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KEY FEATURES * Master the skills of configuring, managing, and securing your VPN using the latest OpenVPN * Gain expertise in establishing IPv6 connections and understand PolarSSL using the latest version of OpenVPN * This book contains enticing recipes about OpenVPN functionalities that cater to more » mission critical applications BOOK DESCRIPTION OpenVPN provides an extensible VPN framework that has been designed to ease site-specific customization, such as providing the capability to distribute a customized installation package to clients, and supporting alternative authentication methods via OpenVPN's plugin module interface. This book provides you with many different recipes to help you set up, monitor, and troubleshoot an OpenVPN network. You will learn to configure a scalable, load-balanced VPN server farm that can handle thousands of dynamic connections from incoming VPN clients. You will also get to grips with the encryption, authentication, security, extensibility, and certifications features of OpenSSL. You will also get an understanding of IPv6 support and will get a demonstration of how to establish a connection via IPv64. This book will explore all the advanced features of OpenVPN and even some undocumented options, covering all the common network setups such as point-to-point networks and multi-client TUN-style and TAP-style networks. Finally, you will learn to manage, secure, and troubleshoot your virtual private networks using OpenVPN 2.4. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Determine the best type of OpenVPN setup for your networking needs * Get to grips with the encryption, authentication, and certifications features of OpenSSL * Integrate an OpenVPN server into the local IT infrastructure with the scripting features of OpenVPN * Ease the integration of Windows clients into the VPN using Windows-specific client-side configuration * Understand the authentication plugins for PAM and LDAP * Get to know the difference between TUN-style and TAP-style networks and when to use what * Troubleshoot your VPN setup * Establish a connection via IPv6 along with demonstrations « less
KEY FEATURES * This is the first book on the market that resolves your issues related to troubleshooting OpenVPN * Ensure your organization's private network is protected 24x7 by resolving OpenVPN issues instantly * Save time and costs by troubleshooting to reduce the impact on your business BOOK more » DESCRIPTION OpenVPN, the most widely used open source VPN package, allows you to create a secure network across systems, keeping your private data secure. Connectivity and other issues are a pain to deal with, especially if they are impacting your business. This book will help you resolve the issues faced by OpenVPN users and teach the techniques on how to troubleshoot it like a true expert. This book is a one stop solution for troubleshooting any issue related to OpenVPN. We will start by introducing you to troubleshooting techniques such as Packet Sniffing, Log Parsing, and OpenSSL. You will see how to overcome operating system specific errors. Later on, you will get to know about network and routing errors by exploring the concepts of IPv4 and IPv6 networking issues. You will discover how to overcome these issues to improve the performance of your OpenVPN deployment. By the end of the book, you will know the best practices, tips, and tricks to ensure the smooth running of your OpenVPN. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Diagnose and remediate authentication and authorization problems in OpenVPN * Overcome simple network and startup script errors * Learn OpenVPN log file format and verbosity options * Resolve operating system-specific errors * Discover various troubleshooting techniques to resolve problems in OpenVPN * Improve performance « less
A Day-By-Day Review Guide for the IINS 210-260 Certification Exam
31 Days Before Your CCNA Security Exam offers you an engaging and practical way to understand the certification process, commit to taking the CCNA Security IINS 210-260 certification exam, and finish your preparation using a variety of Primary and Supplemental study resources. The IINS 210-260 exam more » tests your knowledge of secure network infrastructure, core security concepts, secure access, VPN encryption, firewalls, intrusion prevention, web/email content security, and endpoint security. It also tests your skills for installing, troubleshooting, and monitoring secure networks to maintain the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data and devices. Sign up for the IINS 210-260 exam and use the book’s day-by-day guide and checklist to organize, prepare, and review. Each day in this guide breaks down an exam topic into a manageable bit of information to review using short summaries. A Study Resources section provides you with a quick reference for locating more in-depth treatment of a day’s topics within the Primary and Supplemental resources. The features of the book empower you to fit exam preparation into a busy schedule: · A visual calendar summarizing each day’s study topic · A checklist providing advice for preparation activities leading up to the exam · A description of the CCNA Security IINS 210-260 exam organization and sign-up process · Strategies from the author to be mentally, organizationally, and physically prepared for exam day · A conversational tone, which makes your study time more enjoyable Primary Resources: CCNA Security 210-260 Official Cert Guide ISBN-13: 978-1-58720-566-8 CCNA Security Course Booklet Version 2 ISBN-13: 978-1-58713-351-0 CCNA Security Lab Manual Version 2 ISBN-13: 978-1-58713-350-3 Supplemental Resources: CCNA Security 210-260 Complete Video Course ISBN-13: 978-0-13-449931-4 CCNA Security Portable Command Guide, Second Edition ISBN-13: 978-1-58720-575-0 Cisco ASA: All-in-One Next-Generation Firewall, IPS, and VPN Services, Third Edition ISBN-13: 978-1-58714-307-6 Category: Certification Covers: CCNA Security « less
