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Create powerful yet simple-to-code BDD test suites in JavaScript using the most popular tools in the community
JavaScript is not only widely used to create attractive user interfaces for the Web, but with the advent of Node.js, it is also becoming a very popular and powerful language to write server-side applications. Using behavior-driven development and some common testing patterns and best practices, you will more » be able to avoid these traps. This book will show you how to do BDD in a practical way. We will start with a basic introduction of what BDD is and why the classical approach to testing has failed. Afterwards, we will dive directly into an introduction to Node.js, Mocha, and Sinon.JS. Finally, we will cover more advanced subjects such as how to write a fast and effective test suite for a RESTful web API, and how to do the same with a rich UI using Cucumber.js and Protractor. This book will give you great insight into how to architect your system to make it more testable and modular, but at the same time avoid the nightmare of abusing mock objects. ***** Who This Book Is For ***** TThis book is ideal for any JavaScript developer who is interested in producing well-tested code. If you have no prior experience with testing, Node.js, or any other tool, do not worry, as they will be explained from scratch. « less
Develop robust modern web-based software applications and RESTful APIs with Laravel, one of the hottest PHP frameworks
ABOUT THIS BOOK * Master the flashiest functionalities Laravel has to offer * Use PHPSpec to design testable software by specification to ensure quality code * Explore the best-practices and latest features of Laravel 5 WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR If you are an experienced or a capable PHP programmer more » who has a basic understanding of the concepts of modern PHP (at least version 5.4), this book is ideal for you. Basic object-oriented programming and database knowledge is expected. You should already know your way around Laravel, or have at least experimented with the framework. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Convert specifications into classes and functions, using a specification-based behavioral-driven design (BDD) * Create a deployment script for a continuous delivery environment * Use Eloquent to interact with the database in an object-oriented manner * Create RESTful APIs to allow an application to interact with other programs * Easily scale software with route caching and the read/write configuration * Use DocBlock annotations to enhance controllers and reduce the amount of code required IN DETAIL PHP continues to revive and Laravel is at its forefront. Laravel follows modern PHP's object-oriented best practices and reduces time-to-market, enabling you to build robust web and API-driven mobile applications that can be automatically tested and deployed. With this book you will learn how to rapidly develop software applications using the Laravel 5 PHP framework. This book walks you through the creation of an application, starting with behavior-driven design of entities. You'll explore various aspects of modern software including the RESTful API, and will be introduced to command bus. Laravel's annotations package is also explained and demonstrated. Finally, the book closes with a demonstration of different ways to deploy and scale your applications. « less
A practical guide to get you up and running with unit testing using Mockito
ABOUT THIS BOOK * Explore Mockito features and learn stubbing, mocking and spying dependencies using the Mockito framework * Mock external dependencies for legacy and greenfield projects and create an automated JUnit safety net for building reliable, maintainable and testable software * A focused more » guide filled with examples and supporting illustrations on testing your software using Mockito WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR This book is ideal for developers who have some experience in Java application development as well as some basic knowledge of test doubles and JUnit testing. This book also introduces you to the fundamentals of JUnit testing, test doubles, refactoring legacy code, and writing JUnit tests for GWT and web services. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Explore test doubles and work with dummy, spy, fake, stub, and mock objects * Uncover the Mockito architecture and build a custom mocking framework * Mock, stub, and spy external code dependencies using Mockito * Practice Behavior-driven Development (BDD) with Mockito * Make legacy code testable by mocking and spying dependencies * Mock GWT and web service dependencies using Mockito * Discover argument captors, inline stubbing, and resetting mock objects IN DETAIL Whether you are new to JUnit testing and mocking or a seasoned Mockito expert, this book will provide you with the skills you need to successfully build and maintain meaningful JUnit test cases and effectively mock external dependencies. At the beginning, this book deals with dummy and fake objects and then moves on to exploring stubs followed by an example on spying. Then, it will show you how to make legacy code testable, mock external dependencies using Mockito, and write testable code for greenfield projects. You will also gain an insight on the concepts of Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) as well as understand how to unit test RESTful web services with Mockito. By sequentially working through the steps in each chapter, you will quickly learn the features of Mockito. Mockito Essentials will ensure your success with these concepts, tools, and frameworks. « less