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Summary Get Programming with JavaScript is a hands-on introduction to programming for readers who have never programmed. You'll be writing your own web apps, games, and programs in no time! Foreword by Remy Sharp. About the Book Are you ready to start writing your own web apps, games, and programs? more » You’re in the right place! Get Programming with JavaScript is a hands-on introduction to programming for readers who have never written a line of code. Since you’re just getting started, this friendly book offers you lots of examples backed by careful explanations. As you go along, you’ll find exercises to check your understanding and plenty of opportunities to practice your new skills. You don’t need any­thing special to follow the examples—just the text editor and web browser already installed on your computer. We even give you links to working online code so you can see how everything should look live on your screen. What’s Inside * All the basics — objects, functions, responding to users, and more * Think like a coder and design your own programs * Create a text-based adventure game * Enhance web pages with JavaScript * Run your programs in a web browser * Four bonus chapters available online About the Reader No experience required! All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. About the Author John Larsen is a mathematics and computing teacher with an interest in educational research. He has an MA in mathematics and an MSc in information technology. He started programming in 1982, writing simple programs for teaching mathematics in 1993, building websites in 2001, and developing data-driven web-based applications for education in 2006. Table of Contents 1. PART 1 CORE CONCEPTS ON THE CONSOLE 2. Programming, JavaScript, and JS Bin 3. Variables: storing data in your program 4. Objects: grouping your data 5. Functions: code on demand 6. Arguments: passing data to functions 7. Return values: getting data from functions 8. Object arguments: functions working with objects 9. Arrays: putting data into lists 10. Constructors: building objects with functions 11. Bracket notation: flexible property names 12. PART 2 ORGANIZING YOUR PROGRAMS 13. Scope: hiding information 14. Conditions: choosing code to run 15. Modules: breaking a program into pieces 16. Models: working with data 17. Views: displaying data 18. Controllers: linking models and views 19. PART 3 JAVASCRIPT IN THE BROWSER 20. HTML: building web pages 21. Controls: getting user input 22. Templates: filling placeholders with data 23. XHR: loading data 24. Conclusion: get programming with JavaScript 25. BONUS ONLINE CHAPTERS 26. Node: running JavaScript outside the browser 27. Express: building an API 28. Polling: repeating requests with XHR 29. Socket.IO: real-time messaging « less
Develop stunning web and desktop applications with the definitive Node.js
Node.js has emerged as a strong alternative to PHP, and has taken the world of web development by storm. Node.js is a platform that's used to build fast, scalable network applications using JavaScript as a server-side scripting language. Starting with an overview of the most popular programming paradigms, more » you will venture out on a journey to the depths of Node.js, utilizing its capabilities to conceptualize and develop applications using AngularJS, Socket.IO, Backbone.js, Ember.js, and Grunt. Packed with real-world examples and trade secrets gained from years of experience in the web development domain, this book takes you to the next level and teaches you everything you need to know to utilize the astronomical potential of Node.js. As a JavaScript platform, Node.js can also be used for desktop application development, which you will learn about in the final chapter of this book. What you will learn from this book * Explore design patterns in Node.js * Build solid architectures by following test-driven development * Look beyond web applications and create your own desktop app with Node.js * Develop single page applications using Node.js with AngularJS, Ember.js, and Backbone.js * Master the Express framework and build a complete site with a real database * Create a real-time and fully functional online chat application with Socket.IO * Utilize the enormous range of Grunt and Gulp plugins Approach A straightforward, practical guide containing step-by-step tutorials that will push your Node.js programming skills to the next level. Who this book is written for If you are a web developer with experience in writing client-side JavaScript and want to discover the fascinating world of Node.js to develop fast and effi cient web and desktop applications, then this book is for you. « less
Your guide to building professional real-world web applications with Express
For experienced JavaScript developers this book is all you need to build highly scalable, robust applications using Express. It takes you step by step through the development of a single page application so you learn empirically. Overview * Learn how to build scalable, robust, and reliable web more » applications with Express using a test-first, feature-driven approach * Full of practical tips and real world examples, and delivered in an easy-to-read format * Explore and tackle the issues you encounter in commercially developing and deploying an Express application In Detail Building an Express application that is reliable, robust, maintainable, testable, and can scale beyond a single server requires a bit of extra thought and effort. Express applications that need to survive in a production environment will need to reach out to the Node ecosystem and beyond, for support. You will start by laying the foundations of your software development journey, as you drive-out features under test. You will move on quickly to expand on your existing knowledge, learning how to create a web API and a consuming client. You will then introduce a real-time element in your application. Following on from this, you will begin a process of incrementally improving your application and tackle security, SSL support, and security vulnerabilities. Next, the book will take you through the process of scaling and then decoupling your application. Finally, you will take a look at various methods to improve your application's performance and reliability. What you will learn from this book * Develop a feature driven Express web application * Build and consume a RESTful web API using client and server side templating * Secure and protect Express with passport authentication and SSL via stud * Scale Express beyond a single server with Redis and Hipache * Decouple Express for improved scalability and maintainability * Support real-time application development with Socket.IO * Handle failures with a minimum impact to service availability using clusters and domains * Understand and cope with Express limitations, including when and where to go for help Approach A practical book, guiding the reader through the development of a single page application using a feature-driven approach. Who this book is written for If you are an experienced JavaScript developer who wants to build highly scalable, real-world applications using Express, this book is ideal for you. This book is an advanced title and assumes that the reader has some experience with Node.js, JavaScript MVC web development frameworks, and has heard of Express before, or is familiar with it. You should also have a basic understanding of Redis and MongoDB. « less