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KEY FEATURES * Set up, configure, and monitor a virtual network of containers using a bridge network and virtual switches * Master the skill of networking Docker Containers using frameworks such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and Mesosphere * Acquire hands-on experience through practical examples of more » Docker networking spanning multiple containers, over multiple hosts, clubbed with various frameworks BOOK DESCRIPTION Docker is a Linux container implementation that enables the creation of light weight portable development and production environments. These environments can be updated incrementally. Docker achieves this by leveraging containment principles like cgroups and Linux namespaces along with Overlay filesystem based portable images. Docker provides the networking primitives that allow administrators to specify how different containers network with each application and connect each of its components, then distribute them across a large number of servers and ensure coordination between them irrespective of the host or VM they are running in. This book will show you how to create, deploy, and manage a virtual network for connecting containers spanning single or multiple hosts. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Get to know the basics of networking and see how Docker networking works * Expose the strengths and weaknesses of the current Docker network implementation and third party landscape * Understand Docker networking spanning multiple containers over multiple hosts through practical examples * Observe the pitfalls of Docker networking and how to overcome them * Learn how Docker networking works for Docker Swarm and Kubernetes * Configure Networking using Docker's container network model (CNM) * Explore OpenvSwitch to connect contain ABOUT THE AUTHOR Rajdeep Dua has over 16 years of experience in distributed systems. He has worked in R&D and Developer Relation roles at Microsoft, Google, VMware, and He has exposure to multiple cloud platforms like Google App Engine, Heroku,, vSphere, and Google Compute Engine. Rajdeep has been working on Docker and related container technologies for more than two years now. He did his MBA in IT from IIM Lucknow in the year 2000. Vaibhav Kohli has around 3 years of working experience in the research and development department of VMware, and he has been teaching computer engineering for a year at the esteemed Mumbai University. He has published many research papers and filed three patents from VMware in the container domain. He has also conducted workshops in various companies and meetups on container technology (Docker) and Kubernetes. Santosh Kumar Konduri has around 5 years of IT experience. He is an expert OpenStack administrator with 3 years of experience. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Docker Networking Primer 2. Docker Networking Internals 3. Building Your First Docker Network 4. Networking in a Docker Cluster 5. Security and QoS for Docker Containers 6. Next Generation Networking Stack for Docker: libnetwork « less
Rethink what's possible with Docker – become an expert in the innovative containerization tool to unlock new opportunities in the way you use and deploy software
ABOUT THIS BOOK * Create highly scalable applications and services using the Linux container virtualization paradigm * Extend Docker with external platforms, including Heroku and OpenStack * Integrate with some of the most innovative and exciting orchestration tools such as Kubernetes for larger and more » more controlled deployments WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR If you recognize Docker's importance for innovation in everything from system administration to web development, but aren't sure how to use it to its full potential, this book is for you. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Become fluent with the basic components of Docker * Learn best practices for storing and managing Docker files * Secure your containers and files with Docker's security features * Learn how to use Docker machine to build new servers from scratch * Find out how to set up and manage multiple environments with Docker compose * Utilize Docker Swarm to orchestrate containers across different servers * Integrate Docker with a wide range of cloud and configuration tools to fully realize its potential IN DETAIL Docker has been a game-changer when it comes to virtualization – it has now grown to become a key driver of innovation beyond system administration, having an impact on the world of web development and more. But how can you make sure you're keeping up with the innovations that it's driving? How can you be sure you're using it to its full potential? Mastering Docker shows you how – it not only demonstrates how to use Docker more effectively, it also helps you rethink and reimagine what's possible with Docker. Covering best practices to make sure you're confident with and the basics, such as building, managing and storing containers, before diving deeper into Docker security, you'll find everything you need to help you extend and integrate Docker in new and innovative ways. You'll learn how to take greater control over your containers using some of Docker's most sophisticated and useful tools, such as Docker compose and Docker swarm, before bringing together everything you already know and have learned to put your containers into production and monitor them for safety and performance. Beyond this, you'll also explore even more advanced strategies, as you learn how to extend and integrate Docker with cloud platforms such as Heroku and OpenStack, and how tools such as Kubernetes can improve the way you manage large-scale container orchestration. With further guidance on how you can use configuration management tools such as Puppet, Chef and PowerShell, by the end of the book you'll have a broad and detailed sense of exactly what's possible with Docker – and how seamlessly it fits with a range of other platforms and tools. STYLE AND APPROACH This book takes you through some of the most sophisticated Docker tools in a way that's accessible and practical. It has been created to help you put new ideas in practice – and to demonstrate precisely what's possible with Docker. « less
A comprehensive guide to help you build, deploy, and troubleshoot cloud applications seamlessly using Heroku
Heroku is one of the leading cloud platforms supported by several programming languages. It lets you develop applications without worrying about the infrastructure. You can instantly build, deploy, and troubleshoot the most advanced and robust cloud applications using a rich set of available tools. Just more » write your application and leave the rest to Heroku. Heroku helps you build the most feature-rich web applications using add-ons and multiple data sources that can be easily configured. This book is about Heroku, but more importantly, it is about the ease with which a developer with limited availability or knowledge of deployment infrastructure can run and manage a cloud app 24/7/365. It will show how Heroku is language independent and does not lock the user to a particular operating environment. « less
Agile JavaScript Development
START LEARNING BACKBONE.JS, NODE.JS AND MONGODB. Rapid Prototyping with JS: Agile JavaScript Development is a hands-on book which introduces you to agile JavaScript web and mobile software development using the latest cutting-edge front-end and back-end technologies including: * Node.js * MongoDB * more » Backbone.js * * Heroku * Windows Azure Practical examples include building multiple versions of the Chat app: * jQuery + JS REST API * Backbone and JS SDK * Backbone and Node.js * Backbone and Node.js + MongoDB The Chat application has all the foundation of a typical web/mobile application: fetching data, displaying it, submitting new data. Other examples include: * jQuery + Twitter RESP API “Tweet Analyzer” * “Save John” * Node.js “Hello World” * MongoDB “Print Collections” * Derby + Express “Hello World” * Backbone.js “Hello World” * Backbone.js “Apple Database” * Monk + Expres.js “REST API Server” This book will save you many hours by providing the hand-picked and tested colletion of quick start guides. RPJS has practical examples that allow to spend less time learning and more time building your own applications. Prototype fast and ship code that matters! More info at « less
Effortless Application Deployment and Scaling
Take full advantage of Heroku's cloud-based hosting services. This guide takes you through the inner workings of this PaaS platform and delivers practical advice for architecting your application to work as efficiently as possible. You'll learn best practices for improving speed and throughput, solving more » latency issues, locating and fixing problems if your application goes down, and ensuring your deployments go smoothly. By covering everything from basic concepts and primary components to add-on services and advanced topics such as buildpacks, this book helps you effectively deploy and manage your application with Heroku. « less
A cloud application platform, Heroku is currently the only approved platform for creating apps within Facebook, and its number of users is growing at rapid pace. However, there are very few books on the market that offer professional-level coverage of this platform, until now. The author duo begins with more » an introduction to the Heroku platform and its associated core concepts and then goes on to explain how writing for this platform differs from that of traditional development systems. Example applications, additional resources, and advice for your next steps round out this resource, making it a thorough, indispensable guide. « less