Learn how to design, plan, implement, and support a secure remote access solution using DirectAccess in Windows Server 2016. Remote Access has been included in the Windows operating system for many years. With each new operating system release, new features and capabilities have been included to allow more » network engineers and security administrators to provide remote access in a secure and cost-effective manner. DirectAccess in Windows Server 2016 provides seamless and transparent, always on remote network connectivity for managed Windows devices. DirectAccess is built on commonly deployed Windows platform technologies and is designed to streamline and simplify the remote access experience for end users. In addition, DirectAccess connectivity is bidirectional, allowing administrators to more effectively manage and secure their field-based assets. Implementing DirectAccess with Windows Server 2016provides a high-level overview of how DirectAccess works. The vision and evolution of DirectAccess are outlined and business cases and market drivers are explained. DirectAccess is evaluated against traditional VPN and this book describes the Windows platform technologies that underpin this solution. In addition, this book: * Explains how the technology works and the specific IT pain points that it addresses * Includes detailed, prescriptive guidance for those tasked with implementing DirectAccess using Windows Server 2016 * Addresses real-world deployment scenarios for small and large organizations * Contains valuable tips, tricks, and implementation best practices for security and performance< What you’ll learn * A high-level understanding of the various remote access technologies included in Windows Server 2016. * Common uses cases for remote access, and how best to deploy them in a secure, stable, reliable, and highly available manner. * Valuable insight in to design best practices and learn how to implement DirectAccess and VPN with Windows Server 2016 according to deployment best practices. Who This Book Is For IT administrators, network, and security administrators and engineers, systems management professionals, compliance auditors, and IT executive management (CIO, CISO) are the target audience for this title. « less
Over 60 applicable recipes to administer and manage System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch
ABOUT THIS BOOK * Overcome the challenges of administering System Center Configuration Manager when deploying single and multiple-hierarchy sites * Help your organization to build a custom-line of business apps and also protect the server against malware threats with Endpoint protection * Get easy more » guidance and best practices to help you work with SCCM WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR If you are an intermediate to advanced administrator who wants to administer SCCM and understand how to solve particular problems/scenarios, then this book is for you. You should have a working knowledge of SCCM, however, knowledge of the latest version is not required. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Administer System Center Configuration Manager * Upgrade computers from Windows 7/ 8.x to Windows 10, using Serivce Plans to keep Windows 10 machines up to date * Manage Compliance Settings effectively and monitor it with SSRS * Manage Sites in System Center Configuration Manager and also learn to create collections, leverage role-based administration (RBA), and support clients over the internet without a VPN connection * Implement multiple methods to deploy the client, as well as how to be proactive in monitoring client agent health * Achieve Mobile device management with Microsoft Intune IN DETAIL This practical cookbook is based on the 1602 current branch of System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). It shows you how to administer SCCM, giving you an essential toolbox of techniques to solve real-world scenarios. Packed with over 60 task-based and instantly usable recipes, you’ll discover how design a SCCM Infrastructure, and dive into topics such as the recommended SQL configuration for SCCM and how to deploy Windows 10 with Operating System Deployment (OSD). You will learn to easily manage Windows 10 devices by deploying applications, software updates, and feature upgrades, andl be able to leverage Mobile Device Management (MDM) using SCCM and Microsoft Intune. Finally, you see how to gather the inventory of all your PC park and create reports based on it. By the end of the book, you will have learned the best practices when working with SCCM and have a handy reference guide for troubleshooting. STYLE AND APPROACH This cookbook is full of quick recipes that show you how to administer SCCM and will help you understand how to solve particular problems/situations encountered in day-to-day tasks. « less
