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This book provides an introduction to the entire field of game programming. As readers work through the book, they will produce two working games: one in 2D and one in 3D - offering a good introduction to DirectX programming. Beginning with an introduction to basic Windows programming, this book quickly more » advances to the basics of DirectX programming, moving up from surfaces to textures and then to 3D models. This book offers coverage of the introductory concepts of game programming, paving the way for more advanced books on the subject. Readers will develop a working knowledge of the terminology and basics of game programming that will enable them to progress to more advanced game programming topics. « less
Multiplayer Game Programming is the first technical guide to enable you to write a complete Internet-ready video game using DirectX 8. The first part of the book covers the history of online gaming, the architecture of multiplayer games, basic networking, and an introduction to Visual C++ and Windows more » programming. After you cover the basics, you'll move on to sockets, DirectPlay, Direct3D, DirectAudio, and DirectInput programming, as well as multiplayer game design. Whether you are new to game programming, or you have extensive game programming experience but want to break into the multiplayer phenomenon, this book is for you. Multiplayer Game Programming teaches you the skills necessary to create interactive, online games! « less