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Building Web Applications and Microservices for the Cloud with Go and React
The Complete Guide to Building Cloud-Based Services Cloud Native Go shows developers how to build massive cloud applications that meet the insatiable demands of today’s customers, and will dynamically scale to handle virtually any volume of data, traffic, or users. Kevin Hoffman and Dan Nemeth more » describe the modern cloud-native application in detail, illuminating factors, disciplines, and habits associated with rapid, reliable cloud-native development. They also introduce Go, a “simply elegant” high-performance language that is especially well-suited for cloud development. You’ll walk through creating microservices in Go, adding front-end web components using ReactJS and Flux, and mastering advanced Go-based cloud-native techniques. Hoffman and Nemeth show how to build a continuous delivery pipeline with tools like Wercker, Docker, and Dockerhub; automatically push apps to leading platforms; and systematically monitor app performance in production. * Learn “The Way of the Cloud”: why developing good cloud software is fundamentally about mindset and discipline * Discover why Go is ideal for cloud-native microservices development * Plan cloud apps that support continuous delivery and deployment * Design service ecosystems, and then build them in a test-first manner * Push work-in-progress to a cloud * Use Event Sourcing and CQRS patterns to react and respond to enormous volume and throughput * Secure cloud-based web applications: do’s, don’ts, and options * Create reactive applications in the cloud with third-party messaging providers * Build massive-scale, cloud-friendly GUIs with React and Flux * Monitor dynamic scaling, failover, and fault tolerance in the cloud « less
Leverage frontend development skills to build impressive iOS and Android applications with React Native
KEY FEATURES * Apply flexbox to get layout and build rich animations that bring your React Native application to life * Integrate third-party libraries and develop customized components that run natively on iOS and Android platforms * Combine React Native with Redux, Redux middleware, and a remote more » API to build scalable data-driven applications BOOK DESCRIPTION React Native has completely revolutionized mobile development by empowering JavaScript developers to build world-class mobile apps that run natively on mobile platforms. This book will show you how to apply JavaScript and other front-end skills to build cross-platform React Native applications for iOS and Android using a single codebase. This book will provide you with all the React Native building blocks necessary to become an expert. We'll give you a brief explanation of the numerous native components and APIs that come bundled with React Native including Images, Views, ListViews, WebViews, and much more. You will learn to utilize form inputs in React Native. You'll get an overview of Facebook's Flux data architecture and then apply Redux to manage data with a remote API. You will also learn to animate different parts of your application, as well as routing using React Native's navigation APIs. By the end of the book, you will be able to build cutting-edge applications using the React Native framework. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Implement native React Native components and APIs * Explore React's JSX syntax * Manage data using Redux and Redux middleware * Build applications with React Native on both iOS and Android platforms * Perform animations in your applications using the animation APIs * Understand routing and Navigator comparison * Create your own Native module ABOUT THE AUTHOR Eric Masiello is a lead software engineer for Vistaprint Digital. Formerly, Eric worked as a principal frontend engineer for the Advisory Board Company and built mobile apps for the Education Advisory Board. Eric has worked primarily as a frontend/UI developer for over 10 years and freelances as a website designer/developer at He has taught frontend topics at General Assembly in Washington, D.C. and was a technical reviewer for Mastering ReactJS, a video by Packt Publishing. You can follow him here: * * * Jacob Friedmann is a developer living in Seattle, WA. He has been working as a developer professionally for 5 years and is currently a principal software engineer at AddThis, an Oracle company. At AddThis, he works on large front and backend applications. He also builds mobile applications using React Native, including Audicy (, which will soon be launched on the App Store. He has taught several classes, including frontend web development and JavaScript development through General Assembly in Washington D.C. You can follow him here: * * TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Building a Foundation in React 2. Saying HelloWorld in React Native 3. Styling and Layout in React Native 4. Starting our Project with React Native Components 5. Flux and Redux 6. Integrating with the NYT API and Redux 7. Navigation and Advanced APIs 8. Animation and Gestures in React Native 9. Refactoring for Android 10. Using and Writing Native Modules 11. Preparing for Production 12. React Native Tools and Resources « less
Build data-driven React applications with ease using GraphQL and Relay
KEY FEATURES * Take your React applications to the next level with GraphQl and Relay * Explore the concepts of data fetching, data handling, and more * Learn to deploy your applications, which are compliant with GraphQl and Relay BOOK DESCRIPTION There’s a new choice for implementing APIs more » – the open source and Facebook-created GraphQL specification. Designed to solve many of the issues of working with REST, GraphQL comes alongside RelayJS, a React library for querying a server that implements the GraphQL specification. This book takes you quickly and simply through the skills you need to be able to build production ready applications with both GraphQL and RelayJS. Beginning with a solid foundation in the GraphQl specification, this book swiftly moves to how a data layer can be implemented for your web application using Relay. Get to grips with GraphQL and Relay concepts creating data containers, data masking, and more as your progress towards building a production-ready application. