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This book leads you through the essential concepts and new iOS 10 SDK and Swift 3 programming language APIs to build iPhone and iPad database driven applications using the defacto standard for data storage for mobile apps, SQLite. Readers will learn about SQL operations like selecting, inserting, more » updating and deleting data using various data types like text, numerical types, images and even audio/video data. After working through this book, you will gain an expert view of developing iOS apps using SQlite as a data storage using Objective-C and Swift. WithBuild iOS Database Apps with Swift and SQLiteyou will also gain expert knowledge on how to create databases at runtime, including creating or modifying indexes, triggers, tables, columns, and views. The examples use time-tested code from working applications. What You'll Learn: * How to create database and database applications using iOS and Swift * How to insert, select, edit, and delete records * How to extend SQLite * How to work with multi-database apps * How to use SQLite with Swift * How to backup online SQLite Databases and more Who This Book Is For: Experienced Apple iOS, Swift programmers and developers. « less
Extend SQLite with mobile development skills to build great apps for iOS devices
KEY FEATURES * Implement Swift code using SQLite statements * Learn the background to SQL and SQLite for mobile development, its statements, and command features through practical examples * Extend the standard SQLite functionality and increase your software creation portfolio BOOK DESCRIPTION The more » ability to use SQLite with iOS provides a great opportunity to build amazing apps. Apple's iOS SDK provides native support for SQLite databases. This combination offers the potential to create powerful, data-persistent applications. This book starts with the architecture of SQLite database and introduces you to concepts in SQL . You will find yourself equipped to design your own database system, administer it, and maintain it. Further, you will learn how to operate your SQLite databases smoothly using SQL commands. You will be able to extend the functionality of SQLite by using its vast arsenal of C API calls to build some interesting, exciting, new, and intelligent data-driven applications. Understand how Xcode, HTML5, and Phonegap can be used to build a cross-platform modern app which can benefit from all these technologies - all through creating a complete, customizable application skeleton that you can build on for your own apps. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Explore Swift's basic language statements * Connect to SQLite and execute SQL statements * Extend the SQLite language to create your own software extensions * Use HTML5 with Phonegap on iOS * Set up a Swift project using XCode with SQLite * Administer SQLite databases in an easy and effective way ABOUT THE AUTHOR Gene Da Rocha, MSc, BSc (Hons) in mobile and computer science is an experienced IT professional with over 25 years in the IT industry. He has worked for a variety of companies nationally and internationally, in different industries including corporate, start-up, pharmaceutical, finance, banking, and the NHS. Gene is also the owner and founder of a mobile solutions company, Voxstar (, based in London and Buckinghamshire. He comes from a programming and development background, and has worked with database technology, iOS, Android, Windows mobile, and a variety of other technologies. He has been helping and advising, programming, and recently testing software for a number of companies such as DigitasLBI, Oxfam, News UK, QAWorks, Reuters, and the Association for Project Management, among many others. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction to SQL and SQLite 2. Database Design Concepts 3. Administering the Database 4. Essentials of SQL 5. Exposing the C API 6. Using Swift with iOS and SQLite 7. iOS Development with PhoneGap and HTML5 8. More Features and Advances in SQLite « less
This brief book is an introduction to SQLite for both iOS and Android developers.  The book includes an optional introduction to SQL, a discussion of when to use SQLite,  and chapters devoted to using SQLite with the most likely programming languages and then goes through adding a simple database to more » an Android or iOS app and finally a chapter on managing the app’s life cycle. What You Will Learn: • The basics of SQLite • The SQL you need to use SQLite effectively • How to integrate a database into your mobile app. • How to maintain the app Who this book is for: This book is for Android or iOS developers who wish to use a lightweight but flexible database for their applications. It mobile development experience but does not assume anything but very basic database knowledge. « less
Develop Android applications with one of the most widely used database engines, SQLite
ABOUT THIS BOOK * Develop database-driven Android applications and stay ahead of the curve * Explore the best techniques to use cursors and loaders to achieve optimum results * A step-by-step approach to use SQLite for building Android applications WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR This is an ideal book for more » Android programmers who want to explore SQLite databases based on Android applications. The general competency level expected of the reader is prior knowledge of developing applications and basic knowledge of Android and SQL. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Design and develop an Android SQLite database architecture * Learn the basic principles of a database and include them in your applications * Get familiar with Android support classes with examples highlighting their uses * Create cutting-edge, database-driven applications in no time * Use SQLiteOpenHelper and SQLiteDatabase methods with Android views * Make use of ContentProvider to share your data * Use Loaders and SimpleCursorAdapter in your applications IN DETAIL SQLite is an open source relational database management system. Android uses the SQLite database to store and retrieve data persistently. The driving force behind the platform is the database, enabling a myriad of choices for developers making cutting-edge applications. Android SQLite Essentials focuses on the core concepts behind building database-driven applications. This book covers the basic and advanced topics with equivalent simplicity and detail, in order to enable readers to quickly grasp and implement the concepts to build an application database. This book takes a hands-on, example-based approach to help readers understand the core topics of SQLite and Android database-driven applications. This book focuses on providing you with latent as well as widespread knowledge about practices and approaches towards development in an easily understandable manner. « less
Outside of the world of enterprise computing, there is one database that enables a huge range of software and hardware to flex relational database capabilities, without the baggage and cost of traditional database management systems. That database is SQLite—an embeddable database with an amazingly small more » footprint, yet able to handle databases of enormous size. SQLite comes equipped with an array of powerful features available through a host of programming and development environments. It is supported by languages such as C, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, TCL, and more. The Definitive Guide to SQLite, Second Edition is devoted to complete coverage of the latest version of this powerful database. It offers a thorough overview of SQLite’s capabilities and APIs. The book also uses SQLite as the basis for helping newcomers make their first foray into database development. In only a short time you can be writing programs as diverse as a server-side browser plug-in or the next great iPhone or Android application! * Learn about SQLite extensions for C, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Tcl. * Get solid coverage of SQLite internals. * Explore developing iOS (iPhone) and Android applications with SQLite. SQLite is the solution chosen for thousands of products around the world, from mobile phones and GPS devices to set-top boxes and web browsers. You almost certainly use SQLite every day without even realizing it! « less
Small. Fast. Reliable. Choose Any Three.
You can build database-backed applications for the desktop, Web, embedded systems, or operating systems without linking to heavy-duty client-server databases such as Oracle and MySQL. This book shows you how to use SQLite, a small and lightweight relational database engine that you can build directly more » into your application. With SQLite, you'll discover how to develop a database-backed application that remains manageable in size and complexity. Using SQLite guides you every step of the way. « less
Traditional relational databases and embedded databases both have shortcomings that can leave a developer perplexed. So for many people, the solution resides in an open source embeddable database with an amazingly small footprint (less than 250 kilobytes). SQLite packs a powerful array of features and more » can handle databases as large as 2 terabytes. It offers a flexible set of datatypes and the ability to perform transactions, and it is supported by languages like C, PHP, Perl, and Python. And because SQLite's databases are completely file based, privileges are granted at the operating system level, allowing for easy and fast user management. « less