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Master the art of testing and automating your SOA using SoapUI
KEY FEATURES * Design real-time test automation frameworks for Enterprise applications using SoapUI * Learn how to solve test automation issues for complex systems * A complete guide to understanding SOA automation from quality assurance to business assurance BOOK DESCRIPTION SoapUI is an open-source more » cross-platform testing application that provides complete test coverage and supports all the standard protocols and technologies. This book includes real-time examples of implementing SoapUI to achieve quality and business assurance. Starting with the features and functionalities of SoapUI, the book will then focus on functional testing, load testing, and security testing of web services. Furthermore, you will learn how to automate your services and then design data-driven, keyword-driven, and hybrid-driven frameworks in SoapUI. Then the book will show you how to test UIs and services using SoapUI with the help of Selenium. You will also learn how to integrate SoapUI with Jenkins for CI and SoapUI test with QC with backward- and forward-compatibility. The final part of the book will show you how to virtualize a service response in SoapUI using Service Mocking. You will finish the journey by discovering the best practices for SoapUI test automation and preparing yourself for the online certification of SoapUI. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Familiarize yourself with Test Web services from functional, nonfunctional, and security aspects * Learn to test real-time service orchestrations * Design test automation solutions for SOA-based Enterprise applications * Learn multilayer test automation * Selenium plus SoapUI under a single umbrella * Integrate your SoapUI framework with Jenkins ABOUT THE AUTHOR Pranai Nandan is a "Tester by Choice and Developer by birth" born in the small city of U.P Bareilly India he has come a long way in his life, he started his journey of his studies with Hartman college and temporarily ended it with a BTECH in Computer Science from Invertis university. Over the course of his professional careers he has worked in several geographies across the world including UK and Europe with different companies like QA Infotech, Hitachi Consulting, TIBCO Software's. Currently he works with Cognizant as a Senior Associate in Amsterdam Netherlands. His work in the Testing field has resulted in multiple Test Automation frameworks for different vertical including Retail, Telecom, Media and BFSI. Pranai Nandan is someone who is intrigued by test automation and implementing complex solutions for enterprise business applications to help them achieve their desired ROI. Apart from SoapUI he also has expertise on other SOA test Automation and Virtualization tools including Ready API, IBM RIT, ITKO LISA, HP Service Virtualization. His technical expertise also includes tools like Selenium web driver, JMeter, Microsoft, VSTS, HP Load Runner and Jenkins. His hobbies are writing poems, playing cricket, knowing about history of different culture& travelling. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction to SOA Testing 2. Functional Testing in Detail 3. Performance Testing of SOA Applications in Detail 4. Security Testing in Detail 5. Test Automation in SOA World 6. Multilayer Test Automation Using SoapUI and Selenium 7. SoapUI Integration with Jenkins and HP QC 8. End-to-End Test Automation 9. Best Practices in SOA Test Automation « less
Boost your SoapUI capabilities to test RESTful and SOAP APIs with over 65 hands-on recipes
Packed with practical guidance, this book will show you how to build core SoapUI skills, integrate open source libraries, and code the extra functionality needed to quickly overcome common and advanced API test problems. Building up your skills, you will progress to more advanced topics such as Groovy more » scripting, testing secured services, load test concurrency issues, using plugins and developing your own! So when out-of-the-box SoapUI can't do exactly what you need or the quick guidance you require just isn't there, then take, tweak, and use what you need from a broad range of practical examples in this book and customize your way to API testing success with coverage of SOAP, REST, and Groovy. « less