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Learn the fundamental aspects of the business statistics, data mining, and machine learning techniques required to understand the huge amount of data generated by your organization. This book explains practical business analytics through examples, covers the steps involved in using it correctly, and more » shows you the context in which a particular technique does not make sense. Further, Practical Business Analytics using R helps you understand specific issues faced by organizations and how the solutions to these issues can be facilitated by business analytics. This book will discuss and explore the following through examples and case studies: * An introduction to R: data management and R functions * The architecture, framework, and life cycle of a business analytics project * Descriptive analytics using R: descriptive statistics and data cleaning * Data mining: classification, association rules, and clustering Predictive analytics: simple regression, multiple regression, and logistic regression This book includes case studies on important business analytic techniques, such as classification, association, clustering, and regression. The R language is the statistical tool used to demonstrate the concepts throughout the book. What You Will Learn • Write R programs to handle data • Build analytical models and draw useful inferences from them • Discover the basic concepts of data mining and machine learning • Carry out predictive modeling • Define a business issue as an analytical problem Who This Book Is For Beginners who want to understand and learn the fundamentals of analytics using R. Students, managers, executives, strategy and planning professionals, software professionals, and BI/DW professionals. « less
Transform Your Business Systems into an Analytical Powerhouse
Automate the predictive analytics process using Oracle Data Miner and Oracle R Enterprise. This book talks about how both these technologies can provide a framework for in-database predictive analytics. You'll see a unified architecture and embedded workflow to automate various analytics steps such as more » data preprocessing, model creation, and storing final model output to tables. You'll take a deep dive into various statistical models commonly used in businesses and how they can be automated for predictive analytics using various SQL, PLSQL, ORE, ODM, and native R packages. You'll get to know various options available in the ODM workflow for driving automation. Also, you'll get an understanding of various ways to integrate ODM packages, ORE, and native R packages using PLSQL for automating the processes. Data Science Automation UsingOracleData Miner and Oracle R Enterprisestarts with an introduction to business analytics, covering why automation is necessary and the level of complexity in automation at each analytic stage. Then, it focuses on how predictive analytics can be automated by using Oracle Data Miner and Oracle R Enterprise. Also, it explains when and why ODM and ORE are to be used together for automation. The subsequent chapters detail various statistical processes used for predictive analytics such as calculating attribute importance, clustering methods, regression analysis, classification techniques, ensemble models, and neural networks. In these chapters you will also get to understand the automation processes for each of these statistical processes using ODM and ORE along with their application in a real-life business use case. What you'll learn * Discover the functionality of Oracle Data Miner and Oracle R Enterprise * Gain methods to perform in-database predictive analytics * Use Oracle's SQL and PLSQL APIs for building analytical solutions * Acquire knowledge of common and widely-used business statistical analysis techniques Who this book is for * IT executives, BI architects, Oracle architects and developers, R users and statisticians. « less
KEY FEATURES * This book will enable and empower you to break free of the shackles of spreadsheets * Learn to make informed decisions using the data at hand with this highly practical, comprehensive guide * This book includes real-world use cases that teach you how analytics can be put to work to more » optimize your business * Using a fictional transactional dataset in raw form, you'll work your way up to ultimately creating a fully-functional warehouse and a fleshed-out BI platform BOOK DESCRIPTION Business Intelligence (BI) is at the crux of revolutionizing enterprise. Everyone wants to minimize losses and maximize profits. Thanks to Big Data and improved methodologies to analyze data, Data Analysts and Data Scientists are increasingly using data to make informed decisions. Just knowing how to analyze data is not enough, you need to start thinking how to use data as a business asset and then perform the right analysis to build an insightful BI solution. Efficient BI strives to achieve the automation of data for ease of reporting and analysis. Through this book, you will develop the ability to think along the right lines and use more than one tool to perform analysis depending on the needs of your business. We start off by preparing you for data analytics. We then move on to teach you a range of techniques to fetch important information from various databases, which can be used to optimize your business. The book aims to provide a full end-to-end solution for an environment setup that can help you make informed business decisions and deliver efficient and automated BI solutions to any company. It is a complete guide for implementing Business intelligence with the help of the most powerful tools like D3.js, R, Tableau, Qlikview and Python that are available on the market. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Create a BI environment that enables self-service reporting * Understand SQL and the aggregation of data * Develop a data model suitable for analytical reporting * Connect a data warehouse to the analytic reporting tools * Understand the specific benefits behind visualizations with D3.js, R, Tableau, QlikView, and Python * Get to know the best practices to develop various reports and applications when using BI tools * Explore the field of data analysis with all the data we will use for reporting « less