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Understand what problem GraphQL solves and how it differs from traditional REST architectures * Create a GraphQL server * Develop modular and maintainable GraphQL code * Grasp how to define GraphQL mutations * Comprehend how to define GraphQL queries * Modify a GraphQL server to be Relay-compliant * Develop a Relay client-side application with ReactJS that consumes a GraphQL endpoint ABOUT THE AUTHOR Samer Buna is a technical content author, software engineer, and mentor. He has a master's degree in information security and over ten years of progressive experience and success creating tailored solutions for businesses within many industries. Samer is passionate about everything JavaScript, and he loves exploring new libraries. His favorite technical stacks are Node.js for the backend and React.js for the frontend. Samer has authored a few books and online courses about React and GraphQL. You can follow him on Twitter at @samerbuna, and you can read more of what he writes at TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. An Introduction to GraphQL and Relay 2. The Query Language 3. The GraphQL Schema 4. Configuring React Applications to Use Relay 5. Making GraphQL Queries Relay-Compliant 6. Relay Variables and Object Identification 7. Relay Mutations 8. Deploying to the Cloud « less
Build real-time responsive web apps using React and Bootstrap
ABOUT THIS BOOK * Showcase the power of React-Bootstrap through real-world examples * Explore the benefits of integrating React with various frameworks and APIs * See the benefits of using the latest frameworks to make your web development experience enchanting WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR This book is more » for anybody who is interested in modern web development and has intermediate knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Basic knowledge of any JavaScript MVC framework would also be helpful. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * See how to integrate Bootstrap with React * Explore the Redux architecture and understand its benefits * Build a custom responsive theme with React-Bootstrap components * Easily interact with DOM on your web browser * Appreciate the advantages of using JSX * Get acquainted with the various routing methods in React * Integrate external APIs into React IN DETAIL Bootstrap is one of the most popular front-end frameworks, and integrating it with React allows web developers to write much cleaner code. This book will help you gain a thorough understanding of the Bootstrap framework and show you how to build impressive web apps. In this book, you will get an overview of the features of Bootstrap and ReactJS, along with the integration of React-Bootstrap components with ReactJS. You will understand the benefits of using JSX and the Redux architecture. The server-side rendering of React will also be shown. All the concepts are explained by developing real-world examples. By the end of this book, you will be equipped to create responsive web applications using Bootstrap style and React-Bootstrap components with ReactJS, and will have an insight into the best practices. STYLE AND APPROACH The mission is to help you make a live and fully-responsive web application using React-Bootstrap with hands-on examples and step-by-step instructions. This book is linear as well as progressive, so every chapter builds upon the knowledge gained in the last. « less
A fast-paced guide to designing and building scalable and maintainable web apps with React.js
***** About This Book ***** * Build maintainable and performant user interfaces for your web applications using React.js * Create reusable React.js components to save time and effort in maintaining your user interfaces * Learn how to build a ready-to-deploy React.js web application, following our more » step-by-step tutorial ***** Who This Book Is For ***** If you're a front-end developer with knowledge of jQuery and its libraries, along with frameworks, such as Angular.JS and Backbone.JS, or native JavaScript development, and you wish to use the fastest web user interface library there is, then this book is ideal for you. ***** What You Will Learn ***** * Install powerful React.js tools to make development much more efficient * Create React elements with properties and children * Get started with stateless and stateful React components * Use JSX to speed up your React.js development process * Add reactivity to your React components with lifecycle methods * Integrate your React components with other JavaScript libraries * Utilize the Flux application architecture with your React components * Test your React components with Jest test framework ***** In Detail ***** Building web applications with maintainable and performant user interfaces is a challenge that many have faced for more than a decade, but no one has risen to this challenge quite like React.js. Today React.js is used by Facebook, Instagram, Khan Academy, and Imperial College London, to name a few. Many new users recognize the benefits of React.js and adopt it in their own projects, forming a fast-growing community. The speed at which React.js has evolved promises a bright future for those who invest in learning it today. React.js Essentials will take you on a fast-paced journey through building your own maintainable React.js application. Begin by exploring how you can create single and multiple user interface elements. Create stateless and stateful components and make them reactive, learn to interact between your components and lifecycle methods and gauge how to effectively integrate your user interface components with other JavaScript libraries. Delve deep into the core elements of the Flux architecture and learn how to manage your application using stores. Finish by going that extra mile with the Jest test framework, running multiple tests on your application and find solutions to scale it further without complexity. ***** Style and approach ***** The book adopts a step-by-step, hands-on approach with ample codes to ensure you learn React.js at a fast pace. « less
Create powerful applications with ReactJS, the most popular platform for web developers today
