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KEY FEATURES * Learn to build applications for Windows 10, the latest Windows version * Develop your applications to be compatible with smartphones, tablets, and desktops * This guide is packed with recipes covering major solutions to day-to-day problems faced by Windows programmers BOOK DESCRIPTION Need more » to ensure you can always create the best Windows apps regardless of platform? What you need are solutions to the biggest issues you can face, so you can always ensure you're making the right choices and creating the best apps you can. The book starts with recipes that will help you set up the integrated development environment before you go ahead and design the user interface. You will learn how to use the MVVM design pattern together with data binding, as well as how to work with data in different file formats. Moving on, you will explore techniques to add animations and graphics to your application, and enable your solution to work with multimedia content. You will also see how to use sensors, such as an accelerometer and a compass, as well as obtain the current GPS location. You will make your application ready to work with Internet-based scenarios, such as composing e-mails or downloading files, before finally testing the project and submitting it to the Windows Store. By the end of the book, you will have a market-ready application compatible across different Windows devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Start developing universal applications for Windows 10 * Design user interface in the XAML language * Use the MVVM design pattern with data binding * Store data in files and in a database * Use multimedia content and animations * Capture data from built-in sensors * Handle various Internet-based scenarios * Test the application and submit it to the Windows Store ABOUT THE AUTHOR Marcin Jamro , PhD, is an entrepreneur and researcher as well as a developer and architect of various kinds of application, such as web, mobile, and distributed ones. He is interested in many aspects of computer science, including software engineering and project management. Marcin is passionate about C#, C++, and C languages in general, design patterns, new technologies, and mobile devices, especially the Windows platform. He has significant practical experience in project development and holds the position of the President of the Board at TITUTO Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.] in Rzeszow, Poland. His company develops various IT projects, including mobile and web applications. To add to this, TITUTO Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.] has a set of its own products dedicated to hotels and tour operators. You can read more about them at Marcin has published several papers, taken part in many conferences, organized a few of them, and participated in two internships at Microsoft in Redmond, USA. He has Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, and Microsoft Certified Professional Developer certificates. You can find out more about Marcin on his website,, and you can easily contact him by sending an e-mail to TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Getting Started 2. Designing a User Interface 3. MVVM and Data Binding 4. Data Storage 5. Animations and Graphics 6. Multimedia 7. Built-in Sensors 8. Internet-based Scenarios 9. Testing and Submission 10. Useful Resources « less
Geospatial Development in Windows 10 with Bing Maps and C#
This 200 page revised edition of Microsoft Mapping includes the latest details about SQL Server 2014 and the new 3D and Streetside-capable map control for Windows 10 applications. It contains updated chapters on Microsoft Azure and Power Map for Excel plus a new chapter on Bing Maps for Universal Windows. more » The book tells a story, from beginning to end, of planning and deploying a single geospatial application built using Microsoft technologies from end-to-end. Readers are expected to have basic familiarity with the fundamentals of developing for Microsoft platforms (some understanding of basic SQL, C#, .NET, and WCF); as readers work through the book they will build on their existing skills so that they will be able to deploy geospatial applications for social networking, data collection, enterprise management, or other purposes. Microsoft Mapping Second Edition provides: * The only full book for developers who want to create location-aware apps using the Windows 10 platform * Fully working code samples that show the concepts in use with ASP.NET 4.5 and Windows 10. * Complete solutions to the common problems of geospatial development: visualization, hosting and localization of services are all explained. * Demonstrates how the Bing Maps API can be connected to the Azure Cloud in order to provide a stand-alone mapping bolt-on with little additional up-front cost and great reliability. * Unique coverage of how the Bing Maps API can be implanted within Windows and Windows Phone applications for Windows 10 applications to provide a robust service tailored to the capabilities of each device. Coverage of the new Windows 10 Bing Maps control, which supports viewing Streetside and aerial data. « less
Emphasizing XAML and C#, this book provides readers with all the tools, ideas, and inspiration to begin Windows Universal App development for Windows 10. Real World Windows 10 Development addresses developers who want to break into this market by providing detailed explanations of the various aspects more » of Universal App development. Written by authors with deep knowledge in Windows 10 universal app development, you will learn how to make the most of the Windows 10 SDK to build applications that can be published on IoT devices, phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, Xbox, HoloLens, and the Surface Hub. Readers will learn how to: * Extend the appeal of their native, web-based, or universal apps with media, shell integration, and inter-app communications * Build adaptive user interfaces that scale to the screen dimensions they are displayed on * Monitize your apps * Introduce mapping What if you already have pre-existing software in the form of native win32 applications or a website? Real World Windows 10 Development tackles this by providing detailed tutorials on the approaches used to leverage your existing code investment. Finally, Real World Windows 10 Developmentprovides a step-by-step walk through of the various approaches developers can use to distribute their universal apps. In this book, you’ll get: * Detailed descriptions of Windows 10 app development * Samples emphasizing the use of XAML/C# * Adherence to Windows 10 guidelines for successful app acceptance « less