Optimize reporting and BI with Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services and Mobile Reports provides a comprehensive lesson in business intelligence (BI), operational reporting and Reporting Services architecture using a clear, concise tutorial approach. You'll more » learn effective report solution design based upon many years of experience with successful report solutions. Improve your own reports with advanced, best-practice design, usability, query design, and filtering techniques. Expert guidance provides insight into common report types and explains where each could be made more efficient, while providing step-by step instruction on Microsoft SQL Server 2016. All changes to the 2016 release are covered in detail, including improvements to the Visual Studio Report Designer (SQL Server Data Tools) and Report Builder, Mobile Dashboard Designer, the new Report Portal Interface, HTML-5 Rendering, Power BI integration, Custom Parameters Pane, and more. The Microsoft SQL Server 2016 release will include significant changes. New functionality, new capabilities, re-tooled processes, and changing support require a considerable update to existing knowledge. Whether you're starting from scratch or simply upgrading, this book is an essential guide to report design and business intelligence solutions. * Understand BI fundamentals and Reporting Services architecture * Learn the ingredients to a successful report design * Get up to speed on Microsoft SQL Server 2016 * Grasp the purpose behind common designs to optimize your reporting Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services makes reporting faster, easier, and more powerful than ever in web, desktop and portal solutions. Compatibility with an extensive variety of data sources makes it a go-to solution for organizations across the globe. The 2016 release brings some of the biggest changes in years, and the full depth and breadth of these changes can create a serious snag in your workflow. For a clear tutorial geared toward the working professional, Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services and Mobile Reports is the ideal guide for getting up to speed and producing successful reports. « less
KEY FEATURES * Cook your favorite Tableau 10 business intelligence recipe with the help of this easy-to-follow book * Build beautiful, interactive dashboards and visualizations in Tableau 10 that help you make informed decisions * This rich collection of independent recipes cover everything needed more » to become an advanced Tableau user and get an edge over other Tableau users BOOK DESCRIPTION Tableau is a software tool that can speed up data analysis through its rich visualization capabilities, and help uncover insights for better and smarter decision making. This book is for the business, technology, data and analytics professionals who use and analyze data and data-driven approaches to support business operations and strategic initiatives in their organizations. This book provides easy-to-follow recipes to get the reader up and running with Tableau 10, and covers basic to advanced use cases and scenarios. The book starts with building basic charts in Tableau and moves on to building more complex charts by incorporating different Tableau features and interactivity components. There is an entire chapter dedicated to dashboard techniques and best practices. A number of recipes specifically for geospatial visualization, analytics, and data preparation are also covered. By the end of this book, you’ll have gained confidence and competence to analyze and communicate data and insights more efficiently and effectively by creating compelling interactive charts, dashboards, and stories in Tableau. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Become familiar with the Tableau interface * Build basic to more advanced charts with step-by-step recipes * Use filters, calculated fields, parameters, and actions to add interactivity to charts and dashboards * Prepare and transform data for analysis using Tableau’s built-in tools and functions * Create effective and compelling dashboards and story points * Leverage Tableau’s mapping capabilities to visualize location and shape data * Integrate analytics and forecasting to enhance data analysis * Get to know tips and tricks to work more quickly and effectively in Tableau * Increase your confidence and competence in creating rich, interactive visualizations in Tableau ABOUT THE AUTHOR Donabel Santos is a self-confessed data geek. She loves working with data, writing queries and developing reports on her SQL Server databases, and exploring and visualizing data with Tableau. She is the principal and senior Business Intelligence Architect at QueryWorks Solutions, a Tableau Learning and Alliance partner in Vancouver, BC, Canada providing consulting and training services. She has spent years in consulting and has developed a variety of solutions for clients in different verticals—finance, manufacturing, healthcare, legal, higher education, and local government. Donabel is a multi-year Microsoft Data Platform MVP (previously known as SQL Server MVP) and has extensive experience in SQL Server in different areas, such as development, administration, data warehouse, reporting (SSRS), tuning, troubleshooting, XML, CLR, integration with ERPs and CRMs using PowerShell, C#, SSIS, and Power BI. One of Donabel's passions is teaching and sharing her love for data. She is a Tableau Certified Professional and a Tableau Accredited Trainer, delivering Tableau public and on-site client training. She is also the lead instructor for a number of courses at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), including Applied Database Administration and Design (ADAD) and Applied Data Analytics (ADA) programs. She teaches SQL Server Administration, Development, Integration (SSIS), Data Warehouse Foundations, and Visual Analytics with Tableau. Donabel has also authored three other books with Packt Publishing: SQL Server 2012 with PowerShell V3 Cookbook, PowerShell for SQL Server Essentials, and SQL Server 2014 with PowerShell V5 Cookbook. She also contributed a chapter in Manning Publications' PowerShell Deep Dives. Her blog is located at and her Twitter handle is @sqlbelle. