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Design, implement, and publish custom Splunk applications by following best practices
ABOUT THIS BOOK * This is the most up-to-date guide on the market and will help you finish your tasks faster, easier, and more efficiently. * Highly practical guide that addresses common and not-so-common pain points in Splunk. * Want to explore shortcuts to perform tasks more efficiently with Splunk? more » This is the book for you! WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR This book is for administrators, developers, and search ninjas who have been using Splunk for some time. A comprehensive coverage makes this book great for Splunk veterans and newbies alike. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Use Splunk effectively to gather, analyze, and report on operational data throughout your environment * Expedite your reporting, and be empowered to present data in a meaningful way * Create robust searches, reports, and charts using Splunk * Modularize your programs for better reusability. * Build your own Splunk apps and learn why they are important * Learn how to integrate with enterprise systems * Summarize data for longer term trending, reporting, and analysis IN DETAIL This book will give you an edge over others through insights that will help you in day-to-day instances. When you're working with data from various sources in Splunk and performing analysis on this data, it can be a bit tricky. With this book, you will learn the best practices of working with Splunk. You'll learn about tools and techniques that will ease your life with Splunk, and will ultimately save you time. In some cases, it will adjust your thinking of what Splunk is, and what it can and cannot do. To start with, you'll get to know the best practices to get data into Splunk, analyze data, and package apps for distribution. Next, you'll discover the best practices in logging, operations, knowledge management, searching, and reporting. To finish off, we will teach you how to troubleshoot Splunk searches, as well as deployment, testing, and development with Splunk. STYLE AND APPROACH If you're stuck or want to find a better way to work with Splunk environment, this book will come handy. This easy-to-follow, insightful book contains step-by-step instructions and examples and scenarios that you will connect to. « less
Leverage the power of Splunk to efficiently analyze machine, log, web, and social media data
Splunk is a powerful tool that is used extensively to search, monitor, and analyze any machine data. This book is designed to introduce you quickly to the benefits of using the Splunk Enterprise system. Understanding this technology will allow you to engage with your important data and ensure that more » it is collected, stored, managed, reported on, and utilized well to enable you to make better business decisions. By equipping you with this knowledge, you will be better prepared to tackle data issues in the fast-paced business world of today. You will learn about various vital topics such as data collection, managing apps, creating reports, and analyzing data using Splunk. You will also be equipped with skills to help you obtain a Twitter API key for use with the Twitter app for Splunk. « less
Optimize your machine-generated data effectively by developing advanced analytics with Splunk
Splunk is the definitive technology solution used to manage the ever-growing volumes of machine-generated data. This technology is indispensable for industries involved in big data analysis, online services, education, finance, healthcare, retail, and telecommunications. So, having Splunk experience more » will be relevant for a long time to come! This book will first take you through the evolution of Splunk and how it fits into an organization's architectural roadmap. Master advanced search topics and explore in-depth methods to leverage Splunk tables, charts, fields, and other cases. As we advance through the chapters, you will master the best practices of values and lookups, indexes, business effective dashboards, and discover the cornerstones of how to evolve your current Splunk application and its monitoring capabilities. Finally, we round things off with the discussion of transactions from an enterprise perspective. « less
Over 70 practical recipes to gain operational data intelligence with Splunk Enterprise
This book contains over 70 practical, task-oriented recipes to build up your knowledge of Splunk's many features which you can apply to real-world operational intelligence scenarios. Right from the first chapter, you will follow recipes that progressively build upon one another. The recipes provided more » will demonstrate methods to expedite delivery of intelligence reports and empower you to present data in a meaningful way through dashboards and by applying visualizations available in Splunk Enterprise. You will also delve deeply into your data with transactions, subsearching, concurrency, and more advanced search commands. « less
Deriving Operational Intelligence from Social Media, Machine Data, Existing Data Warehouses, and Other Real-Time Streaming Sources
Big Data Analytics Using Splunk is a hands-on book showing how to process and derive business value from big data in real time. Examples in the book draw from social media sources such as Twitter (tweets) and Foursquare (check-ins). You also learn to draw from machine data, enabling you to analyze, say, more » web server log files and patterns of user access in real time, as the access is occurring. Gone are the days when you need be caught out by shifting public opinion or sudden changes in customer behavior. Splunk's easy to use engine helps you recognize and react in real time, as events are occurring. « less
Big Data Reporting and Development for Operational Intelligence
Learn to search, dashboard, configure, and deploy Splunk on one machine or thousands. Start working with Splunk fast, with a tested set of practical examples and useful advice. Step-by-step instructions and examples with a comprehensive coverage for Splunk veterans and newbies alike.