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From Beginner to Pro
Teaches you to start up Nginx and quickly take your expertise to a level where you can comfortably work with various aspects of the web server and make informed design decisions for your web farm. Nginx powers more than 40% of the top 1000 websites and is among the handful of web servers that can handle more » more than 10K simultaneous connections. It has some features which are simply unparalleled. Nginx: From Beginner to Pro teaches the Nginx server in a practical way. Frequently, it is found that web administrators struggle to fix the skill set gaps that happen due to a platform change. Migration from IIS & Apache becomes tedious at best. The book is targeted toward real-world administrators who would want to get up to speed as soon as possible and make good, informed design decisions. First you will set up Nginx and understand the architectural nuances. Then you will learn how to scale out, secure, monitor and troubleshoot the web server. Once you are fully comfortable with Nginx, you will start learning about migrating applications (or its part) from IIS or Apache web servers. Finally, you will learn to troubleshoot and maintain your Nginx professionally. Written by an author who has gone through the rough phase while moving from IIS/Apache to Nginx, this book is practical and filled with step-by-step instructions to make your time with Nginx as straightforward as possible.  What You Will Learn  * Install & setup Nginx on CentOS, Ubuntu & Mac. * Understand Nginx modules and compiling Nginx with appropriate modules. * Learn about basic configuration and architecture along with hosting nuances. * How to load balance Nginx and use it as a highly available web platform. * How to monitor traffic and automate common administrative tasks. * How to use scripts to perform routine checks for health issues. * Learn how to implement security and authentication in Nginx. * Learn how and what to migrate from IIS & Apache web servers. Who This Book Is For  Provides a crisp background of Nginx and then gears towards technical and practical topics. You need to know HTTP protocol, and have basic knowledge of Linux and networking concepts. The target audience is web administrators who would like to learn the finer nuances of Nginx, or map their existing skillset from IIS or Apache. « less
DEVOPS LEARN ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT METHODOLOGIES FAST AND EASY! This book is an exploration of DevOps (Developer Operations). It begins by explaining what DevOps is, how it is used, and why it was introduced. The next step is a guide on how one can set up TomEE from Puppet. more » The Puppet and Packer immutable servers are also explored, and thus you will know how to work with them after reading this book. The book will guide you on how to set up a modern web stack in Ubuntu, which is a distribution of the Linux operating system. With the advancement in technology, users now liketo use databases which are more advanced for their applications. Note that each of the web applications developed has a database. With DynamoDB, the administration overhead is greatly reduced. This book will guide you on how to shift your database from MongoDB to DynamoDB. The process of performing operations on tree structures in MongoDB is also discussed in detail, enabling you to operate on different types of tree structures. You will also learn how to configure your Apache for multiple domains. Reverse cache proxy, which is a very nice feature in Nginx is presented in detail, instructing you on how to work with it. The process of using Nginx in a web application is further explored. HERE IS A PREVIEW OF WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: * Definition * Installation of TomEE from Puppet * Puppet and Packer Immutable Servers * How to set up a modern web stack in Ubuntu * Migration of MongoDB to DynamoDB * MongoDB and Tree Structures * Configuration of Apache for Multiple Domains * Reverse Cache Proxy in Nginx * Setting Up LAMP on Ubuntu hosted on AWS * Using Nginx with a Web Application Download your copy of " DevOps " by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now With 1-Click" button. « less
Excel in Nginx quickly by learning to use its most essential features in real-life applications
Nginx is an open source and cross-platform reverse proxy server designed for low memory usage and high performance and concurrency. This book provides both basic and in-depth knowledge to help you effectively solve challenges with Nginx, or comfortably go through a transition period when switching to more » Nginx. Starting with the basics, you will learn by example how to set up, configure, and operate an Nginx installation and use features of Nginx to elegantly solve challenges you experience every day when running your website. You will learn to use the rewrite engine to solve day-to-day tasks and be able to configure access restrictions in Nginx. You will also be able to manage inbound traffic using a number of Nginx features and use Nginx for load balancing and fault-tolerance features. Finally, you will learn how to solve common performance problems and apply a number of performance-tuning strategies. Through easy exploration of the most intricate topics, this book aims to bring you to the next level in your Nginx experience. ***** About This Book ***** * Learn how to set up, configure, and operate an Nginx installation for day-to-day use * Explore the vast features of Nginx to manage it like a pro, and use them successfully to run your website * Example-based guide to get the best out of Nginx to reduce resource usage footprint ***** Who This Book Is For ***** This book is ideal for skilled web masters and site reliability engineers who want to switch to Nginx or solidify their knowledge of Nginx. Knowledge of Unix and webmaster skills are required. ***** What You Will Learn ***** * Get started with an Nginx installation from scratch in various environments and customize it for your purposes * Start and stop a basic Nginx installation, discover the basics of process management, and learn how to set up Nginx to serve static data * Create highly-maintainable configuration files to perform the most critical Nginx maintenance tasks * Set up Nginx as a reverse proxy and learn to use the Nginx caching feature * Discover how to benefit from the Nginx rewrite engine and how to use access restrictions in Nginx * Use various Nginx features to manage inbound traffic and understand how to use Nginx load balancing and fault tolerance features * Understand advanced feature-independent performance tuning strategies and optimizations * Manage inbound and outbound traffic and configure access control « less
Optimize NGINX for high-performance, scalable web applications
