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Lay the foundations for data center virtualization using VMware vSphere 6 and strengthen your understanding of its power
About This Book Learn how server virtualization is achieved and how a virtual infrastructure is built using VMware’s products and solutions. Design to create a scalable and responsive virtualization platform for hosting the virtual machine workloads of a business. Manage compute, network and storage more » resources of a virtual infrastructure. Relevant conceptual diagrams, flowcharts and screen-captures enable in-depth comprehension of the concepts. Also, the concise writing style makes this book a very easy read. Who This Book Is For This is a book for any experienced technologist who is new to the realm of Data Center virtualization wanting to find a way to get a head start in learning how to design, implement and manage a modern day datacenter virtualized using VMware’s core infrastructure solutions. It could also act a comprehensive reference guide for Infrastructure Architects and System Administrators to aid them in their day to day activities. This book could easily find its place in reference materials used by professionals for VCP and VCAP certification exams. Keep in mind however that the book is not written to follow as a blueprint for either of the exams. What You Will Learn Understand the architecture of the hypervisor and learn how to install deploy and configure ESXi hosts Find out what forms a VMware Virtual Machine can take and also learn how to create and manage them Familiarize yourself with the concepts of vSphere Storage and learn how to present and manage storage in a vSphere environment Create and manage software switching constructs such as the vNetwork Standard Switch and vNetwork Distributed Switches Monitor the performance of a vSphere environment using tools such as the vCenter Performance Graphs and ‘esxtop’ Manage SSL certificates in a vSphere environment Upgrade and patch « less
KEY FEATURES * This is the first book on the market that provides an extensive disaster recovery solution using the latest vSphere Replication and vCenter Site Recovery Manager * Master the skills of protecting your virtual machines by replicating and recovering them in seconds * This practical, step-by-step more » guide will help you protect all your applications with Site Recovery Manager and Replication BOOK DESCRIPTION VMware vCenter Site Recovery manage is an orchestration tool used to automate disaster recovery in a manner that no other solution does. It is programmed to leverage array-based replication and VMware's proprietary vSphere Replication engine. The book begins by talking about the architecture of SRM and guides you through the procedures involved in installing and configuring SRM to leverage array-based replication. You will then learn how to protect your virtual machines by creating Protection Groups and validate their recoverability by testing recovery plans and even performing failover and failback. Moving on, you will learn how to install and configure vSphere Replication as a standalone disaster recovery solution. It also guides you through the procedures involved in configuring SRM to leverage vSphere replication. Finally, you will learn how to deploy and configure vRealize Orchestrator and its plugin for SRM and vSphere Replication. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Familiarize yourself with disaster recovery concepts and the architecture of vCenter Site Recovery Manager and vSphere Replication. * Deploy and Configure vCenter Site Recovery Manager to leverage array-based replication and vSphere Replication. * Use vSphere Replication as a standalone disaster recovery solution. * Enabling protection of Virtual Machines by creating Protection Groups. * Enable orchestration of the recovery of protected virtual machines by creating Recovery Plans. * Migrate virtual machine workload from one site to another using Recovery Plans * Testing and Performing a failover or failback of Virtual Machines using Recovery Plans * Enable vRealize Orchestrator Plugins for SRM and vSphere Replication. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Abhilash G B (@abhilashgb) is a virtualization specialist, author, designer, and a VMware vExpert (2014, 2015, and 2016), who specializes in the areas of data center virtualization and cloud computing. He has been in the IT industry for more than a decade and has been working on VMware products and technologies since the start of 2007. He currently works as a senior VMware consultant for one of largest information technology and services company in the world. He holds several VMware certifications including VCP3, VCP4, VCP5-DCV, and VCP-Cloud. He also holds advanced certifications such as VCAP4-DCA and VCAP5-DCA. He is also the author of some other books published by Packt Publishing VMware vSphere 5.1 Cookbook in July 2013, Disaster Recovery using VMware vSphere Replication and vCenter Site Recovery Manager in May 2014, VMware vSphere 5.5 Cookbook in February 2015, and a co-author of the book Learning VMware vSphere in October 2016. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Installing and Configuring vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 6.1 2. Creating Protection Groups and Recovery Plans 3. Testing and Performing a Failover and Failback 4. Deploying vSphere Replication 5. Configuring and Using vSphere Replication 6.1 6. Using vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) to Automate SRM and vSphere Replication « less
