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Full of illustrations, diagrams, and tips with clear step-by-step instructions and real time examples to develop Industry Sample BPM Process and BPM interaction with SOA Components. Dive into lessons on Fault ,Performance and Rum Time Management. Explore User Interaction ,Deployment and Monitoring. Dive more » into BPM Process Implementation as process developer while conglomerating BPMN elements. « less
Successfully clear the first stepping stone towards becoming an Oracle Service Oriented Architecture Infrastructure Implementation Certified Expert. The only book available to guide you through the prescribed syllabus for the 1Z0-451 Oracle SOA Foundation Practitioner exam. Learn from a range of self-test more » questions to fully equip you with the knowledge to pass this exam. « less
Extend and enhance the tricks in your Oracle SOA Suite developer arsenal with expert tips and best practices. Get to grips with Java integration, OSB message patterns, SOA Clusters and much more in this book. A practical Cookbook packed with recipes for achieving the most important SOA Suite tasks for more » developers. « less
REST and Web Architectures
SOA Governance in Action shows developers how to apply governance concepts and implementation practices to achieve success in SOA projects. You'll learn practical techniques like building a metadata repository using WSO2 Registry or a custom monitoring dashboard using Bamos BAM. You'll also explore other more » supporting tools, such as using OpenAM, to implement security related policies. Along the way, you'll explore the nuances of writing policies that work for the project and click with your corporate culture. Written for business application developers. Familiarity with Java and BPMN is helpful but not required. « less
Discover the true meaning behind the buzzword that is 'Service Oriented Architecture'
Get to grips with clear definitions of "Service" and "Architecture" to understand the full SOA picture. Read about SOA in simple terms from Oracle ACE Directors for SOA and Middleware in this book. A concise, no-nonsense guide to demystifying Service Oriented Architecture.
SOA Patterns provides detailed, technology-neutral solutions to these challenges, and many others, using plain language. You'll understand the design patterns that promote and enforce flexibility, availability, and scalability. Each of the 26 patterns uses the classic problem/solution format and a unique more » technology map to show where specific solutions fit into the general pattern. Written for working developers and architects building services and service-oriented solutions. Knowledge of Java or C# is helpful but not required. « less
Become more proficient in testing web services included in your service-oriented solutions. Find, analyze, reproduce bugs effectively by adhering to best web service testing approaches. Learn with clear step-by-step instructions and hands-on examples on various topics related to web services testing more » using soapUI. « less
Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation
Pro WCF 4.0: Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation is a complete guide to Windows Communication Foundation from the service-oriented architecture (SOA) perspective, showing you why WCF is important to service-oriented architecture and development. This book provides deep insight into the functionality more » of WCF, which shipped with .NET 4.0-like service discovery, routing service, simplified configuration, and other advanced features. Included in this title are informative examples that will aid the reader in understanding and implementing these important additions. « less
The Art of Distributed System Design
Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is finally becoming a concrete discipline rather than a hopeful collection of cloud charts. This book demonstrates how SOA can simplify the creation of large-scale applications, whether your project involves a large set of Web Services-based components, or is a means more » to connect legacy applications to more modern business processes. SOA in Practice explains how -- and whether -- SOA fits your needs. « less
Using the Web Services Enhancements 2.0
Popular author Jeffrey Hasan will draw you into the service-oriented architecture (SOA) mindset, in the context of the release of Indigo - the new Web services protocol and infrastructure support for SOA. Now is the time to consider SOA and to think about how to architect applications using XML messages more » and loosely-coupled services. With this book, you can get a head start on building SOA applications, using the .NET Framework combined with the Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 2.0 toolkit. « less