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Basic Charts 2. Advanced Charts 3. Interactivity 4. Dashboards and Story Points 5. Maps and Geospatial Visualization 6. Analytics 7. Data Preparation 8. Calculated Fields Primer 9. Resources « less
A Hands-on Guide
Practical Business Analytics Using SAS: A Hands-on Guide shows SAS users and businesspeople how to analyze data effectively in real-life business scenarios. The book begins with an introduction to analytics, analytical tools, and SAS programming. The authors—both SAS, statistics, analytics, and big more » data experts—first show how SAS is used in business, and then how to get started programming in SAS by importing data and learning how to manipulate it. Besides illustrating SAS basic functions, you will see how each function can be used to get the information you need to improve business performance. Each chapter offers hands-on exercises drawn from real business situations. The book then provides an overview of statistics, as well as instruction on exploring data, preparing it for analysis, and testing hypotheses. You will learn how to use SAS to perform analytics and model using both basic and advanced techniques like multiple regression, logistic regression, and time series analysis, among other topics. The book concludes with a chapter on analyzing big data. Illustrations from banking and other industries make the principles and methods come to life. Readers will find just enough theory to understand the practical examples and case studies, which cover all industries. Written for a corporate IT and programming audience that wants to upgrade skills or enter the analytics field, this book includes: * More than 200 examples and exercises, including code and datasets for practice. * Relevant examples for all industries. * Case studies that show how to use SAS analytics to identify opportunities, solve complicated problems, and chart a course. Practical Business Analytics Using SAS: A Hands-on Guide gives you the tools you need to gain insight into the data at your fingertips, predict business conditions for better planning, and make excellent decisions. Whether you are in retail, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, government, or any other industry, this book will help your organization increase revenue, drive down costs, improve marketing, and satisfy customers better than ever before. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN * Which are the most important tools for performing analytics * How to program in SAS * How to explore, validate, and clean data * How to understand and use basic statistical methods and techniques * How to forecast future value using SAS * How to build predictive models * Fundamentals of big data WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR This book is for IT Professionals who want to become business or data analysts, predictive modelers, data scientists, social media analysts, big data analysts, or BI analysts. It's also for anyone who wants to break into data analytics or professionals who want to expand their skills. TABLE OF CONTENTS Part One: Basics of SAS Programming for Analytics Chapter 01 Introduction to Business Analytics and Data Analysis Tools Chapter 02: SAS Introduction Chapter 03: SAS Handling Using SAS Chapter 04 : Important SAS Functions and Procs Part Two: Using SAS for Business Analytics Chapter 05 Introduction to Statistical Analysis Chapter 06 Basic Descriptive Statistics Chapter 07 Data Exploration, Validation, and Data Sanitization Chapter 08 Testing of Hypothesis Chapter 09 Correlation and Linear Regression Chapter 10 Multiple Regression Analysis Chapter 11: Logistic Regression Chapter 12: Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Chapter 13: Introducing Big Data Analytics « less
Create, manipulate, and deploy rich analytical visualizations using the TIBCO Spotfire platform
Given the amount of competition and the recent economic downturn, corporations have to provide the best services in the most efficient way. Analytics help businesses understand behaviors and patterns, identify and minimize waste, and provide process visibility. Spotfire is a latest generation Analytics more » Dashboard that enables the representation of relevant data in an intuitive fashion, fostering both rich visualizations and shortened analysis. It allows the highlighting and discovery of not only commonalities and anomalies but also relationships, all in reduced timeframes. An introduction to the TIBCO Spotfire world, covering the main concepts and features of the platform in a very fast-paced style. From the installation procedure to the loading of heterogeneous data and the creation and manipulation of several visualization types, you will gain hands-on experience with this very powerful analytics tool. Starting by introducing you to the platform and its architecture, this helpful guide will show you how to install a standalone working environment. You will