Learn how to virtualize your network and discover the full potential of a Software Defined Data Center. A smarter way to use network resources begins here
KEY FEATURES * Experience the dynamism and flexibility of a virtualized software defined data center with NSX * Find out how to design your network infrastructure based on what your organization needs * From security to automation, discover how NSX’s impressive range of features can unlock a more more » effective and intelligent approach to system administration BOOK DESCRIPTION VMware NSX is at the forefront of the software-defined networking revolution. It makes it even easier for organizations to unlock the full benefits of a software-defined data center – scalability, flexibility – while adding in vital security and automation features to keep any sysadmin happy. Software alone won’t power your business – with NSX you can use it more effectively than ever before, optimizing your resources and reducing costs. Getting started should be easy – this guide makes sure it is. It takes you through the core components of NSX, demonstrating how to set it up, customize it within your current network architecture. You’ll learn the principles of effective design, as well as some things you may need to take into consideration when you’re creating your virtual networks. We’ll also show you how to construct and maintain virtual networks, and how to deal with any tricky situations and failures. By the end, you’ll be confident you can deliver, scale and secure an exemplary virtualized network with NSX. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Deep dive into NSX-v Manager, Controller deployment, and design decisions * Get to know the strategies needed to make decisions on each mode of VXLAN that is based on physical network design * Deploy Edge Gateway and leverage all the gateway features and design decisions * Get to grips with NSX-v Security features and automate security * Leverage Cross VC, identify the benefits, and work through a few deployment scenarios * Troubleshoot an NSX-v to isolate problems and identify solutions through a step-by-step process ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sreejith.C is a solution consultant at the Mannai corporation based out of Qatar. He specializes in storage, virtualization, private, public, hybrid cloud, and SDN. He determines customer requirements and designs VMware Cloud-based solution architectures spanning VMware’s product portfolio from the vCloud Suite to meet the functional and business requirements of various sizes of organisation, and across verticals. He holds various advanced and professional certifications: VCAP-CIA,VCAP 55-DCV,CCNA-DC, VCP-NV, VCP-CLOUD-5/6, VCP- 6/5/4, EMC-ISA, EMCISA-V2, EMCIE, and MCTS-AD2008. He has instructed multiple candidates on EMC and VMware technologies on a wide range of products such as Symmetrix, VMAX, vCloud Director, VCNS, NSX, and vCloud Air. He enjoys speaking at customer forums by sharing his ideas and also participates in VMware Community forums. You can contact him on LinkedIn ID at Sreejith is married to Sthuthi and they are blessed with a beautiful daughter called Naomi. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction to Network Virtualization 2. NSX Architecture 3. NSX Manager Installation and Configuration 4. NSX Virtual Networks and Logical Router 5. NSX Edge Services 6. NSX Security Features 7. NSX Cross vCenter 8. NSX Troubleshooting « less
Master your virtual environment with the ultimate vSphere guide Mastering VMware vSphere 6 is the fully updated edition of the bestselling guide to VMware's virtualization solution. With comprehensive coverage of this industry-leading toolset, this book acts as an informative guide and valuable reference. more » Step-by-step instruction walks you through installation, configuration, operation, security processes, and much more as you conquer the management and automation of your virtual environment. Written by certified VMware vExperts, this indispensable guide provides hands-on instruction and detailed conceptual explanations, anchored by practical applications and real-world examples. This book is the ultimate guide to vSphere, helping administrators master their virtual environment. Learn to: * Install, configure, and manage the vCenter Server components * Leverage the Support Tools to provide maintenance and updates * Create and configure virtual networks, storage devices, and virtual machines * Implement the latest features to ensure compatibility and flexibility * Manage resource allocation and utilization to meet application needs * Monitor infrastructure performance and availability * Automate and orchestrate routine administrative tasks Mastering VMware vSphere 6 is what you need to stay up-to-date on VMware's industry-leading software for the virtualized datacenter. « less
