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Build rich, high production value mobile games and distribute them across different platforms with Buildbox
KEY FEATURES * Create captivating 2D & 2.5D (isometric) video games for all platforms * Leverage Buildbox to monetize and prepare your games for distribution * This step-by-step tutorial will get you generating complex and media rich games with no coding experience BOOK DESCRIPTION Buildbox is more » an any skill level development platform to develop video games with no coding experience. It also exports these games to be compiled for any platform (from Windows to Mac to iOS to Android and Blackberry) all using the same graphic user interface. Using an example as a tutorial, we will relate the driving principles and you ll see how you can implement these principles to develop any games on the platform. We begin by setting expectations and providing a brief overview of the software. But it s not long before you dive in to creating your first video game. You will actually have a playable level ( world ) by the end of the second chapter. Later on, you ll learn everything from basic graphics creation to advanced world design while you refine your first game, called Ramblin Rover. All along the way, you will see how certain functions could be used in tandem to create other types of games; hoping to spark imagination. We will follow the principles and process of monetization through ads and in-game rewards. Lastly, we will go through the process of exporting, compiling, and preparing your storefront to sell the games you will eventually create. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Create the illusion of a 3D background in your game using parallax * Add advanced controls and obstacles to our first world * Develop assets (graphic and audio) for the Buildbox engine * Design games based on the capabilities and limitations of Buildbox and their target platforms * Compile and distribute video games on various channels such as Steam, iOS store, Android stores, and the Mac App Store * Optimize your games to get the absolute best quality within platform restrictions * Conquer common issues experienced with Buildbox development ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ty Audronis has been creating games and interactive experiences on computers since 1980. When other children were earning money for trips to convenience stores and arcades by raking leaves or mowing lawns, Ty was helping neighbors buy computers, and programming games for the neighborhood kids on an Atari 800 computer. In the 1990s, Ty was introduced to the Internet and was attending California State University, Chico, as a visual effects major. He had an epiphany; one day there will be no difference between film, television, games, and the Internet. Everything will converge. As a result, Ty diversified his education (and career) into all things media. Luckily for Ty, he was right. He s worked on several apps and games for various clients using several different development platforms. Ty has worked in many great institutions (from Frog Design to California Academy of Sciences and beyond). Ty has been recognized in several industries for his artistic and technical exploits and abilities. These include studio design, workflow design, post-production for TV/film, marketing, digital design and development, and even as a drone pilot and builder. Ty has authored two other books for Packt Publishing: Lightning Fast Animation with Element 3D and Building Multicopter Video Drones. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. So, You Want to Develop a Video Game? 2. Orientation 3. Your First Game Ramblin Rover, Part 1 4. Advanced World Design Ramblin Rover, Part 2 5. Menus, UIs, Sound, and More! Ramblin Rover, Part 3 6. Monetization Ramblin Rover, Part 4 7. Exporting and Compiling for Various Platforms R « less
Managing Proliferation of Confidential Data on Corporate and BYOD Devices
Most organizations have been caught off-guard with the proliferation of smart devices. The IT organization was comfortable supporting the Blackberry due to its ease of implementation and maintenance. But the use of Android and iOS smart devices have created a maintenance nightmare not only for the IT more » organization but for the IT auditors as well. This book will serve as a guide to IT and Audit professionals on how to manage, secure and audit smart device. It provides guidance on the handling of corporate devices and the Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) smart devices. « less
Operating System Forensics is the first book to cover all three critical operating systems for digital forensic investigations in one comprehensive reference. Users will learn how to conduct successful digital forensic examinations in Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, the methodologies used, key technical more » concepts, and the tools needed to perform examinations. Mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry are also covered, providing everything practitioners need to conduct a forensic investigation of the most commonly used operating systems, including technical details of how each operating system works and how to find artifacts. This book walks you through the critical components of investigation and operating system functionality, including file systems, data recovery, memory forensics, system configuration, Internet access, cloud computing, tracking artifacts, executable layouts, malware, and log files. You'll find coverage of key technical topics like Windows Registry, /etc directory, Web browers caches, Mbox, PST files, GPS data, ELF, and more. Hands-on exercises in each chapter drive home the concepts covered in the book. You'll get everything you need for a successful forensics examination, including incident response tactics and legal requirements. Operating System Forensics is the only place you'll find all this covered in one book. * Covers digital forensic investigations of the three major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS * Presents the technical details of each operating system, allowing users to find artifacts that might be missed using automated tools * Hands-on exercises drive home key concepts covered in the book. * Includes discussions of cloud, Internet, and major mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS « less