then learn about data loading and visualization creation, using several graph types, and also journey through the features of filtering, data preparation, transformation, and layout definition. Finally, you will master library creation and deployment, as well as web player usage. With this book, you will become familiar with all the required functionalities and concepts to start working with the Spotfire technology. What you will learn from this book * Understand TIBCO Spotfire platform architecture and the main features of the individual products * Set up a development environment on your machine * Load data into the platform from multiple heterogeneous sources * Create powerful visualizations such as bar chart, line chart, and pie chart * Learn how to use filtering to drill down on specific visualization data * Create libraries and access them in Spotfire Web Player Approach A fast-paced, step-by-step guide to creating, manipulating and deploying analytical visualizations using the TIBCO Spotfire Platform Who this book is written for If you are hoping to discover a fast and easy way to develop business intelligence apps with TIBCO Spotfire, this book is ideal for you. You are expected to know the basics of business intelligence, but no prior knowledge of TIBCO Spotfire is required. « less
Practical Examples
IBM Cognos 10 is the next generation of the leading performance management, analysis, and reporting standard for mid- to large-sized companies. One of the most exciting and useful aspects of IBM Cognos software is its powerful custom report creation capabilities. After learning the basics, report authors more » in the enterprise need to apply the technology to reports in their actual, complex work environment. This book provides that advanced know how. Using practical examples based on years of teaching experiences as IBM Cognos instructors, the authors provide you with examples of typical advanced reporting designs and complex queries in reports. The reporting solutions in this book can be directly used in a variety of real-world scenarios to provide answers to your business problems today. The complexity of the queries and the application of design principles go well beyond basic course content or introductory books. IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio: Practical Examples will help you find the answers to specific questions based on your data and your business model. It will use a combination tutorial and cookbook approach to show real-world IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio solutions. If you are still using IBM Cognos 8 BI Report Studio, many of the examples have been tested against this platform as well. The final chapter has been dedicated to showing those features that are unique to the latest version of this powerful reporting solution. « less
Get the crucial knowledge you need to make essential business intelligence products work on top of SAP NetWeaver. Continuing in the tradition of the first bestselling edition, this updated edition carefully guides you, click-by-click, through the process of connecting SAP BusinessObjects tools to SAP more » data. Whether it’s Web Intelligence, Dashboards, Crystal Reports, or any other BusinessObjects tool: The expert advice and clear instruction that this book provides is just what you need to become an authority on integrating your SAP BusinessObjects BI platform with SAP NetWeaver. 1. Step-by-Step Instructions Follow along as the author walks you through each click and screen needed to integrate SAP BusinessObjects with SAP NetWeaver. 2. Installation and Configuration Learn how to install and configure the necessary server and client components to start working with SAP BusinessObjects tools. 3. Semantic Layer Review the different options for connecting corporate data in a brand new chapter about the semantic layer. 4. SAP NetWeaver Portal Discover how you can make SAP NetWeaver Portal work with the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform. 5. Updated and Expanded Explore over 200 new pages, and find updated information on how the 4.x release of the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform changes the landscape of the integration with SAP NetWeaver. Highlights: * Installation and configuration * Semantic layer * SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise * SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence * SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards * SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office * SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for OLAP * SAP NetWeaver Portal * Security and troubleshooting « less
Create advanced reports, including cross tabs, sub-reports, and charts that connect to practically any data source using open source Pentaho Reporting
This hands-on tutorial, filled with exercises and examples, introduces the reader to a variety of concepts within Pentaho Reporting. With screenshots that show you how reports look at design time as well as how they should look when rendered as PDF, Excel, or HTML, this book also contains complete example more » source code that you can copy and paste into your environment to get up and running quickly. This book is primarily written for Java developers who want to assemble custom reporting solutions with Pentaho Reporting. Their main interest is in the technical details of creating reports and they want to see how to solve common report problems with a minimum of fuss; they do not need an overview of BI or the importance of reporting. Secondary audiences of this book are information technologists who need to install a reporting solution in their environment, and want to learn advanced concepts within Pentaho Reporting such as sub-reports, cross-tabs, data source configuration, and metadata-based reporting. « less