domains * Understand and cope with Express limitations, including when and where to go for help Approach A practical book, guiding the reader through the development of a single page application using a feature-driven approach. Who this book is written for If you are an experienced JavaScript developer who wants to build highly scalable, real-world applications using Express, this book is ideal for you. This book is an advanced title and assumes that the reader has some experience with Node.js, JavaScript MVC web development frameworks, and has heard of Express before, or is familiar with it. You should also have a basic understanding of Redis and MongoDB. « less
Learn how to develop web applications with the Express framework from scratch
Express is a minimal and flexible node.js web application framework, providing a robust set of features for building single and multi-page, and hybrid web applications. It provides a thin layer of features fundamental to any web application, without obscuring features that developers know and love in more » node.js. Express Web Application Development is a comprehensive guide for those looking to learn how to use the Express web framework for web application development. Starting with the initial setup of the Express web framework, Express Web Application Development helps you to understand the fundamentals of the framework. « less