A Problem-Solution Approach in HTML and JavaScript
This book is a practical guide to solving the everyday problems encountered when building apps for Windows 10 devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones, using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Each recipe includes a concise statement of the problem and the approach you should take in order more » to solve it. A full code solution is also given, along with an in-depth explanation, so you can build on your development knowledge while you work on your application. The majority of recipes can be used with the Universal Windows app template, designed to help you build one consistent user experience across devices. These are supplemented with recipes for adapting your app to different devices, screen sizes and sensor availability. You'll also find out how to deploy and publish your apps in the Windows Store. Learn how to: * Make use of the latest Universal Windows app features, alongside customizations for specific platforms and screen sizes. * Bring your apps to life with live tiles, notifications, and sharing. * Prepare your app to adapt to your users' different cultural and business environments using globalization and localization APIs and best practices. * Understand the certification process and publish your app to the Windows Store, with the option to pay once, install anywhere. This book is suitable for anyone developing for Windows and Windows Mobile. Readers should be comfortable working with HTML and JavaScript. No previous experience with Microsoft technologies or languages is needed in order to use this book. « less
50 hands-on recipes to master the power of Delphi for cross-platform and mobile development on Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS
With this book, you will gain valuable and practical knowledge of the latest functionalities of Delphi. Starting with the foundations, you will work on your VCL application, customize the TDBGrid, and configure your runtime class using RTTI. Going forward, you will build on this foundation and deploy more » FireMonkey to go cross-platform or even call FireMonkey from a VCL project, and you will fully understand how you can include Delphi on your server. Finally, you will use App Tethering, call Android and iOS SDK classes, and even use the Android TextToSpeech engine to add sounds to your phone! With this learning resource at your side, you will acquire all that a RAD Studio developer needs to know about Delphi in one complete, informative guide. « less
Understand what every developer should know about performance when building Windows Store apps. Not designed as a comprehensive reference, this book instead zeroes in on the essentials of planning for great performance and provides a solid starting point for building fast apps. This concise, performance-focused more » guide: * Provides an introduction to the Windows platform from a performance point of view * Describes how to set performance goals, establish tests to track performance, and covers tools to instrument code and analyze performance * Explains why common techniques such as micro benchmarks and ad hoc testing often fall short in verifying performance * Focuses on managed C#/XAML apps * Although tools and techniques also apply to Visual Basic/XAML apps, all code examples use C# * HTML5/JavaScript and C++/XAML are not covered « less
Windows 8.1 apps are revolutionizing development on the Windows platform. Fast, fluid, tactile and chrome-free, they provide a brand-new look and feel for Windows users. These apps rely on Microsoft's Windows 8 modern UI to provide their rich and engaging user experiences for both desktop and tablet more » users. The new UI in turn relies upon the Windows Runtime (WinRT) to give its apps unparalleled flexibility and power. Understanding this stack of new technologies and how they tie in to the proven C# language and the XAML standard is the subject of this book. Experienced writers Jesse Liberty, Phil Japikse, and Jon Galloway explain how you can get the most from Windows 8.1 by focusing on the features that you need for your project and bringing your existing C# coding knowledge to bear. « less
Master WinRT, XAML, and C# to create innovative Windows 8 applications
If you're a .NET developer looking to build tablet apps, this practical book takes you step-by-step through the process of developing apps for the Windows Store. You'll learn how to use Microsoft's Modern UI design language with Windows 8.1 and WinRT 8.1.1 by building a line-of-business mobile app with more » C# through the course of the book. To develop the app, you'll work with the same system details and design specs that apply to retail apps, such as persistence, backend service, and Windows 8 features for sharing and search. You'll learn how to develop the code, incorporate third-party open source products, and package your app for the Windows Store. « less
Microsoft Press is pleased to offer the second edition of Kraig Brockschmidt's in-depth ebook on writing Windows Store apps using HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript on the Windows 8.1 platform. The ebook includes 20 chapters and 4 appendices.
Using C# and JavaScript
This book introduces novice developers to a range of data access strategies for storing and retreiving data both locally and remotely. It provides you with a range of fully working data access solutions and the insight you need to know when, and how, to apply each of the techniques to best advantage. Focussing more » specifically on how the Windows 8 app developer can work with the Windows Runtime (often called Windows RT) framework this book provides careful analysis of the many options you have open to you, along with a comparision of their strengths and weaknesses under different conditions. With the days of a single database being the right choice for almost all development projects long gone. You will lean that the right choice for your app now depends on a variety of factors and getting it right will be critical to your customer's end user experience. « less