***** About This Book ***** * Configure Nginx for best performance, with configuration examples and explanations * Step–by-step tutorials for performance testing using open source software * Tune the TCP stack to make the most of the available infrastructure ***** Who This Book Is For ***** System more » administrators, developers, and engineers looking for ways to achieve maximum performance from NGINX will find this book beneficial. If you are looking for solutions such as how to handle more users from the same system or load your website pages faster, then this is the book for you. ***** What You Will Learn ***** * Compile and run NGINX from source * Measure NGINX performance and create baselines * Tweak NGINX configuration for last-mile performance * Work with PHP, Python, and other languages using FCGI * Learn to integrate with other servers over HTTP * Set up Memcache for a performance boost * Fine-tune the TCP stack for improved network utilization * Construct NGINX extensions for various purposes ***** In Detail ***** NGINX is one of the most common free, open source web servers. Its performance-oriented architecture and small footprint makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic websites. NGINX offers great performance and optimal resource utilization to its administrators. This practical guide walks you through how to tune one of the leading free open source web servers to attain optimal performance for high-traffic sites. It also explores ways to improve network utilization for high loads. The tour starts with an overview of the NGINX architecture. You will build and configure NGINX for optimal utilization of the hardware available. The book demonstrates various practices to improve last mile content delivery by using timeouts, caching, and compression. You'll also discover various free open source tools to test and benchmark web server performance, allowing you to verify NGINX performance at every step. « less
An in-depth guide to configuring NGINX for any situation, including numerous examples and reference tables describing each directive
NGINX is a high-performance HTTP server and mail proxy designed to use very few system resources. With the many tutorials and example configurations floating around the Web, it is difficult to know how to properly configure NGINX to meet your expectations. Mastering Nginx - will serve to clarify the more » murky waters of NGINX configuration, helping you learn how to tune NGINX for various situations, what some of the more obscure configuration directives do, and how to design a decent configuration to match your needs. « less
Make the most of your infrastructure and serve pages faster than ever with Nginx
Nginx is a lightweight HTTP server designed for high-traffic websites, with network scalability as the primary objective. With the advent of high speed Internet access, short loading times and fast transfer rates have become a necessity. This free, open source solution will either come as a full replacement more » of other software such as Apache, or stand in front of your existing infrastructure to improve its overall speed. Nginx HTTP Server, 2nd Edition provides a detailed guide to setting up Nginx in different ways that correspond to actual production situations: as a standalone server, as a reverse proxy, interacting with applications via FastCGI and more. In addition, the complete directive reference will be your best friend at all stages of the configuration and maintenance processes. « less
Companies can solve significant scaling issues thanks to switching their web platforms to Nginx. A popular web server for building web infrastructure, Nginx transparently and effectively enables the growth of the largest sites on the Internet today, on top of being free and open source. This book more » is a practical reference providing you with everything you need to know about Nginx module extensions. You will learn how to write powerful and flexible configuration files and your own modules, as well as gaining knowledge about Nginx's modular architecture, available modules, and their intricate details. « less
I spent 3 years scaling Twitpic to over 60 million visitors and 20 billion HTTP Requests. I'm sharing everything I've learnt in this ebook so you can skip over the trial-and-error and head straight to the techniques. Covers the entire stack- Nginx, MySQL, Redis In-Depth MySQL Tuning We discuss more » each parameter, why it exists, and how to tune it. Nginx and PHP-FPM Move away from Apache and learn how to tune Nginx/PHP-FPM. Redis and Memcached We discuss scaling sessions, Russian Doll Caching, and the "dogpile". Result-proven techniques This content doesn't exist anywhere else When I set out to write Scaling PHP Apps, my goal was to write about topics that didn't really exist anywhere else. This isn't regurgitated documentation- it's real life scaling techniques, mixed with case studies and in-depth exploration. Make no mistake, this is a highly technical book, and you should already be comfortable with PHP. If you've ever researched scaling, you know nothing like this book really exists anywhere else. It's an important book that'll save you hours of research and testing. Readers have told me it's blown their expectations away and that they've implemented hundreds of tidbits into their stack. This book is filled with 150-pages of real-life, practical content. Changes that you can implement today! * Settle the Persistent Connection debate (with benchmarks) * Detailed explination of each important MySQL Setting * Understand exactly how NUMA impacts MySQL * Why you should scrap Apache and mod_php * Bugs in Memcached you've never heard about * How DNS lookups can crash your whole application * Clever uses of Redis for stats and performance * How to debug PHP with strace and xhprof * Ways to benchmark MySQL, HAProxy, Nginx, and PHP « less
Over 100 recipes to master using the Nginx HTTP server and reverse proxy
This is a cookbook full of illustrations and diagrams to help you implement your web needs with Nginx, with a focus on practical examples. If you are tired of Apache consuming all your server memory with little traffic and to overcome this, or for some other reason, you are looking for a high-performance more » load-balancing proxy server and have tried using Nginx, then this book is for you. You need some basic knowledge of Nginx. System administrators and web developers will benefit greatly from this book. « less
Adopt Nginx for your web applications to make the most of your infrastructure and serve pages faster than ever
The book includes detailed instructions for each of the processes it describes: downloading and installing the application, configuring and using modules, and much more. It provides a step-by-step tutorial to replace your existing web server with Nginx. With commented configuration sections and in-depth more » module descriptions, you will be able to make the most of the performance potential offered by Nginx. By covering both early setup stages and advanced topics, this book will suit web administrators interested in solutions to optimize their infrastructure, whether they are looking into replacing existing web server software or integrating a new tool cooperating with applications already up and running. If you, your visitors, and your operating system have been disappointed by Apache, this book is exactly what you need. « less