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Behaviour-Driven Development for Testers and Developers
Your customers want rock-solid, bug-free software that does exactly what they expect it to do. Yet they can't always articulate their ideas clearly enough for you to turn them into code. You need Cucumber: a testing, communication, and requirements tool-all rolled into one. All the code in this book more » is updated for Cucumber 2.4, Rails 5, and RSpec 3.5. Express your customers' wild ideas as a set of clear, executable specifications that everyone on the team can read. Feed those examples into Cucumber and let it guide your development. Build just the right code to keep your customers happy. You can use Cucumber to test almost any system or any platform. Get started by using the core features of Cucumber and working with Cucumber's Gherkin DSL to describe-in plain language-the behavior your customers want from the system. Then write Ruby code that interprets those plain-language specifications and checks them against your application. Next, consolidate the knowledge you've gained with a worked example, where you'll learn more advanced Cucumber techniques, test asynchronous systems, and test systems that use a database. Recipes highlight some of the most difficult and commonly seen situations the authors have helped teams solve. With these patterns and techniques, test Ajax-heavy web applications with Capybara and Selenium, REST web services, Ruby on Rails applications, command-line applications, legacy applications, and more. Written by the creator of Cucumber and the co-founders of Cucumber Ltd., this authoritative guide will give you and your team all the knowledge you need to start using Cucumber with confidence. What You Need: Windows, Mac OS X (with XCode) or Linux, Ruby 1.9.2 and upwards, Cucumber 2.4, Rails 5, and RSpec 3.5 « less
Master the art of testing and automating your SOA using SoapUI
KEY FEATURES * Design real-time test automation frameworks for Enterprise applications using SoapUI * Learn how to solve test automation issues for complex systems * A complete guide to understanding SOA automation from quality assurance to business assurance BOOK DESCRIPTION SoapUI is an open-source more » cross-platform testing application that provides complete test coverage and supports all the standard protocols and technologies. This book includes real-time examples of implementing SoapUI to achieve quality and business assurance. Starting with the features and functionalities of SoapUI, the book will then focus on functional testing, load testing, and security testing of web services. Furthermore, you will learn how to automate your services and then design data-driven, keyword-driven, and hybrid-driven frameworks in SoapUI. Then the book will show you how to test UIs and services using SoapUI with the help of Selenium. You will also learn how to integrate SoapUI with Jenkins for CI and SoapUI test with QC with backward- and forward-compatibility. The final part of the book will show you how to virtualize a service response in SoapUI using Service Mocking. You will finish the journey by discovering the best practices for SoapUI test automation and preparing yourself for the online certification of SoapUI. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Familiarize yourself with Test Web services from functional, nonfunctional, and security aspects * Learn to test real-time service orchestrations * Design test automation solutions for SOA-based Enterprise applications * Learn multilayer test automation * Selenium plus SoapUI under a single umbrella * Integrate your SoapUI framework with Jenkins ABOUT THE AUTHOR Pranai Nandan is a "Tester by Choice and Developer by birth" born in the small city of U.P Bareilly India he has come a long way in his life, he started his journey of his studies with Hartman college and temporarily ended it with a BTECH in Computer Science from Invertis university. Over the course of his professional careers he has worked in several geographies across the world including UK and Europe with different companies like QA Infotech, Hitachi Consulting, TIBCO Software's. Currently he works with Cognizant as a Senior Associate in Amsterdam Netherlands. His work in the Testing field has resulted in multiple Test Automation frameworks for different vertical including Retail, Telecom, Media and BFSI. Pranai Nandan is someone who is intrigued by test automation and implementing complex solutions for enterprise business applications to help them achieve their desired ROI. Apart from SoapUI he also has expertise on other SOA test Automation and Virtualization tools including Ready API, IBM RIT, ITKO LISA, HP Service Virtualization. His technical expertise also includes tools like Selenium web driver, JMeter, Microsoft, VSTS, HP Load Runner and Jenkins. His hobbies are writing poems, playing cricket, knowing about history of different culture& travelling. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction to SOA Testing 2. Functional Testing in Detail 3. Performance Testing of SOA Applications in Detail 4. Security Testing in Detail 5. Test Automation in SOA World 6. Multilayer Test Automation Using SoapUI and Selenium 7. SoapUI Integration with Jenkins and HP QC 8. End-to-End Test Automation 9. Best Practices in SOA Test Automation « less
Harness the power of DevOps to boost your skill set and make your IT organization perform better
