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Proven Database Optimization Solutions―Fully Updated for Oracle Database 12c Release 2 Systematically identify and eliminate database performance problems with help from Oracle Certified Master Richard Niemiec. Filled with real-world case studies and best practices, Oracle Database 12c Release 2 Performance more » Tuning Tips and Techniques details the latest monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization methods. Find out how to identify and fix bottlenecks on premises and in the cloud, configure storage devices, execute effective queries, and develop bug-free SQL and PL/SQL code. Testing, reporting, and security enhancements are also covered in this Oracle Press guide. • Properly index and partition Oracle Database 12c Release 2 • Work effectively with Oracle Cloud, Oracle Exadata, and Oracle Enterprise Manager • Efficiently manage disk drives, ASM, RAID arrays, and memory • Tune queries with Oracle SQL hints and the Trace utility • Troubleshoot databases using V$ views and X$ tables • Create your first cloud database service and prepare for hybrid cloud • Generate reports using Oracle’s Statspack and Automatic Workload Repository tools • Use sar, vmstat, and iostat to monitor operating system statistics « less
Develop cloud-based applications rapidly using the Oracle Application Express (APEX) platform. You will learn to develop a comprehensive functional business application which can be deployed in your organization. Cloud Computing Using Oracle Application Expresswill teach you how to develop a complete more » general ledger accounting system which will be accessible through a variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, and the latest smartphones. What You Will Learn: * Use new Oracle APEX 5.0 techniques * Develop a complete general ledger accounting system named The Cloud Accountant * Develop cloud-based business apps accessible anywhere and anytime * Enhance your APEX development skills Who This Book Is For: Web developers who possess some working knowledge of Oracle Application Express, and developers who have been using Oracle Forms and now wish to use their existing SQL and PL/SQL expertise. « less
Learn every aspect to build web applications from scratch
This book is primarily intended for beginners who wants to learn various aspects of software engineering and building web applications using Java programming language. There are many good books available in the market which independently teach Java, Web Servers, MVC based Frameworks, JSP, PL/SQL, more » AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, UML, SDLC etc. This book covers all of these things plus other aspects together while building an actual web application from inception till completion. This books takes a sample web application and builds it from scratch. Each aspect is explained at micro level with real time examples along with the uml diagrams and code. The fundamental concepts of software engineering and programming web applications are covered with high importance. The objective of this book is to teach building modern day business web applications using java and other related technologies. This book teaches everything in details and in simpler way about building web applications with medium to high level of complexity. This book also covers various software engineering concepts that are required for building software solutions. The book takes you through each and every step of building a web application from scratch. The objective is to teach the reader every single aspect of software engineering required for building web applications from inception till deployment and support. In order to achieve the objective, a real life business requirement is taken and the sample project is built step by step from requirements gathering till deployment and support. The book includes building a light weight MVC based Java framework and building the sample web application using it. During the course architecture, SDLC, UML, security, ajax, various patterns, best practices and other related topics are explained. The best way to learn anything is to get the hands dirty. When a developer starts building any software solution, he/she gets lots of doubts and questions while actually doing it. When the reader architects, designs and does the coding hands on, the reader learns every aspect practically. When the reader builds the working application step by step, the confidence of the reader as a developer is boosted. « less
Using PL/SQL for Oracle Database 12c, you can build solutions that deliver unprecedented performance and efficiency in any environment, including the cloud. Oracle® PL/SQL by Example, Fifth Edition, teaches all the PL/SQL skills you’ll need, through real-world labs, extensive examples, exercises, and more » projects. Now fully updated for the newest version of PL/SQL, it covers everything from basic syntax and program control through the latest optimization and security enhancements. Step by step, you’ll walk through every key task, mastering today’s most valuable Oracle 12cPL/SQL programming techniques on your own. Start by downloading projects and exercises from Once you’ve done an exercise, the authors don’t just present the answer: They offer an in-depth discussion introducing deeper insights and modern best practices. This book’s approach fully reflects the authors’ award-winning experience teaching PL/SQL to professionals at Columbia University. New database developers and DBAs can use it to get productive fast; experienced PL/SQL programmers will find it to be a superb Oracle Database 12csolutions reference. New in This Edition * Updated code examples throughout * Result-caching of invoker’s right functions for better performance * Extended support for PL/SQL-only data types in dynamic SQL, OCI, and JDBC * Security enhancements, including ACCESSIBLE BY whitelists, improved privilege control, and Invisible Columns Other topics covered * Mastering basic PL/SQL concepts and language fundamentals, and understanding SQL’s role in PL/SQL * Using conditional and iterative program control, including CONTINUE and CONTINUE WHEN * Efficiently handling errors and exceptions * Working with cursors and triggers, including compound triggers * Using stored procedures, functions, and packages to write modular code that other programs can run * Working with collections, object-relational features, native dynamic SQL, bulk SQL, and other advanced features « less
