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Total Information Awareness
From Google search to self-driving cars to human longevity, is Alphabet creating a neoteric Garden of Eden or Bentham's Panopticon? Will King Solomon's challenge supersede the Turing test for artificial intelligence? Can transhumanism mitigate existential threats to humankind? These are some of the overarching more » questions in this book, which explores the impact of information awareness on humanity starting from the Book of Genesis to the Royal Library of Alexandria in the 3rd century BC to the modern day of Google Search, IBM Watson, and Wolfram|Alpha. The book also covers Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords, Google Maps, Google Local Search, and what every business leader must know about digital transformation. "Search is curiosity, and that will never be done," said Google's first female engineer and Yahoo's sixth CEO Marissa Mayer. The truth is out there; we just need to know how to Google it! « less
Make your website visible on Google Search
by Balu
Digital Marketing using Google Services book Aim of this book: To make your Website listed in Google Search. We have classified our chapters into five categories “Analysis”, “Organic Promotion”, “Paid Promotion”, “Tracking Your Website Visitors” and “Monetize your Website”. Analysis Step 1: Start more » with analysing your business trends by reading Chapter 1 Google Trends. Step 2: Find your online competitors and their strategy by reading Chapter 2 Competitor Analysis. Step 3: Create or Alter your website with required components to improve visitor engagement by reading Chapter 3 Website Strategy. Organic Promotion Step 7: The best way to make your website listed in Google Search Results for local search queries related to your business is through Google MyBusiness. Do not skip any sections in this Chapter 4 Google MyBusiness. Step 8: The next step is to make your website listed in Google Search Results for any search queries related to your business by following Chapter 5 Search Engine Optimization. Step 9: Google provides priority to informative videos in Google Search. Create few videos about your products & services. Post it in YouTube. We also have few tips for your videos. Follow this Chapter 6 YouTube. Step 10: Social Media is your key for Branding. I would suggest you to start with Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter by creating business pages today. As your business page becomes popular, your business page and website get higher ranking in Google Search. We have described these in Chapter 7 Social Media Optimization. Paid Promotion Step 11: If you want to place Ads in Google, read Chapter 8 Google AdWords. Start by creating Simple campaign targeting Google Search as described in this chapter. You may also want to read Google Display Network and YouTube Ads section to promote your Branding. Tracking Your Website Visitors Step 4: To track visitors and leads, you will be asked to update your website with many setup codes. Google Tag Manager makes this process simple by setting up one time setup code on your website. Read Chapter 9 Google Tag Manager to learn more about it. We strongly encourage you to use Google Tag Manager. Step 5: It is important to analyze your website’s visitor statistics to improve your Revenue. Google Analytics is a tool used to track your website visitors. Read Chapter 10 Google Analytics to setup, analyze and improve your website user engagement. Step 6: You should inform Google about your website details to crawl (read) all your webpages. To submit your website details, read Chapter 11 Google Webmaster Tools. Monetize your Website Step 12: Chapter 12 Google AdSense guides you to get started with gaining some money from your active website. If your website is new or just building content, I would suggest you to skip this until you have a website with proper content in place. Editor’s Note Getting started with Digital Marketing for your website is quiet easy. Similar to an offline business, being active online is what Google expects from you in order to make your website come up on Google Search. A little bit of effort and time is required in this process. This book will guide you through the process of Digital Marketing in a step by step approach. Who should read this book? 1. Business owners who need to promote their business on their own through Internet. 2. Entrepreneurs who wish to get started with their very own Digital Marketing business. 3. Digital Marketing Agencies who feel the necessity to train their employees on Digital Marketing approach 4. Students who want to learn and perform research on Digital Marketing. 5. Marketing, Sales, Business Development and Advertising Professionals who require a thorough knowledge about Digital Marketing to efficiently plan and manage a team. All the best. Get Started. « less
Over 120 practical recipes to set up, optimize, and manage profitable AdWords campaigns
Google Adwords is one of the most effective ways to advertise today with unprecedented reach and potential to show your ads to millions of Internet users instantly. It helps in bringing highly relevant ads to customers who are searching for you in real-time, resulting in highly accountable and cost-effective more » campaigns that even the smallest advertisers can take advantage of. Advertising on Google: The High Performance Cookbook is a step-by-step guide with practical tips and everyday examples that will arm you with the tools necessary to run effective Adwords campaigns. Advertising on Google: The High Performance Cookbook is a collection of hands-on recipes for creating and optimizing Adwords campaigns The book begins with the research you'll need to conduct before starting with Adwords, including figuring out how competitive your market is and finding out what your competitors are doing. « less
Create Versatile and Powerful Marketing and Advertising Campaigns
There is one simple way to exponentially increase the amount of traffic coming to your website and the number of people aware of your product or service: through the use of Google AdWords and related marketing technologies. The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords will walk you through every step needed more » to maximize your marketing and advertising power. Everything related to the platforms are covered in detail - account setup, campaign creation, reporting, optimization, analytics, ad creation, mobile advertising, and much more. « less
Managing Your Advertising Program
Do people really click the handful of text ads that accompany Google search results? Absolutely. Growth of Google AdWords continues to increase, as does online advertising in the United States. This book shows you how each piece of Google’s advertising platform works, focusing on areas that impact the more » performance and cost of your ad campaigns. Learn how to create an AdWords account, and then dive into the particulars of setting up your first campaign, optimizing keywords, writing effective ads, and tracking conversions. Most advertisers don’t understand how AdWords works. This book gives you an edge. * Learn the advantages of proper account structure based on tightly knit themes * Understand AdWords auction and the importance of keyword Quality Score * Determine your preferred bidding model and daily ad budget * Evaluate campaign performance by timeframe, keyword, and other criteria * Hone your keyword list whenever search queries trigger your ads * Add negative keywords to filter out irrelevant queries * Outperform competitors and organic search results with targeted ad copy * Determine conversion goals, and use AdWords tools to track them « less