KEY FEATURES * Get to know the background of DevOps so you understand the collaboration between different aspects of an IT organization and a software developer * Improve your organization's performance to ensure smooth production of software and services * Deploy top-quality software and ensure software more » maintenance and release management with this practical guide BOOK DESCRIPTION DevOps is a practical field that focuses on delivering business value as efficiently as possible. DevOps encompasses all the flows from code through testing environments to production environments. It stresses the cooperation between different roles, and how they can work together more closely, as the roots of the word imply―Development and Operations. After a quick refresher to DevOps and continuous delivery, we quickly move on to looking at how DevOps affects architecture. You'll create a sample enterprise Java application that you'll continue to work with through the remaining chapters. Following this, we explore various code storage and build server options. You will then learn how to perform code testing with a few tools and deploy your test successfully. Next, you will learn how to monitor code for any anomalies and make sure it's running properly. Finally, you will discover how to handle logs and keep track of the issues that affect processes WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Appreciate the merits of DevOps and continuous delivery and see how DevOps supports the agile process * Understand how all the systems fit together to form a larger whole * Set up and familiarize yourself with all the tools you need to be efficient with DevOps * Design an application that is suitable for continuous deployment systems with Devops in mind * Store and manage your code effectively using different options such as Git, Gerrit, and Gitlab * Configure a job to build a sample CRUD application * Test the code using automated regression testing with Jenkins Selenium * Deploy your code using tools such as Puppet, Ansible, Palletops, Chef, and Vagrant * Monitor the health of your code with Nagios, Munin, and Graphite * Explore the workings of Trac―a tool used for issue tracking ABOUT THE AUTHOR Joakim Verona is a consultant with a specialty in Continuous Delivery and DevOps. He has worked with all aspects of systems development since 1994. He has actively contributed as the lead implementer of complex multilayered systems such as web systems, multimedia systems, and mixed software/hardware systems. His wide-ranging technical interests led him to the emerging field of DevOps in 2004, where he has stayed ever since. Joakim completed his masters in computer science at Linkoping Institute of Technology. He has also worked as a consultant in a wide range of assignments in various industries, such as banking and finance, telecom, industrial engineering, press and publishing, and game development. He is also interested in the Agile field and is a certified Scrum master, Scrum product owner, and Java professional. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction to DevOps and Continuous Delivery 2. A View from Orbit 3. How DevOps Affects Architecture 4. Everything is Code 5. Building the Code 6. Testing the Code 7. Deploying the Code 8. Monitoring the Code 9. Issue Tracking 10. The Internet of Things and DevOps « less
Build enterprise-ready, industrial strength web applications using TypeScript and leading JavaScript frameworks
ABOUT THIS BOOK * Focus on test-driven development to help build quality applications that are modular, scalable, maintainable, and adaptable. * Practical examples that show you how to use TypeScript with popular JavaScript frameworks including Backbone, Angular, Node.js, require.js, and Marionette * more » Enhance your TypeScript knowledge with in-depth discussions on language features, third-party libraries, declaration files, and so on using practical scenarios. WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR Whether you are a JavaScript developer aiming to learn TypeScript, or an experienced TypeScript developer wanting to take your skills to the next level, this book is for you. From basic to advanced language constructs, test-driven development, and object-oriented techniques, you will learn how to get the most out of the TypeScript language. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Gain an insight into core and advanced TypeScript language features including inheritance and generics * Integrate your existing JavaScript code and third-party JavaScript libraries by writing and using declaration files * Write TypeScript code to target popular JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, Backbone, Angular, Node, and Marionette * Create extensive testing suites for your application, including unit testing, integration testing, and browser automation with Jasmine and Selenium * Organize your application code using modules, and utilize Asynchronous Module Loading with require.js * Explore advanced object-oriented techniques including dependency injection and strongly typed domain events * Build a complete single-page web application with TypeScript and Marionette, incorporating object-oriented design patterns along the way IN DETAIL The TypeScript compiler and language has brought JavaScript development up to the enterprise level, yet still maintains backward compatibility with existing JavaScript browsers and libraries. Packed with practical code samples, this book brings the benefits of strongly typed, object-oriented programming and design principles into the JavaScript development space. Starting with core language features, and working through more advanced topics such as generics and modules, you will learn how to gain maximum benefit from your JavaScript development with TypeScript. With a strong focus on test-driven development and coverage of many popular JavaScript frameworks, you can fast-track your TypeScript knowledge to a professional level. By the end of this book, you will be able to confidently implement a TypeScript application from scratch. « less
