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Over 25 recipes to build projects and applications for multiple platforms with Banana Pi
ABOUT THIS BOOK * Design, develop, and customize real-world applications and projects rapidly and easily using Banana Pi * Quick solutions to the most common real-world problems on the amazing Banana Pi * Step-by-step recipes to help you experience the vast possibilities of the device by setting up more » interesting applications WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR This book is intended for anybody who wants to learn how they can utilize the capabilities of the Banana Pi to its full potential. It's full of step-by-step guides and detailed descriptions for the whole range of possibilities in a language that is appropriate for computer enthusiasts and experts alike. It would be helpful to have a basic knowledge of Unix-like operating systems or programming, but no prior experience is required as every concept is explained in the appropriate sections. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Discover how to configure and maintain your Banana Pi device * Install Android and a Linux-based distribution onto Banana Pi * Attach external drives to your Banana Pi by using the USB or SATA interfaces * Share files between your Banana Pi and other devices either in your internal network or over the Internet * Connect remotely to your Banana Pi using SSH and VNC * Build simple electrical circuits and connect simple hardware elements such as LEDs, resistors, and buttons to the GPIO pins * Configure a multimedia center that is able to play high-definition content IN DETAIL Banana Pi is a dual core single board microcomputer like Raspberry Pi but is much faster, more cost-effective, and performs more efficiently than Raspberry Pi. Banana Pi Cookbook is a practical guide that starts with setting up Banana Pi and moves on to exploring the more advanced capabilities of the device. You will learn to build a decent Linux-based operating system that can resolve common server tasks (Samba, Web, DLNA) and multimedia challenges. Also, you will see how to use the GPIO opportunities by building simple but straightforward circuits. By the end of this book, you will be an expert in using Banana Pi to deploy a variety of hardware and software applications. « less
Used in laptop and desktop computers, low-end servers, and mobile devices, Serial ATA (Advance Technology Attachment), or SATA, is the pervasive disk storage technology in use today. SATA has also penetrated the enterprise computing environment by adding hardware components for fail-over, extending command more » processing capabilities, and increasing device performance and link speeds. If you work in a data center or manage your company‚Äôs storage resources, you will likely encounter storage solutions that require SATA software or hardware. In this book, leading storage networking technologist David Deming presents a comprehensive guide to designing, analyzing, and troubleshooting any SATA or SATA Express (SATAe) storage solution. Written by an engineer, this book is for those who aren't afraid of digging into the technical details. It explains how SATA/SATAe powers data center applications and how it influences and interacts with all protocol layers and system components. This book covers all of the tasks associated with installing, configuring, and managing SATA/SATAe storage applications. If you are a test engineer, design engineer, system architect, or even a technically skilled gamer who likes to build your own systems, this book will answer your technical questions about SATA/SATAe. With this book, you should have everything you need to implement a SATA or SATAe storage solution. « less