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A beginner's guide to application development with Laravel 5.3
Learn about dependency injection, interfaces, service providers, SOLID design, and more with practical and real-world code examples. This book covers everything you need to get started in application development with Laravel 5.3. Beginning Laravel covers features such as method injection, contracts, more » and authentication. After reading this book, you can develop any application using Laravel 5. It details all you need to know, including the model-view-controller pattern, SQLite databases, routing, authorization, and building CRUD applications. What You Will Learn * Work with the new Laravel framework and its new features * Develop web applications with Laravel * Absorb the concepts of authentication and database migration * Manage databases with Eloquent ORM * Use middleware, contracts, and facades Who This Book Is For Readers who are new to Laravel development. « less
A Framework for Building Modern PHP Apps
What sets Laravel apart from other PHP web frameworks? Speed and simplicity, for starters. This rapid application development framework and its vast ecosystem of tools let you quickly build new sites and applications with clean, readable code. With this practical guide, Matt Stauffer--a leading teacher more » and developer in the Laravel community--provides the definitive introduction to one of today's most popular web frameworks. The book's high-level overview and concrete examples will help experienced PHP web developers get started with Laravel right away. By the time you reach the last page, you should feel comfortable writing an entire application in Laravel from scratch. Dive into several features of this framework, including: * Blade, Laravel's powerful, custom templating tool * Tools for gathering, validating, normalizing, and filtering user-provided data * Laravel's Eloquent ORM for working with the application's databases * The Illuminate request object, and its role in the application lifecycle * PHPUnit, Mockery, and PHPSpec for testing your PHP code * Laravel's tools for writing JSON and RESTful APIs * Interfaces for file system access, sessions, cookies, caches, and search * Tools for implementing queues, jobs, events, and WebSocket event publishing * Laravel's specialty packages: Scout, Passport, Cashier, Echo, Elixir, Valet, and Socialite « less
Master Phalcon by implementing hands-on recipes using industry best practices with the Web and CLI interfaces
ABOUT THIS BOOK * Create quick prototypes with the Phalcon Developer Tools * Learn to use the powerful and uniquely efficient Phalcon ORM * Reuse codes in real projects WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR If you are a beginner-to-intermediate Phalcon developer who wants to level up or an advanced user who is more » seeking some new techniques and insight, then this book is perfect for you. This book will be relevant to you over a long period of time due to the mixed nature of this book in providing both abstract comprehension as well as specific examples meant to be usable in your projects. You will be able to experiment with each new aspect of integration in prebuilt recipes meant to best illustrate each specific feature. This will save you lots of time getting up to speed before attempting to integrate into a real application. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Install the Phalcon extension from both premade packages and source code * Create a normal and micro application structure * Understand the dispatcher event cycle and create custom plugins * Get hands-on using the Phalcon Query Language and ORM * Create flexible views with the Volt template system * Leverage Phalcon to prevent common security vulnerabilities * Optimize an application with focused solutions * Profile and debug an application to get increased reliability IN DETAIL Phalcon is a high-performance PHP framework delivered as a PHP extension. This provides new opportunities for speed and application design, which until recently have been unrealized in the PHP ecosystem. Packed with simple learning exercises, technology prototypes, and real-world usable code, this book will guide you from the beginner and setup stage all the way to advanced usage. You will learn how to avoid niche pitfalls, how to use the command-line developer tools, how to integrate with new web standards, as well as how to set up and customize the MVC application structure. You will see how Phalcon can be used to quickly set up a single file web application as well as a complex multi-module application suitable for long-term projects. Some of the recipes focus on abstract concepts that are vital to get a deep comprehension of Phalcon and others are designed as a vehicle to deliver real-world usable classes and code snippets to solve advanced problems. You’ll start out with basic setup and application structure and then move onto the Phalcon MVC and routing implementation, the power of the ORM and Phalcon Query Language, and Phalcon’s own Volt templating system. Finally, you will move on to caching, security, and optimization. STYLE AND APPROACH An easy-to-start guide that provides « less
Concepts, Techniques and Practical Solutions with Doctrine
Take the pain out of dealing with relational databases in an object-oriented programming world. With this short book, you can save time and money by simply coding less while accomplishing more with the Doctrine persistence framework, a leading persistence solution for PHP programmers and web developers. more » PHP Persistence teaches you about PHP persistence and how to use it effectively for your database-driven applications. Bestselling author Michael Romer leverages his own vast experience to show you what you need to know about Doctrine 2 and how to use it in your own projects. Along the way you’ll learn about powerful persistence techniques, such as object-relational mapping (ORM) in PHP. What You'll Learn * Define entities and references between entities * Manage entities * Master the Doctrine Query Language * Use appropriate command-line tools for PHP persistence * Program for caching Who This Book Is For Experienced PHP programmers and web developers with some exposure to PHP. « less
A Practical Guide to Data Modeling with ORM
Object-Role Modeling (ORM) is a fact-based approach to data modeling that expresses the information requirements of any business domain simply in terms of objects that play roles in relationships. All facts of interest are treated as instances of attribute-free structures known as fact types, where the more » relationship may be unary (e.g. Person smokes), binary (e.g. Person was born on Date), ternary (e.g. Customer bought Product on Date), or longer. Fact types facilitate natural expression, are easy to populate with examples for validation purposes, and have greater semantic stability than attribute-based structures such as those used in Entity Relationship Modeling (ER) or the Unified Modeling Language (UML). All relevant facts, constraints and derivation rules are expressed in controlled natural language sentences that are intelligible to users in the business domain being modeled. This allows ORM data models to be validated by business domain experts who are unfamiliar with ORM's graphical notation. For the data modeler, ORM's graphical notation covers a much wider range of constraints than can be expressed in industrial ER or UML class diagrams, and thus allows rich visualization of the underlying semantics. Suitable for both novices and experienced practitioners, this book covers the fundamentals of the ORM approach. Written in easy-to-understand language, it shows how to design an ORM model, illustrating each step with simple examples. Each chapter ends with a practical lab that discusses how to use the freeware NORMA tool to enter ORM models and use it to automatically generate verbalizations of the model and map it to a relational database. « less
Doctrine 2 takes the pain out of dealing with relational databases in an object oriented programming world - and this book shows you how it works and how you can save time and money by simply coding less while accomplishing more with Doctrine 2. Michael Romer is the author of "Web Development with more » Zend Framework 2", the best-selling Zend Framework 2 book on Leanpub and Amazon. He has years and years of experience in the Internet Industry and used to work for global players like eBay. He knows what you need to know about Doctrine 2 - and it's in this book! « less
* First to market with complete Hibernate 3 coverage and real-world application design tips. * Comprehensive reference for Hibernate object relational mapping strategies. * Integrated approach to database and Java application design.