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Over 110 practical recipes to help you write leaner, more efficient CSS code
Less is a dynamic style sheet language to help you make your CSS code more maintainable, readable, and reusable. It provides impressive features to enhance your web development skills with complex code techniques necessary for responsive websites. This book contains more than 110 practical recipes more » to help you develop efficient projects through CSS extensions including variables, mixins, and functions. Optimize your projects by debugging code to create style guides, build responsive grids, and integrate Less into your WordPress development workflow. This book includes Less v2 code and covers powerful tools such as Bootstrap and a wide-range of additional prebuilt mixin libraries, allowing you to set up a powerful development environment with Node.js and Grunt. « less
Leverage the features of Less to write better, reusable, and maintainable CSS code
***** About This Book ***** * Meet the DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle of software coding for your web development projects by avoiding code duplication * Shorten the debugging time of complex CSS code with Less for specific devices and browsers * A comprehensive, fast-paced guide that covers more » the essential concepts of Less through practical and well-explained code ***** Who This Book Is For ***** If you use CSS for web development tasks and want to learn how to create maintainable and reusable code, this is the book for you. Basic knowledge of web development would be helpful. ***** What You Will Learn ***** * Discover how to debug your code effectively by setting up an automatic build process with Grunt and Gulp * Explore the concepts of mixins and variables in Less to script reusable CSS code * Use postprocessors to autoprefix, compress, and optimize your CSS code * Create complex relationships between properties and use the built-in functions of Less to write your own functions * Build a responsive grid with Less to ensure a logical and formal structure for designs * Develop web applications with Less and integrate it with your WordPress themes using other CSS frameworks and grid systems ***** In Detail ***** Less is a preprocessor for CSS that uses less.js for real-time compilation, unlike other preprocessors. Building responsive websites with advanced features such as gradients and animations makes your CSS code complex. Less helps you to write clean, reusable, and maintainable CSS. Starting off with the fundamental concepts of Less and CSS, you are taken on a tour of how to improve your web development skills with Less. Next, you get to grips with mixins and variables in Less, which help you to avoid code duplication and write reusable code. Then, you venture into the concepts of nested rules, operations, and built-in functions, which help you in the dynamic creation of CSS properties and help you to create shorter and effective style sheets. By the end of the book, you will be able to develop code faster and reduce the maintenance time for your web development projects. « less
In Beginning Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 you will learn about all aspects of responsive development. You'll start with media queries, and fluid CSS3 layouts. You'll see how to use responsive frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap, and how to use tools such as Grunt, Bower, Sass, and LESS more » to help save you time. You'll also learn how to use JavaScript to manage responsive states, manage your user's journey across screen sizes, and optimize your responsive site. By the end of the book you will be able to build new sites responsively, and update existing sites to be responsive. Every aspect of a responsive build will be covered. « less
Design mobile-first responsive websites with Bootstrap 3
Since its debut in August 2011, Twitter Bootstrap, now simply Bootstrap, has become by far the most popular framework for empowering and enhancing frontend web design. With Version 3, Bootstrap reaches an exciting new milestone, introducing a mobile-first responsive grid, new and powerful LESS mixins, more » and a lean code base optimized for modern browsers. "Bootstrap Site Blueprints" is a hands-on guide to the inner workings of Bootstrap’s latest and greatest development milestone. In an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format, you’ll quickly get to know the ins and outs of Bootstrap while building a portfolio site, a WordPress theme, a business site, an e-commerce interface, and administration interface, and an upscale marketing site. "Bootstrap Site Blueprints" guides you through the process of building different types of web applications, by leveraging the power of Bootstrap 3. In the process, you’ll experience the power of customizing and recompiling Bootstrap’s LESS files and adapting Bootstrap’s JavaScript plugins, to the design of an excellent user interface. While creating these layouts, you will quickly become comfortable with customizing Bootstrap to meet the needs of your specific projects. You will add custom icon fonts, customize and recompile Bootstrap’s powerful LESS files, and leverage Bootstrap’s excellent JavaScript plugins to create dynamic user interfaces. By the end of this book you will be a more adept and efficient designer. « less
Develop attractive CSS styles efficiently, using the Less CSS preprocessor
***** About This Book ***** * Use the robust features of the LESS library to write CSS styles in an organized manner * Simplify your development workflow by using LESS when working with frameworks or content management systems * Harness the power of LESS to build websites, using practical examples ***** more » Who This Book Is For ***** If you are a designer or developer who wants to quickly learn how to harness the power of Less.js to write more efficient CSS styles that can be applied to a website of any size, then this book is for you. This book will help you master both the basic functions and advanced features of Less.js. It would be helpful to have some familiarity of writing CSS styles, although no prior experience of using CSS preprocessors is required. ***** What You Will Learn ***** * Explore the different features of the Less library * Build an effective toolkit that helps in your development workflow, using different tools in Less * Streamline the effort required when constructing themes for content management systems, such as WordPress, using Less * Discover how you can use Less to make frameworks work for you in an effective way * Enhance the use of Less when working with color, one of the key elements of website design * Work with Less to reduce the effort required to construct responsive websites * Add flair to your website or online application with animation effects using Less ***** In Detail ***** Writing CSS styles can be very tedious–how many times have you written CSS styles that become difficult to read and manage, and frequently have to be duplicated? Less gives you a solid toolkit that can help streamline your code when developing styles for any website of any size, with a significant reduction in the amount of time and effort required. Learning Less.js helps you maximize your experience with the Less library by breaking down each of its main features. This book walks you through examples that progressively build upon your knowledge, taking you from beginner to advanced usage in a series of easy-to-follow steps. We begin with exploring the library, and will learn about the tricks it uses to help us save development time when creating and managing styles, right through to using Less.js in some practical, real-world scenarios. « less