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Get started quickly with library with as little as one line of code. Explore Prototype library features, tutorials, code, and examples. Learn In-place Editing, Auto Completion, Sliders, Drag-and-Drop, Effects, and Multimedia. A book with less jargon, and more more » code explanation for building real-world examples - Tadalist clone, Digg and Delicious clones, clone. « less
You Never Knew JavaScript Could Do This!
Tired of getting swamped in the nitty-gritty of cross-browser, Web 2.0-grade JavaScript? Get back in the game with Prototype and, two extremely popular JavaScript libraries, that make it a walk in the park. Be it AJAX, drag and drop, auto-completion, advanced visual effects, or many other more » great features, all you need is to write one or two lines of script that look so good they could almost pass for Ruby code! « less