Master building and integrating secure private networks using OpenVPN
ABOUT THIS BOOK * Discover how to configure and set up a secure OpenVPN * Enhance user experience by using multiple authentication methods * Delve into better reporting, monitoring, logging, and control with OpenVPN WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR If you are familiar with TCP/IP networking and general system more » administration, then this book is ideal for you. Some knowledge and understanding of core elements and applications related to Virtual Private Networking is assumed. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN * Identify different VPN protocols (IPSec, PPTP, OpenVPN) * Build your own PKI and manage certificates * Deploy your VPN on various devices like PCs, mobile phones, tablets, and more * Differentiate between the routed and bridged network * Enhance your VPN with monitoring and logging * Authenticate against third-party databases like LDAP or the Unix password file * Troubleshoot an OpenVPN setup that is not performing correctly IN DETAIL Security on the internet is increasingly vital to both businesses and individuals. Encrypting network traffic using Virtual Private Networks is one method to enhance security. The internet, corporate, and “free internet” networks grow more hostile every day. OpenVPN, the most widely used open source VPN package, allows you to create a secure network across these systems, keeping your private data secure. The main advantage of using OpenVPN is its portability, which allows it to be embedded into several systems. This book is an advanced guide that will help you build secure Virtual Private Networks using OpenVPN. You will begin your journey with an exploration of OpenVPN, while discussing its modes of operation, its clients, its secret keys, and their format types. You will explore PKI: its setting up and working, PAM authentication, and MTU troubleshooting. Next, client-server mode is discussed, the most commonly used deployment model, and you will learn about the two modes of operation using "tun" and "tap" devices. The book then progresses to more advanced concepts, such as deployment scenarios in tun devices which will include integration with back-end authentication, and securing your OpenVPN server using iptables, scripting, plugins, and using OpenVPN on mobile devices and networks. Finally, you will discover the strengths and weaknesses of the current OpenVPN implementation, understand the future directions of OpenVPN, and delve into the troubleshooting techniques for OpenVPN. By the end of the book, you will be able to build secure private networks across the internet and hostile networks with confidence. STYLE AND APPROACH An easy-to-follow yet comprehensive guide to building secure Virtual Private Networks using OpenVPN. A progressively complex VPN design is developed with the help of examples. More advanced topics are covered in each chapter, with subjects grouped according to their complexity, as well as their utility. « less
Configuration Guide
Juniper Networks Secure Access SSL VPN appliances provide a complete range of remote access appliances for the smallest companies up to the largest service providers. As a system administrator or security professional, this comprehensive configuration guide will allow you to configure these appliances more » to allow remote and mobile access for employees. If you manage and secure a larger enterprise, this book will help you to provide remote and/or extranet access, for employees, partners, and customers from a single platform. * Complete coverage of the Juniper Networks Secure Access SSL VPN line including the 700, 2000, 4000, 6000, and 6000 SP. * Learn to scale your appliances to meet the demands of remote workers and offices. * Use the NEW coordinated threat control with Juniper Networks IDP to manage the security of your entire enterprise. « less
Everything you need to know about selecting, designing, building, and managing the right VPN for your company Building and Managing Virtual Private Networks Get complete answers to all your VPN questions in Building and Managing Virtual Private Networks. International networking guru Dave Kosiur provides more » a candid assessment of the current state of VPN technology. With the help of fascinating and informative case studies based on the experiences of organizations at the forefront of the VPN revolution, he clearly explains the basic concepts and technologies involved, as well as the business reasons for making the switch to an Internet-based network. And he provides practical guidance on all aspects of designing, building, and managing the best VPN for your organization. You get the complete lowdown on: * The pros and cons of all VPN types now available * All major classes of VPN hardware and software * Key VPN design issues and business solutions * Detailed cost comparison * Selecting the right ISP for your VPN * Building a high-performance extranet * Remote access * VPN security threats and solutions, including best-in-class cryptographic techniques * Firewalls and routers « less