Over 65 hands-on recipes to help you efficiently manage your vSphere environment with VMware vCenter ABOUT THIS BOOK * Learn how to increase availability and scalability of your virtual environment * Improve efficiency and optimize resource usage in your virtual infrastructure * Explore new vCenter more » features and discover best ways to implement them using proactive examples WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR If you are a system administrator who has some experience with virtualization and already uses VMware vCenter, but wishes to learn more, then this is the book for you. If you are looking for tips or shortcuts for common administration tasks as well as workarounds for pain points in vSphere administration, you'll find this guide useful. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Manage your virtual environment faster and in a more efficient manner * Easily implement and start using new vCenter features * Scale an existing virtual environment quickly * Optimize resource usage across virtual infrastructures * Prioritize VMs with resource pools * Perform simple and advanced administrative tasks using VMware * Discover tips on task optimization that will let you have more time for important tasks IN DETAIL VMware vCenter is a centralized management application server that lets you manage virtual machines and ESXi hosts centrally and optimizes resources efficiently. Day-to-day virtual environment administration for IT professionals will become much easier with the help of this book! Clear and helpful recipes and tips offered in this book will help administrators to increase their level of expertise and gain new skills in vSphere administration. You begin by learning useful tasks and features of vCenter such as accessing hosts via SSH and securing host management access. You will then learn ways to ensure 100 percent uptime for critical VMs, protect host redundancy and configure a backup retention policy, all while increasing environment availability. Following this, you will discover how to increase and improve environment scalability and optimize resource usage. Finally, you'll finish your journey by learning how to improve environment manageability using CLI, VM cloning, and many other methods. « less
Unleash the performance, availability, and workload efficiency of your virtual data center using this fast-paced guide
ABOUT THIS BOOK * Explore methodologies that are applied during the Initial, Planning, Analysis, and Design phases of a vSphere implementation * Familiarize yourself with planning, deploying, maintaining, and optimizing vSphere solutions with ease * Seamlessly configure and deploy vSphere with the more » help of easy-to-follow examples in this fast-paced guide WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR If you are a VMware beginner, VMware engineer, VMware SME, or VMware architect, then this is the book for you. A basic understanding of virtualization is a prerequisite. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Identify key factors related to vSphere design and apply them to every step of the design process * Familiarize yourself with the procedures and practices to be followed while designing VMware vSphere * Choose the right storage protocol depending on your infrastructure needs * Evaluate and design a multitenant environment to address both private cloud and public cloud business needs * Estimate storage to accommodate IOPS, data explosion, disaster recovery, and on demand provisioning * Create professional vSphere design documentation to ensure a successful implementation of the vSphere design * Map the logical resource design into the physical vSphere design * Analyze requirements for a better network design IN DETAIL vSphere allows you to transform your IT infrastructure into a private cloud, then bridge it to public clouds on demand, delivering an IT infrastructure as an easily accessible service. This book is a fast-paced guide that enables you to explore and harness the vast potential of VMware vSphere. The book begins by providing you with a rapid introduction to VMware vSphere architecture and the major considerations for VMware vSphere design. Beginning with the essentials of VMware vSphere, it will get you started with VMware ESXi host, cluster, vCenter and patterns that are required to be applied while designing your VMware vSphere. As you progress through the chapters, you will learn about analyzing the key components that are needed for a network. By the end of the book, you will have also learned about the major factors influencing vCloud needs and have finalized the requirements for designing a vCloud. « less
Learn to deploy and use vSphere Replication 5.5 as a standalone disaster recovery solution and to orchestrate disaster recovery using vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.5
VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager automates disaster recovery in a manner that no other solution does. It is programmed to leverage array-based replication and VMware's proprietary vSphere Replication engine. This book will familiarize you with the concepts of disaster recovery using vCenter Site more » Recovery Manager and vSphere Replication. You will learn how to deploy and confi gure vSphere Replication in the standalone mode to replicate virtual machines. You will also learn how to use vCenter Site Recovery Manager to leverage array-based replication or vSphere Replication, form Recovery Plans and orchestrate them to perform a test, Planned Migration, Failover, or Failback. « less
