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Design and Build Maintainable Service-Oriented Systems
Programming WCF Services is the authoritative, bestselling guide to Microsoft’s unified platform for developing modern, service-oriented applications on Windows. Hailed as the definitive treatment of WCF, this guide provides unique insight, rather than documentation, to help you learn the topics and more » skills you need for building maintainable, extensible, and reusable WCF-based applications. Authors Juval Löwy—one of the world’s top .NET experts—and Michael Montgomery have revised this edition to include the productivity-enhancing features of .NET Framework 4.6, along with the latest WCF ideas and techniques. By teaching you the why and the how of WCF programming, this book will help you master WCF and make you a better software engineer. * Learn WCF’s architecture and essential building blocks, including key concepts such as reliability and transport sessions * Use built-in features such as service contracts, instance and concurrency management, transactions, queued services, and security * Increase the quality of your WCF services by using design options, tips, and best practices in Löwy’s ServiceModelEx framework * Understand the rationale behind particular design decisions, and rarely understood aspects of WCF development * Learn why Azure Service Fabric is the killer app for modern DevOps « less
Including Microsoft Partner Network Technical Competency Assessment for Application Integration (BizTalk Server 2013) and Windows Azure BizTalk Services coverage
This book does exactly what it says on the cover, giving in-depth guidance to intermediate BizTalk developers on how to pass the Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 (70-595) exam. It's your essential aid to success. Overview * This book will deliver all that you need to know to pass the 70-595 TS: Developing more » Business Process and Integration Solutions by Using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 exam or the Microsoft Partner Network BizTalk Technical Competency Assessment for Application Integration (BizTalk Server 2013). * Features a comprehensive set of test questions and answers that will prepare you for the actual tests. * The layout and content of the book matches the structure of the exam closely, which maximizes your study time and helps you focus on learning areas where you need improvement. * This second edition of the book is updated to target both BizTalk Server 2010 and BizTalk Server In Detail Microsoft BizTalk Server is an integration and connectivity server solution that enables organizations to easily connect disparate systems. Developing Business Process and Integration Solutions by Using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 (70-595) is the certification exam for professionals who need to integrate multiple disparate systems, applications, and data, as well as automate business processes using BizTalk Server. The Microsoft Partner Network BizTalk Technical Competency Assessment for Application Integration is part of the requirements for individuals employed at partners seeking the Silver or Gold Application Integration competency. Microsoft BizTalk Server (70-595) Certification and Assessment Guide: Second Edition will show you how to prepare for and pass the Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 (70-595) exam and become a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) in Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010. This book will also help you if you are a Microsoft partner wanting to achieve the Silver or Gold Application Integration competency requirements. What you will learn from this book * Understand the core architecture of BizTalk, including publish/subscribe, context and content-based routing, receive and send ports, and other administrative artifacts * Create rich and useful schemas with restrictions and reusable types * Create maps and apply logic such as conditional mapping, looping, scripting and external assemblies, and other map and functoid logic * Create orchestrations and work with messages, scopes, transactions, binding, correlation, and other shapes and processing logic * Handle exceptions in messaging and orchestration scenarios and recover from them using catch, compensation, and failed message routing * Perform administrative tasks such as installing, configuring, tuning, deploying, maintaining, and troubleshooting BizTalk Server 2010 groups and solutions * Work with web services and WCF, expose and consume services, and apply custom configurations and behaviours * Use the additional features in BizTalk, such as Business Rules Engine (BRE), EDI, RFID, and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) * Create and run BizTalk Server virtual machines in the Windows Azure infrastructure as a service environment « less
Create and deploy complete solutions with WCF and Entity Framework
This book will teach you all the essentials to develop WCF services using Entity Framework as the backend. You will be guided right through the creation of six WCF and Entity Framework solutions. You will start off by creating, implementing, and hosting a basic HelloWorld WCF Service followed by deploying more » the service and publishing it to IIS. Next, you will learn how to create and test a layered service, and then enhance it further by adding a data access layer and exception handling. Next, you will be introduced to LINQ. Starting with the basics, you will then dive into the advanced concepts and features of LINQ to Entities, including Entity Framework, deferred execution, querying a view, and mapping a procedure. Finally, you will get to grips with the RESTful WCF services and security. « less
Build SOA applications on Microsoft platforms with this hands-on guide
This book will teach you WCF, Entity Framework, LINQ, and LINQ to Entities quickly and easily. Apply best practices to your WCF services and utilize Entity Framework in your WCF services. Practical, with step-by-step instructions and precise screenshots, this is a truly hands-on book for all C++, C#, more » and VB.NET developers. « less
Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation
Pro WCF 4.0: Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation is a complete guide to Windows Communication Foundation from the service-oriented architecture (SOA) perspective, showing you why WCF is important to service-oriented architecture and development. This book provides deep insight into the functionality more » of WCF, which shipped with .NET 4.0-like service discovery, routing service, simplified configuration, and other advanced features. Included in this title are informative examples that will aid the reader in understanding and implementing these important additions. « less
Over 85 easy recipes for managing communication between applications
WCF 4.0 is a communications infrastructure that unifies a broad array of distributed systems' capabilities in a composable, extensible architecture that supports multiple transports, messaging patterns, encodings, network topologies, and hosting models. This book is a collection of focused real-world more » recipes and covers basic recipes on topics such as working with contracts to more advanced topics such as extending WCF runtime. By the end of this book you will have valuable information that helps transform the potentially unproductive habits of .Net developers who work with WCF. This book will take you through many concepts starting with complete support for contract-related design for WCF service development. You will learn to use WCF's built-in feature for building various service endpoints. « less