KEY FEATURES * Create web apps with the most popular JavaScript library in the world * Learn how to speed up your development process and save valuable time * Work though step-by-step tutorials that provide easy-to-understand solutions to real-world problems BOOK DESCRIPTION The JavaScript more » revolution has landed! ReactJS is one of those rare technologies that comes out of nowhere and turns established practices on their head. It provides a different way of thinking about how you should develop your apps, and has already gained a massive adoption among web developers. Join the revolution, build web apps faster, and have more fun developing! Packed with real-world code, this book starts by covering the idea behind ReactJS and the key concepts you must familiarize yourself with. You will learn how to bootstrap your ReactJS projects and you’ll also be provided with a handy scaffolding that you can use and reuse over and over. We then go on to cover a wide variety of apps, and will help you to structure and build your own components. Next, you will build a web shop, create a fully responsive and routable app, and also develop a real-time search app. Further on, you will be taught to work with public APIs to create a map-based application. You will also be taken through some advanced concepts such as Redux that are making a huge splash currently in the world of ReactJS. You’ll learn how to efficiently seal off your app for guest access, interact with hardware APIs, and create a photo app. You will then master the art of making your apps universal, and find out how to deploy them to the cloud. Finally, we wrap up the book as you are shown how to make a game. What better way to kick off your ReactJS development journey? WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Create a development environment that speeds up your development process * Find out about responsive web development and create apps that can be used on any device * Effortlessly connect to public and private APIs * Create efficient components that are easily testable and small enough to completely understand * Understand what data flow means in ReactJS and why you never need to worry about where data changes originate * Create universal apps that run on the browser as well as on the server * Work with modern front-end tooling and level up your skills * Train yourself to think in terms of ReactJS ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sven A. Robbestad is a developer with a keen interest in the Web and the languages you use for developing for the Web. He started programming at a young age, beginning with C on the Commodore Amiga. He made the Web his career in the early 90s. His favorite programming language is JavaScript, but he likes to work with an assortment of languages, such as Python, PHP, and Java, to mention a few. In his spare time, he loves engaging with fellow programmers, traveling, and speaking at conferences. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Diving Headfirst into ReactJS 2. Creating a Web Shop 3. Responsive Web Development with ReactJS 4. Building a Real-Time Search App 5. Creating a Map App with HTML5 APIs 6. Advanced React 7. Reactagram 8. Deploying Your App to the Cloud 9. Creating a Shared App 10. Making a Game « less
Get up and running with ReactJS by developing five cutting-edge and responsive projects
*** Key Features *** * Create pragmatic real-world applications while learning React and its modern developer tools * Build sustainable user interfaces by transforming data into components of UI * Learn how to generate reusable ReactJS components effectively *** Book Description *** ReactJS more » is an open-source JavaScript library that brings the power of reactive programming to web applications and sites. It aims to address the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications, and is intended to help developers build large, easily scalable and changing web apps. Starting with a project on Open Library API, you will be introduced to React and JSX before moving on to learning about the life cycle of a React component. In the second project, building a multi-step wizard form, you will learn about composite dynamic components and perform DOM actions. You will also learn about building a fast search engine by exploring server-side rendering in the third project on a search engine application. Next, you will build a simple frontpage for an e-commerce app in the fourth project by using data models and React add-ons. In the final project you will develop a complete social media tracker by using the flux way of defining React apps and know about the best practices and use cases with the help of ES6 and redux. By the end of this book, you will not only have a good understanding of ReactJS but will also have built your very own responsive frontend applications from scratch. *** What you will learn *** * Create, reuse, and compose React components using JSX * Share data between various React components and techniques for data flow within a React app * Handle user interactions with the help of event handlers and dynamic components * Set up and use various next generation ES2015/ES6 features with React * Understand the performance and immutability features of React using React add-ons * Learn the techniques of Animation in React * Use data stores to store model-related data and information * Create a flux-based React application by using Reflux library *** About the Author *** Vipul A M is Director at BigBinary. He is part of Rails Issues Team, and helps triaging issues. His spare time is spent exploring and contributing to many Open Source ruby projects, when not dabbling with React JS. Vipul loves Ruby's vibrant community and helps in building PuneRb, is the founder of and runs RubyIndia Community Newsletter and RubyIndia Podcast, and organizes Deccan Ruby Conference in Pune. He can be found @vipulnsward on twitter and on his site Prathamesh Sonpatki is Director at BigBinary. He builds web applications using Ruby on Rails and ReactJS. He loves learning new programming languages and contributing to open source. He can be found @_cha1tanya on twitter. *** Table of Contents *** 1. Getting Started with React 2. JSX in Depth 3. Data Flow and Life Cycle Events 4. Composite Dynamic Components and Forms 5. Mixins and the DOM 6. React on the Server 7. React Addons 8. Performance of React Apps 9. React Router and Data Models 10. Animation 11. React Tools 12. Flux 13. Redux and React « less