Exam VCP-550
Prepare for the VCP-DCV Exam Prepare yourself for VMware's challenging VMware Certified Professional-Data Center Virtualization exam, as well as the typical tasks and responsibilities you can expect as a VMware vSphere 5.5-certified professional. This comprehensive book guides you through all topics more » and objectives you'll need to know for the exam. These include planning, installing, upgrading, and securing vCenter Server and ESXi; configuring networking and storage; performing basic troubleshooting; and more. You'll also gain access to premium online practice and review tools. * Prepares certification candidates for the VMware Certified Professional-Data Center Virtualization exam (VCP-DCV) * Covers all exam objectives * Features real-world scenarios, hands-on exercises, and challenging review questions * Explores key topics such as securing vCenter and ESXi, planning and configuring vSphere networking and storage, creating and deploying virtual machines and vApps, establishing services levels, and more * Includes access to online practice exams, flashcards, and other study tools If you want the best preparation for the VCP-DCV certification exam, you'll want VCP-DCV VMware Certified Professional Data Center Virtualization on vSphere Study Guide. « less
Explore virtualization fundamentals and real-world solutions for the modern network administrator
vCenter Operations Manager offers a powerful solution to administrating a large virtual machine deployment, allowing you to automate processes and plan your resource capacity to maximize hardware efficiency. This book contains step-by-step tutorials, detailed descriptions, and real-world solutions more » that will allow you to overcome the complexity of a powerful but often overwhelming suite of tools for the modern network administrator. Install, configure, troubleshoot, and expand your virtualization deployment with this essential handbook. « less
A practical guide for deploying and using VMware vCenter, suitable for IT professionals
This book starts with the basics then leads you by the hand through a complete Vmware vCenter Server implementation course. Designed to help you administer and manage your environment on a day to day basis. Overview * Gain in-depth knowledge of the VMware vCenter features, requirements, and deployment more » process * Manage hosts, virtual machines, and learn storage management in VMware vCenter server * Overview of VMware vCenter Operations Manager and VMware vCenter Orchestrator In Detail Virtualization is a hot topic today. It saves time and effort for IT professionals as well as helping to keep infrastructure costs down and makes the IT industry greener. VMware, one of the major players on the virtualization market, offers great scalability and reliability features, professional support, and constantly works on improvements for their products. VMware vCenter Server is a necessary component of any professional vSphere implementation. It offers a great variety of features and capabilities that simplify an administrator’s day-to-day work. This book is a practical and hands-on guide to VMware vCenter Server, providing a description of its features and capabilities as well as useful tips on doing day-to-day administrative tasks. This book starts with an introduction to VMware vCenter Server, describing requirements and deployment steps along the way. It takes you through a description of product features and different aspects of administration giving useful tips for day-to-day tasks. You will learn how to deploy VMware vCenter Server, and how to manage hosts and virtual machines. You will also take a look at security features, availability, resource management, and discuss monitoring and automation topics. The last two chapters will describe additional products that can be used together with VMware vCenter Server: VMware vCenter Operations Manager and VMware vCenter Orchestrator. If you want to learn how VMware vCenter Server can help with managing your environment, then this is the book for you. What you will learn from this book * Deploy VMware vCenter Server and ESXi hosts * Create and clone virtual machines and work with templates * Reduce downtime, and configure and manage availability features * Allocate resources, and configure resource pools and DRS * Manage users * Secure ESXi hosts * Learn to use alerts * Work with VMware vCenter Operations Manager * Get to grips with VMware vCenter Orchestrator Approach This book is a practical, hands-on guide that will help you learn everything you need to know to administer your environment with VMware vCenter Server. Throughout the book, there are best practices and useful tips and tricks which can be used for day-to-day tasks. Who this book is written for If you are an administrator or a technician starting with VMware, with little or no knowledge of virtualization products, this book is ideal for you. Even if you are an IT professional looking to expand your existing environment, you will be able to use this book to help you improve the management of these environments. IT managers will find it helpful in terms of improving cost efficiency, ensuring required levels of service and utilising its excellent reporting abilities. « less