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Technology, Architecture, and Innovation
Learn various commercial and open source products that perform SQL on Big Data platforms. You will understand the architectures of the various SQL engines being used and how the tools work internally in terms of execution, data movement, latency, scalability, performance, and system requirements. This more » book consolidates in one place solutions to the challenges associated with the requirements of speed, scalability, and the variety of operations needed for data integration and SQL operations. After discussing the history of the how and why of SQL on Big Data, the book provides in-depth insight into the products, architectures, and innovations happening in this rapidly evolving space. SQL on Big Datadiscusses in detail the innovations happening, the capabilities on the horizon, and how they solve the issues of performance and scalability and the ability to handle different data types. The book covers how SQL on Big Data engines are permeating the OLTP, OLAP, and Operational analytics space and the rapidly evolving HTAP systems. You will learn the details of: * Batch Architectures * Interactive Architectures―an understanding of how SQL engines are architected to support low latency on large data sets * Streaming Architectures * Operational Architectures―an understanding of how SQL engines are architected for transactional and operational systems to support transactions on Big Data platforms * Innovative Architectures―an exploration of the rapidly evolving newer SQL engines on Big Data with innovative ideas and concepts « less
Get the crucial knowledge you need to make essential business intelligence products work on top of SAP NetWeaver. Continuing in the tradition of the first bestselling edition, this updated edition carefully guides you, click-by-click, through the process of connecting SAP BusinessObjects tools to SAP more » data. Whether it’s Web Intelligence, Dashboards, Crystal Reports, or any other BusinessObjects tool: The expert advice and clear instruction that this book provides is just what you need to become an authority on integrating your SAP BusinessObjects BI platform with SAP NetWeaver. 1. Step-by-Step Instructions Follow along as the author walks you through each click and screen needed to integrate SAP BusinessObjects with SAP NetWeaver. 2. Installation and Configuration Learn how to install and configure the necessary server and client components to start working with SAP BusinessObjects tools. 3. Semantic Layer Review the different options for connecting corporate data in a brand new chapter about the semantic layer. 4. SAP NetWeaver Portal Discover how you can make SAP NetWeaver Portal work with the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform. 5. Updated and Expanded Explore over 200 new pages, and find updated information on how the 4.x release of the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform changes the landscape of the integration with SAP NetWeaver. Highlights: * Installation and configuration * Semantic layer * SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise * SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence * SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards * SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office * SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for OLAP * SAP NetWeaver Portal * Security and troubleshooting « less
The Guide to Oracle's Multidimensional Solution
The only book to cover and compare Oracle's online analytic processing products With the acquisition of Hyperion Systems in 2007, Oracle finds itself owning the two most capable OLAP products on the market--Essbase and the OLAP Option to the Oracle Database. Written by the most knowledgeable experts more » on both Essbase and Oracle OLAP, this Oracle Press guide explains how these products are similar and how they differ. Oracle Essbase & Oracle OLAP will help you architect the Oracle OLAP product that is most appropriate for your application, and build, tune, and maintain OLAP solutions. « less
The Skills You Need to Develop OLAP Solutions with SQL Server 2000 This one-of-a-kind book teaches you everything you need to know to use Microsoft's Analysis Services software to build, implement, and manage effective OLAP solutions. Expert advice and in-depth explanations combine to help you and more » your company take full advantage of the affordable power of SQL Server's built-in OLAP functionality. Coverage Includes: * Analyzing large volumes of data effectively with Analysis Services * Architecting and designing data analysis applications * Querying OLAP data using MDX * Programming applications using ADO/MD * Managing Analysis Services servers with DSO * Building data mining solutions with Analysis Services * Using English Query for natural language querying of OLAP data * Choosing appropriate client tools for exploring OLAP data * Using the PivotTable Service for client-side data analysis « less