Get to grips with automated web testing with the amazing power of Selenium WebDriver
Get to grips with automated web testing with the amazing power of Selenium WebDriver ABOUT THIS BOOK * Utilize Selenium WebDriver features for automation testing using outstanding techniques and strategies * Learn how to build, customize, and maintain Selenium frameworks * Packed with numerous more » practical examples, this book covers all the functions and commands that will help you grasp Selenium functions quickly WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR If you are a developer who wants to migrate from Selenium RC or any other automation tool to Selenium WebDriver, then this book is for you. Knowledge of automation tools is necessary to follow the examples in this book. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Handle the Selenium IDE and Builder features efficiently * Integrate JavaScript with the Selenium IDE * Practice cross-browser testing in your favorite browser * Run automated Selenium WebDriver tests on different cloud servers * Go through all the Selenium WebDriver functions * Discover how to handle the features not supported by Selenium WebDriver * Observe various testing techniques using available frameworks * Develop your own Selenium framework for well-organized web application testing IN DETAIL This book will help you seamlessly migrate from Selenium RC to Selenium WebDriver. You will be able to quickly develop automated tests with little effort. Based on popularity, support, and usage, the scripts throughout the book are in Java. We will start off by familiarizing you with the Selenium IDE, teaching you its functions, and using it to automate and debug a complex website. Next, we will harness the power of Selenium WebDriver to perform cross-browser automation tests. We will then go to the next level and run automation tests on the cloud. After this, we will cover a wide range of functions provided by the Selenium WebDriver API that can be used for effective web automation tests. Finally, you will learn how to perform Data-Driven and Behavior-Driven tests. « less
A practical guide on automated web testing with Selenium using Python
Selenium WebDriver is a popular automated testing tool for web applications. Python is one of the top programming languages and when used with Selenium it can automate and test web applications. Using Python's unittest module, you can write test cases in Selenium. Over the years, Selenium has become more » a very powerful testing platform and many organizations are adopting Selenium WebDriver for creating automated user interface tests. The book's main aim is to cover the fundamentals related to Python Selenium testing. You will learn how the Selenium WebDriver Python API can be integrated with CI and Build tools to allow tests to be run while building applications. This book will guide you through using the Selenium WebDriver Python client library as well as other tools from the Selenium project. Towards the end of this book, you'll get to grips with Selenium Grid, which is used for running tests in parallel using nodes for cross-browser testing. It will also give you a basic overview of the concepts, while helping you improve your practical testing skills with Python and Selenium. « less
Build a powerful, stable, and automated test suite using Selenium WebDriver
ABOUT THIS BOOK * Keep up with the changing pace of your web application by creating an agile test suite * Save time and money by making your Selenium tests 99% reliable * Improve the stability of your test suite and your programing skills by following a step-by-step continuous improvement tutorial WHO more » THIS BOOK IS FOR Whether you are an experienced WebDriver developer or someone who was newly assigned a task to create automated tests, this book is for you. Since the ideas and concepts are described in simple terms, no previous experience in computer coding or programming is required. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Control Selenium WebDriver within any major programing language such as Java, Ruby, Python, and .NET * Learn how to implement a simple test script or a complex Page Objects framework * Set up each test to automatically deal with AJAX and jQuery * Remove test instabilities by blocking third-party services * Deal with data uncertainties by using fixtures, JSON APIs, and API stubbing * Improve your test suite continuously by refactoring code and using the DRY principle * Stabilize your tests by using patterns such as the Action Wrapper and Black Hole Proxy patterns IN DETAIL Selenium WebDriver is a global leader in automated web testing. It empowers users to perform complex testing scenarios with its simple and powerful interface. This guide will provide you with all the skills you need to successfully create a functional Selenium test suite. Starting from the very beginning of the Selenium IDE, this book will show you how to transition into a real programing language such as Ruby or Java. You will quickly learn how to improve your code quality with refactoring and the skills needed to plan for the future development of your website to future-proof your test suite. With ample test examples running against a life-like e-commerce store and detailed step-by-step code review and explanations, you will be ready to test any challenge web developers might throw your way. This book is intended for anyone who wants to create a test suite that is easy to maintain by expanding your knowledge until you feel truly confident and comfortable with Selenium. « less