Over 50 recipes to help you rapidly build rich and dynamic user interfaces for web and mobile platforms
ABOUT THIS BOOK * Create rich interfaces for the Web using the Kendo UI application framework and various sets of widgets that come packaged in the library * Build web applications for the mobile platform by providing a native look and feel on iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone, without having more » to worry about maintaining separate codebases for each platform * Leverage HTML5-based DataViz widgets in the Kendo UI library to build charts and dashboards WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR This book will do wonders for web developers having knowledge of HTML and Javascript and want to polish their skills in building applications using the Kendo UI library. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Get to grips with the basics of the Kendo UI application framework * Use various widgets such as Grid, TreeView, Editor, PanelBar, Modal Window, and File uploader, and customize your application to meet the business requirements * Build web applications for the mobile platform and provide a native look and feel on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 8 * Utilize the data visualization components such as charts and dashboard widgets to build visually compelling and interactive applications IN DETAIL Kendo UI is a one-stop library that allows you to build applications for web and mobile platforms using HTML5 and JavaScript. The library includes several widgets that allow you to build compelling web applications rapidly. Building web applications for web and mobile platforms using modern web technologies is now easy with the Kendo UI library. This cookbook contains practical recipes that you can apply in your everyday projects, and build compelling applications effortlessly. It gets you started with the application framework and then guides you through various widgets that you can readily use in your project with minimum configuration. It also provides recipes that you can use to build web applications for various mobile platforms while maintaining a single codebase. « less
The BlackBerry smartphone is today’s #1 mobile platform for the enterprise and also a huge hit with consumers. Until now, it’s been difficult for programmers to find everything they need to begin developing new applications for BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry Development Fundamentals is the solution: more » the first single-source guide to all aspects of development for the BlackBerry platform. This book thoroughly reviews the BlackBerry’s unique capabilities and limitations, helps you optimize your upfront design choices, and covers native rich-client applications and Web-based mobile applications for both business and consumer environments. In addition, it is an excellent study guide for the BlackBerry Certified Application Developer exam (BCX-810). Coverage includes * The “hows,” “whys,” and best practices of BlackBerry development * Planning for and managing the BlackBerry platform’s restrictions * Selecting the correct development platform for your BlackBerry applications * Describing the different paths any application can take to get to the data it needs * Explaining the capabilities provided by the BlackBerry Mobile Data System (MDS) * Pushing application data to both enterprise and consumer BlackBerry devices using MDS, Web Signals, and the BlackBerry Push APIs * Dealing with both the special capabilities and limitations of the BlackBerry browser * Building, testing, and debugging BlackBerry browser applications * Understanding the tools available to Java developers * Using Research In Motion’s Java development tools to build, test, and debug BlackBerry Java applications * Deploying BlackBerry Java applications « less
The Computer Forensic Series by EC-Council provides the knowledge and skills to identify, track, and prosecute the cyber-criminal. The series is comprised of five books covering a broad base of topics in Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation, designed to expose the reader to the process of detecting more » attacks and collecting evidence in a forensically sound manner with the intent to report crime and prevent future attacks. Learners are introduced to advanced techniques in computer investigation and analysis with interest in generating potential legal evidence. In full, this and the other four books provide preparation to identify evidence in computer related crime and abuse cases as well as track the intrusive hacker's path through a client system. The series and accompanying labs help prepare the security student or professional to profile an intruder's footprint and gather all necessary information and evidence to support prosecution in a court of law. Investigating Wireless Networks and Devices discusses how to investigate wireless attacks, as well as PDA, i-Pod, i-Phone and BlackBerry forensics. « less