Build and manage your Oracle Database 11g XE environment with this fast paced, practical guide
* Install and configure Oracle Database XE on Windows and Linux * Develop database applications using Oracle Application Express * Back up, restore, and tune your database * Includes clear step-by-step instructions and examples In Detail Oracle Database XE 11gR2 is an excellent beginner-level more » database and is a great platform to learn database concepts. "Oracle Database XE 11gR2 Jump Start Guide" helps you to install, administer, maintain, tune, back up and upgrade your Oracle Database Express Edition. The book also helps you to build custom database applications using Oracle Application Express. Using this book, you will be able to install Oracle Database XE on Windows/Linux operating system. This book helps you understand different database editions and it guides you through the installation procedure with the aid of screenshots. You will learn to interact with the database objects. You will gain a solid understanding of stored sub-programs which is followed by an introduction to Oracle Application Express (APEX). Solid database performance tuning strategies are also discussed in this book followed by backup and recovery scenarios. All in all, "Oracle Database XE 11gR2 Jump Start Guide" delivers everything that you should know to get started with Oracle Database administration. What you will learn from this book * Install and uninstall Oracle Database XE on Windows and Linux environment * Set up local and remote database connections and resize Oracle SGA. * Install SQL Developer, access table data, modify table data, understand transaction control statements and most commonly used SQL functions * Create and manage database objects like tables, indexes, constraints, views, sequences, and synonyms * Develop PL/SQL stored subprograms * Create rich and responsive applications using Oracle Application Express * Understand Oracle logical and physical components such as SGA, PGA, Tablespaces, and Flash Recovery Area * Move data between different Oracle Database XE versions * Upgrade Oracle Database Express Edition to other Oracle Database Editions * Protect and recover your database * Tune the database for optimal performance Approach This book discusses concepts and tasks through real-world examples. The author uses simple language, screenshots, and a step-by-step approach to get you started with Oracle Database administration. Who this book is written for If you are a student or beginner who is learning to administer Oracle Database, then this book is for you. This book is designed to cover the problems that novice DBAs particularly struggle with, so no prior knowledge of Oracle database administration is expected. « less
Covering SQL Developer fundamentals as well more intermediate and advanced topics, this book uses in-depth explanation and detailed examples to help you get the most out of Oracle SQL Developer. The book has a modular structure, so that you can dip into any chapter that covers your current area of focus more » and get going. This book is for Oracle developers who want to ease their database development, and enhance their productivity using Oracle SQL Developer. You should have a programming knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL, and a general familiarity with Oracle database concepts. « less
Expert Techniques For Developers and Database Administrators
Welcome aboard the first book focusing exclusively on PL/SQL techniques, through Oracle 11g. These techniques are tried-tested-true, yet do not compromise performance. You'll find coverage of all types of scenarios, starting from design to coding and testing to debugging and tuning. PL/SQL is more than more » just a 3GL sequel to SQL; instead it can be used as a methodology for application development using Oracle. The techniques covered here have a broader scope, in applications ranging from OLTP to OLAP and from data warehousing to business intelligence. The world of PL/SQL is exciting and this book provides a repository of techniques for PL/SQL developers and DBAs alike. This book takes you beyond the existing solutions found in other professional and reference texts or in online documentation. Starting from PL/SQL internals that include PL/SQL program structure, internal representation, compilation, and execution, users are taught PL/SQL concepts and techniques that go way beyond SQL, such as data structure management, error management, data management, application management, and transaction management. It covers the practical "how-to" techniques of applying these PL/SQL concepts in live projects and elaborates on various PL/SQL frameworks, the integration of PL/SQL with Java, and Web-enabling PL/SQL. The last two chapters on PL/SQL tuning and debugging and PL/SQL coding standards contain comprehensive coverage of performance-enhancing techniques and PL/SQL coding standards that can't be found in anywhere else. All techniques include examples and hands-on code, as well as tips and coding standards. The companion CD-ROM includes all the source code for the examples in the book. « less
Find tips for creating efficient PL/SQL code If you know a bit about SQL, this book will make PL/SQL programming painless! The Oracle has spoken—you need to get up to speed on PL/SQL programming, right? We predict it'll be a breeze with this book! You'll find out about code structures, best practices, more » and code naming standards, how to use conditions and loops, where to place PL/SQL code in system projects, ways to manipulate data, and more. Discover how to * Write efficient, easy-to-maintain code * Test and debug PL/SQL routines * Integrate SQL and PL/SQL * Apply PL/SQL best practices * Use new features introduced in Oracle 9i and 10g « less
Oracle Corporation has broadened its development platform, integrating open standards such as Java and XML into the heart of the Oracle 8i database. This extended programming environment continues to exploit the qualities of scalability, reliability and efficiency of the world's most successful data more » management software, but at the same time it provides new challenges and opportunities to programmers. This book shows you how to develop enterprise PL/SQL applications exploiting Java and XML, and how technologies such as EJBs can be moved to the 8i database. You'll work through case studies using a mix of both familiar and unfamiliar tools and languages, showing you how the various programming approaches can enhance each other. « less