Windows Communication Foundation with .NET 4
A guide to architecting, designing, and building distributed applications with Windows Communication Foundation Windows Communication Foundation is the .NET technology that is used to build service-oriented applications, exchange messages in various communication scenarios, and run workflows. This more » guide enables developers to create state-of-the-art applications using this technology. Written by a team of Microsoft MVPs and WCF experts, this book explains how the pieces of WCF 4.0 build on each other to provide a comprehensive framework to support distributed enterprise applications. Experienced developers will learn both theory and practical application using the familiar Wrox approach. .NET developers will learn to design services, create a hosting environment with Dublin, build cloud-based integrations, and much more. Coverage Includes: * Design Principles and Patterns * Service Contracts and Data Contracts * Bindings * Clients * Instancing * Workflow Services * Understanding WCF Security * WCF Security in Action * Federated Authentication in WCF * Windows Azure Platform AppFabric * Creating a SOA Case * Creating the Communication and Integration Case * Creating the Business Process * Hosting « less
This book is a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through learning WCF and LINQ to Entities. You will be guided to create five WCF and LINQ solutions from scratch, of which three are multi-tiered real-world WCF service solutions, so you will not only be reading, but also be coding through the book, to more » gain practical experience of WCF and LINQ to Entities. Various test clients will be associated with each solution and these solutions can be built and run independently of other solutions. Clear step-by-step instructions and relevant screenshots will make sure you won't get lost in the new world of WCF and LINQ to Entities. Configuration files, host applications, test clients, and WCF services for each solution will also be available for download for you to examine, modify, and debug from the outside in. The book focuses on the essentials of using WCF and LINQ to Entities, rather than providing a reference to every single possibility. It leaves the reference material online where it belongs, and concentrates instead on practical examples, code, and advice. This book is for C# and C++ developers who are eager to get started with WCF and LINQ to Entities, and want a book that is practical and rich with examples from the very beginning. Developers and architects evaluating SOA implementation technologies for their company will find this book particularly useful because it gets you started with Microsoft's tools for SOA and shows you how to customize our examples for your prototypes. This book presumes basic knowledge of C# or C++. Previous experience with Visual Studio will be helpful but is not required, as detailed instructions are given throughout the book. « less
Your hands-on, step-by-step guide to building connected, service-oriented applications. Teach yourself the essentials of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 4 - one step at a time. With this practical, learn-by-doing tutorial, you get the clear guidance and hands-on examples you need to begin creating more » Web services for robust Windows-based business applications. « less
Microsoft .NET Development Series “Supported by the leaders and principal authorities of core Microsoft technologies, this series has an author pool that combines some of the most insightful authors in the industry with the lead software architects and developers at Microsoft and the developer community more » at large.” – Don Box Architect, Microsoft “This is a great resource for professional .NET developers. It covers all bases, from expert perspective to reference and how-to. Books in this series are essential reading for those who want to judiciously expand their knowledge base and expertise.” –John Montgomery Principal Group Program Manager, Developer Division, Microsoft “This foremost series on .NET contains vital information for developers who need to get the most out of the .NET Framework. Our authors are selected from the key innovators who create the technology and are the most respected practitioners of it.” –Brad Abrams Group Program Manager, Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX server controls can encapsulate even the most powerful AJAX functionality, helping you build more elegant, maintainable, and scalable applications. This is the first comprehensive, code-rich guide to custom ASP.NET AJAX server controls for experienced ASP.NET developers. Unlike other books on ASP.NET AJAX, this book focuses solely on server control development and reflects the significant improvements in ASP.NET 3.5 AJAX and the latest Visual Studio 2008 features for streamlining AJAX development Adam Calderon and Joel Rumerman first review the core Microsoft AJAX Library and JavaScript techniques needed to support a rich client-side experience. Next, they build upon these techniques showing how to create distributable AJAX-enabled controls that include rich browser-independent JavaScript client-side functionality. The authors thoroughly explain both the JavaScript and .NET aspects of control development and how these two distinct environments come together to provide a foundation for building a rich user experience using ASP.NET AJAX. * Create object-oriented cross-browser JavaScript that supports .NET style classes, interfaces, inheritance, and method overloading * Work with components, behaviors, and controls, and learn how they relate to DOM elements * Learn Sys.Application and the part it plays in object creation, initialization, and events in the Microsoft AJAX Library * Build Extender and Script controls that provide integrated script generation for their corresponding client-side counterparts * Localize ASP.NET AJAX controls including client script * Discover ASP.NET AJAX client and server communication architecture and the new support for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) * Understand ASP.NET AJAX Application Services * Create custom Application Services * Design controls for a partial postback environment * Understand the AJAX Control Toolkit architecture and the many features it provides * Develop highly interactive controls using the AJAX Control Toolkit * Understand AJAX Control Toolkit architecture and build controls that utilize the toolkit Foreword xxv Preface xxvii Acknowledgments xxxv About the Authors xxxix Part I: Client Code Chapter 1: Programming with JavaScript 3 Chapter 2: Microsoft AJAX Library Programming 51 Part II: Controls Chapter 3: Components 121 Chapter 4: Sys.Application 169 Chapter 5: Adding Client Capabilities to Server Controls 207 Chapter 6: ASP.NET AJAX Localization 255 Chapter 7: Control Development in a Partial Postback Environment 317 Part III: Communication Chapter 8: ASP.NET AJAX Communication Architecture 371 Chapter 9: Application Services 425 Part IV: AJAX Control Toolkit Chapter 10: ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Architecture 481 Chapter 11: Adding Client Capabilities to Server Controls Using the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit 513 Appendixes Appendix A: JavaScript in Visual Studio 2008 547 Appendix B: Validating Method Parameters 555 Appendix C: ASP.NET Handlers and Modules 559 Appendix D: Client Error Handling Code 569 Index 577 « less