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Test your knowledge and prepare for the OCA/OCP exams OCA/OCP Java SE 8 Programmer Practice Tests complements the Sybex OCA: Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I Certification Study Guide and the OCP: Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programmer II Study Guide for exams 1Z0-808 and more » 1ZO-809 by providing last minute review of 100% of exam objectives. Get the advantage of over 1,000 expert crafted questions that not only provide the answer, but also give detailed explanations. You will have access to unique practice questions that cover all 21 objective domains in the OCA/OCP exams in the format you desire--test questions can also be accessed via the Sybex interactive learning environment. Two additional practice exams will ensure that you are ready for exam day. Whether you have studied with Sybex study guides for your OCA/OCP or have used another brand, this is your chance to test your skills. * Access to all practice questions online with the Sybex interactive learning environment * Over 1,000 unique practice questions and 2 practice exams include expert explanations * Covers 100% of all 21 OCA/OCP objective domains for Exams 1Z0-809 and 1Z0-809 Studying the objectives are one thing, but diving deeper and uncovering areas where further attention is needed can increase your chance of exam day success. Full coverage of all domains shows you what to expect on exam day, and accompanying explanations help you pinpoint which objectives deserve another look. « less
Your ultimate guide to passing the OCP 12c Upgrade 1Z0-060 Exam
ABOUT THIS BOOK * This is your one-stop solution to understanding what's new in Oracle 12c and how to bring these features to your systems in a hassle-free manner * A complete guide to clearing the OCP Upgrade 1Z0-060 Exam * Dive deep into Oracle administration and get up to date WHO THIS BOOK more » IS FOR This book is for Oracle Admins who have a working knowledge of Oracle administration and now want to upgrade their knowledge to the latest version (Oracle 12c). This book is perfect for those who wish to pass the OCP Upgrade 1Z0-060 Exam. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * All of the new features of the Oracle 12c database that you are required to know for the OCP Upgrade Exam 1Z0-060 * New multitenant architecture introduced in Oracle 12c and how it works * Monitor complex database operations and use the new enhanced SQL tuning features to tune bad SQLs * Manage data over time using information life cycle management * Make your data more secure by implementing new enhanced auditing * Learn new security features and how to implement encryption to secure your data * Explore how backup and flashback works with new multitenant architecture * Performance management techniques that will analyze and tune your database IN DETAIL This guide will get Oracle admins up to date with the latest developments in Oracle 12c. It includes all the necessary information that you need to implement in your existing systems. All of the information in this book has been handpicked to help you study for the Oracle 12c upgrade exam. Each chapter has been written with the objective of helping you pass this exam with ease. Content in this book is aligned with the objectives of the exam, making it really easy to follow the course content. Every example mentioned in this book has been tried and tested in actual environment. Real-world examples will help you learn about new features such as multitenant containers database architecture, managing containers, pluggable databases, database administration enhancements, database auditing, tuning, backup, and flashback enhancements. You will also learn about storage enhancements, security updates, tuning, troubleshooting, and backup enhancements. This book also covers section 2 of the exam course making this book a complete guide for passing OCP 12c upgrade exam 1Z0-060. STYLE AND APPROACH This book systematically covers various aspects of Oracle administration and provides the information necessary to pass the OCP Upgrade 1Z0-060 Exam Set 1 and Set 2. « less
Complete Exam Preparation
A Complete Study System for OCA/OCP Exams 1Z0-803 and 1Z0-804. Prepare for the OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I and II exams with this exclusive Oracle Press guide. Chapters feature challenging exercises, a certification summary, a two-minute drill, and a self-test to reinforce the topics presented. more » This authoritative resource helps you pass these exams and also serves as an essential, on-the-job reference. Get complete coverage of all objectives for exams 1Z0-803 and 1Z0-804, including: * Declarations and access control * Object orientation * Assignments * Operators * Strings and arrays * Flow control and exceptions * Assertions and Java 7 exceptions * String processing, data formatting, and resource bundles * I/O and NIO * Advanced OO and design patterns * Generics and collections * Inner classes * Threads * Concurrency * Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Electronic content includes: * 500+ practice exam questions * Test engine that provides practice exams and customized quizzes by chapter or by exam objective * Bonus content for the Java 5, Java 6, and OCP 6 Upgrade exams * PDF copy of the book « less
Exam 310-055
DON'T LET THE REAL TEST BE YOUR FIRST TEST! Written by two of the lead developers of the Java SE Programmer Exam, OCP Java SE 6 Programmer Practice Exams is filled with more than 260 realistic practice questions to prepare you for this challenging exam. To help you understand this material, in-depth more » explanations of both the correct and incorrect answers are included for every question. This practical guide covers all official objectives for Exam 310-065 and is the perfect companion to SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Study Guide. Covers all OCP Java SE 6 Programmer exam topics, including: * Declarations and Access Control * Object Orientation * Assignments * Operators * Flow Control, Exceptions, and Assertions * Strings, I/O, Formatting, and Parsing * Generics and Collections * Inner Classes * Threads * Development « less
Exams 1Z0-051 and 1Z0-052, and OCP Exam 1Z0-053
Prepare for the Oracle Certified Associate Administration I and SQL Fundamentals I exams and the Oracle Certified Professional Administration II exam with help from this exclusive Oracle Press guide. In each chapter, you'll find challenging exercises, practice questions, and a two-minute drill to highlight more » what you've learned. This authoritative guide will help you pass the test and serve as your essential on-the-job reference. Get complete coverage of all objectives for exams 1Z0-051, 1Z0-052, and 1Z0-053, including: * Instance management * Networking and storage * Security * SQL * Oracle Recovery Manager and Oracle Flashback * Oracle Automatic Storage Management * Resource manager * Oracle Scheduler * Automatic workload repository * Performance tuning * Three bonus exams available with free online registration « less
Exam 1Z0-053
This updated study guide for the latest release of the most popular database software in the world—Oracle Database 11g— reviews using the RMAN recovery catalog, handling Flashback technology, managing memory and resources, automating tasks, diagnosing the database, and much more. Plus, more than 100 more » pages of workbook exercises help prepare you to take the 1Z0-053 exam. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file. « less
Here's the book you need to prepare for Exam 1Z0-031: OCA/OCP: Oracle9i DBA Fundamentals I Study Guide * In-depth coverage of official exam objectives * Practical information on implementing and managing Oracle9i databases * Hundreds of challenging review questions, in the book and on the CD Authoritative more » coverage of all exam objectives, including: * Understanding Oracle architecture and its main components * Identifying DBA administrative tools * Setting up password file authentications * Creating and managing Initialization Parameter Files * Configuring OMF * Create a database using Oracle Database Configuration Assistant * Creating a database manually Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file. « less